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Venting Some Anger - Tired of Restraint

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Tyler Durden

He was trying to help his friend, fool.

Don't try to talk about things you don't understand.


What would you do for a Klondak Bar
Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Occ: Zets! I love you man. Let me bear your childern. Sirsly. Zets is right. Your 18, get your life going and go do something for yourself. I have been bitch slapped so many times I laugh becouse I find it funny as hell. When things get wrong do what I do. I laugh. I run like hell then come back to my problems with a fresh ass face. Your cabaple of doing shit. Go out with Zets and get drunk (Find a Ride thought for god sakes) And enjoy life. Now. I must kick your ass and get me a drink. FYI my vv does not vvork. So I shall be using the 'v' key instead.

IC: "I'll make a little deal with you, love. Heads, you tell me your name. Tails, we go out on a date."

"First off: DO not call me love. 2nd. I do not date killers. It’s against my ruling as Queen." She smirked as he watched it seemed time solved for a time. His cape floated as a light breeze hit him, his hand came out promising death to those vivo touch it. Those deep red eyes. Haunting those vvho crossed it.

VVhat a surprise. She vvatched vvith trainded eyes as he disseapered then came back. But, vvhat a surprise in copies! Four to be exact all vvalking around her all taunting, "My dear, it seems the result is tails. But I'm sure you would find that this is not a perfect date. As niether do I."

Each copy spoke vvith that same voice of his. Really, this vvas becoming predictable. "This is where your life ends."

"Boy: You have alot to learn." She knevv those little red eyes vvould be back. So she made a quick move. Novv kiddies lets go back to 3rd grade Science. VVater+Lightning= vvhat? VVonderful vvhite, bright, lights.

Taking her hands the left she called a povverful water spell, the other a simple but strong Lightning spell. If the spell hit those little bastards vvould be dead. She begin to move the Lightning her blue electritc eyes turning a darker more deep blue. She concentrated on vvhere the Lightning vvas going, moving it so it hit her target. Her outer mind vvated as the copies vvhere relased. Good. Less vvork. But the real one remaind. She smirked as the Lightning became a field of sorts.The vvater banking at the feets of all three fighters. The Lightning surronding each on of them trapping them until Lightning deemed done.

She smirked as her eyes darkned. Those damn vvhispers coming into her head. She closed her eyes as she vvilled the shock to be enough to kill a normal human, then ampafying the shock more and more. To her it vvas just a nice shovver of vvater.To him there should be pain. But you never knovv until the basterd is dead.

OCC: Remeber the vv is not vvorking so..basically..its v stuck together.


Apr 21, 2005
woooooooow, I think he just likes being a bastard everywhere.....he must be bored w/ life..poor thing aint got nothing better to do..

Kid, I'll tell ya' the same thing I tell everyone who takes every single thing they read online as a personal insult.

I aint' here to worry about your feelings. I aint' here to say what you want to hear. I'm here to amuse myself.

It's a series of letters on a computer screen, carrying with it no tone, no emotion, and no expression. You interpret it how you choose to do so. Tell me, if I'm the one with nothing better to do, why go to all the trouble of trying to insult me? In your own words, I believe, 'what makes you think I care about your opinion?'

SH281 :P said:
Zets! I love you man. Let me bear your childern. Sirsly.

I'll get the candles and incomprehensible Italian music, you get the KY and blow-up sheep.
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Rikken Omnious

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Oct 20, 2007
In my mind, Exploring my Self-awareness
OOC: LOL! thanks Zets. and the enlightning post by Electro.

"What creates lightning?" a voice echoed around the area. "Static charge." The lightning arced across the arena at Rikken. A vertical palm shot out from beneath his clothes. he waved a careless hand sideways causing Lightning's attack to veer sidewards harmlessly into a nearby building. He streached his free right arm to the right and a similar Glyph appeared to the one that was behind lightning. The echo of electricity rebounded around the area. The hand that had discharged the lightning had been raised into the air and was now swirling above his head in a careless motion. A sudden strong wind picked up pushing the rain away. A sinister smile flickered across Rikken's face as he relaxed his left arm. He gripped it with his right arm, and pulled.

The arm removed itself with a pop and He laid it on the ground in front of him. "That stung a little. The lightning I mean," He said as he placed his right palm over his left shoulder, A gylph appeared on his shoulder and a irredecent red light shot out from it, stopping right where his palm should of been. This was then followed by a white light which when it joined with the red light regenerated his entire arm. "Fool." he said, as he relaxed his arm, The cloth missing, it revealed part of his tattooed chest to lightning. "You just condemned yourself. For the second that my hand had contact with that lightning you sent at me. A virus has now infected your body. Have a look at your right arm, soon, it will start to decay," He said. "There's no point continuing this battle. You will die anyway, even if, you manage to remove that virus." He folded his arms and said no more. It would be entertaining to watch her die slowly and horribly. The virus would begin to eat her internal organs before bursting up though her skin and leaving nothing but her bones.
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