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Sep 25, 2010
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Discuss your Favorite Veteran Author/Authoress!

* What did you like about their writing, stories and ect?

* Did you have a favorite story of theirs in particular?

* Did you learn anything from them?

* Ever apply their writing style to yours? Or the genre they wrote in?

* Did you like the genre they wrote in?

* Would you have requested them to write something or anything for you?

* Did they inspire you to write any of your own stories or drabbles today?

* Ever make a small reference to them in your own stories or drabbles?

* If you could, would you dedicate an award or tribute to them in some way?

Side Note: I'll add my own answers to this later on tomorrow. And of course, the questions are always optional. This is just to discuss veteran writers that we miss reading stories from and ect. So, have fun with it. ;3 You can add onto this however you like, or show fan art you dedicated to said veterans or share your favorite stories of theirs on here too.
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