UMvC3: Tenkai (Sengoku Basara)



Nov 8, 2017
UMvC3: Tenkai

Voiced by: Vic Mignogna (English), Sho Hayami (Japanese)

Theme: Reaper of Souls; Theme of Tenkai

Intro: Tenkai bows with the scythe in his right hand, then gets into hi signature battle stance.

Outro: Tenkai draws out the scythe in left hand, knocks the camera down with his right foot, and holds the scythe close to it.

Victory: Tenkai is deftly lifting his right scythe.

(General Quotes)

Don't worry; I won't make your death TOO messy.

Do you have any idea about the scythes' abilities?

Hideaki would just run from this, as always.

Win: This is why you shouldn't underestimate me.

Win: Any final prayers?

Win: No tea ceremony can mend this.

Off-Screen: Being a monk doesn't keep me from the souls I've taken.

Off-Screen: In Japan, the pink blossom in a sign of death. It would be rather fitting if they should rest on your grave.

Off-Screen: Just wait, Galactus, because eventually, I WILL defeat you, and I WILL bear the Power Cosmic for my own!

(Vs. Captain America)

Cap (vs. Non-specific villains): Surrender is your only option.

Cap's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Your kind's got no shot. Not while I'm around.

(Vs. Wolverine or X-23)

You have claws....but do you have wit?

Wolverine: Hope those scythes are sharp enough for me to slice your head off.

X-23 (vs. Non-specific villains): I'm the second best at what I do.

Win: I have no interest in people with claws.

Wolvie's win: Lady Death, you're not.

X-23's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Get out of here before I really get mad.

(Vs. Sentinel)

Well, well....this is an interesting machine.

Sentinel: Unknown entity. Proceeding with extreme caution.

Win: Boo-hoo. And I was just having fun with you.

Sentinel's win: Analysis incomplete. Returning with incapacitated target.

Off-Screen: If you were this easy, then it's clear that the technology of this other world is inferior.

Off-Screen (Sentinel): Subject name: Tenkai. Weapon of choice: Two scythes. Real identity: Unknown. Distinguishing characteristics: The ability to leech someone's life with said scythes.

(Vs. Human Torch)

Those flames won't help you when I put them out for good....

Torch: So you're don't LOOK like a knight.

Win: Now, you WILL tell me how you learned your magic!

Torch's win: If you wanna cut souls with that scythe, take it up with Johnny Blaze.

Off-Screen (Torch): I'd set you up for a blind date with Lady Death, but that'd be too easy. Not to mention it would piss off Thanos by a COSMIC shot.

(Vs. Green Goblin)

You seem crazier than I....

Goblin: Out of the way, boring one!

Win: How sad you are, having to bear two minds.

Goblin's win: Booooooriiiiing!

Off-Screen: Being calm on the exterior does not classify me as what you call "boring". Not to mention, I FAR exceed you in fields of grace.

Off-Screen (Goblin): Why not be crazy and NOT boring? Huh? Huh?

(Vs. Any God character)

I never anticipated to fight a god.

Thor: Thine scythes shall not unnerve me!

Shuma-Gorath: Drop your weapons, reaper. They will not help you.

Blackheart: It appears I'll be taking several souls at once.

Galactus: What soul can you take from the Power Cosmic?

Win: You're a disgrace to gods everywhere.

Thor's win: Art thou with Lady Death herself?

Shuma-Gorath: See? You're a USEFULNESS repear!

Blackheart's win: Now, let's see these scythes of yours in action.

Galactus's win: You should've stuck to fighting in your world, reaper.

Off-Screen (vs. Amaterasu): The sun shines for you no more, goddess. I shall make certain of that....

(Vs. Ghost Rider)

Penance is but laughable in my eyes.

GR: I'll be taking back those souls from you now.

Win: What was that about being a "Spirit of Vengeance"?

GR's win: Penance Stare should make you lay down like a carpet.

Off-Screen: do not have a soul for me to take. No matter; I may as well end your suffering while I have the chance....

Off-Screen (GR): Wonder what happens when I use my Penance Stare with one of the doubt it'd get the job done faster.

(Vs. Dormammu)

Just curious....are YOU what's manipulating Oichi?

Dormammu (vs. Non-specific villains): I have no use for you.

Win: So you're not after all. At least I have my answer from you.

Dormammu's win (vs. Non-specific villains): This planet is mine, and now you will die!

(Vs. Deadpool)

Off-Screen: Why do you poke fun at me for my attire? And who are these "Billy" & "Mandy" you continuously refer to?

(Vs. Phoenix)

Yes....let it all free....

Pheonix: Wipe that smug look off of your face.

Win: Worry not. I won't cause TOO much damage with your Phoenix Force....

Phoenix's win: Leave your scythes to yourself, false monk.

Off-Screen: Your power is telekinesis, yet you rely almost COMPLETELY on the Phoenix Force. Why don't we destroy the enemy together...."Jeannie"?

(Vs. Magneto)

You couldn't hope to control my scythes.

Magneto: You resemble my son....but with longer hair and different clothing.

Win: Looks like YOU'RE now "Welcome to DIE".

Magneto's win: Shame you're not a mutant. You'd make a good addition to my Brotherhood.

(Vs. Spider-Man)

There's more than one way to crush a spider.

Spidey: If it's souls you're looking for, there's a guy named J Jonah I'd like you to meet...

Win: Looks like I have you in MY web, boy.

Spidey's win: Wanna drop those scythes? They're kinda creepy.

Off-Screen (Spidey): I already gave up my marriage to bring back a loved one. Of course, it was because of a devil, not a reaper.

(Vs. Mandarin)

Those are some interesting rings....

Mandarin: Ah, so it's the one they call "Tenkai".

Win: I'll keep these in good shape. I promise.

Mandarin's win: You know, you could serve me useful if we split my rings 50/50.

Off-Screen: You're of Chinese descent? Well then, had I not known about the power you possess, I would've just backed down and left you be.

Off-Screen (Mandarin): I'm rather impressed by your display, Tenkai. Tell me; have you ever had any experience with the arts of Makluan magic?

(Vs. Strider Hiryu)

I'll not lose to a worthless ninja like you!

Hiryu: You have no place here, Tenkai.

Win: Your "machinery" is laughable.

Hiryu's win: Leave, now.

(Vs. Morrigan)

Off-Screen: I care not for your wiles, succubus, despite not being immune to them. What I REALLY wanted was to see what a "Darkstalker" could do....and sadly, you fell HEAVILY short.

(Vs. Wesker)

Why waste your time with artificial power, Albert?

Wesker: Give ME a taste of your power, Tenkai.

Win: True power comes from those who earn it, Albert.

Wesker's win: I could've found you a place in my new world....

Off-Screen: What do you even KNOW about power, anyways? I gained mine by commanding armies, and with ACTUAL leadership.

(Vs. Arthur)

Well, aren't you cute.

Arthur: I will not forsake my duties!

Win: Get out of my face, false knight.

Arthur's win: You have faced a knight and lost!

Off-Screen: Not all those who are knights can call themselves warriors. You've proven that based on that pitiful display of yours.

Off-Screen (Arthur): I have heard the name "Tenkai" before, but it was about magical knights from another realm. Begone, imposter!

(Vs. Ryu)

Konichiwa, fellow warrior.

Win: Your inner darkness needs a bit of control. Want me to "help"?

(Vs. C. Viper)

The viper's bite does not faze me!

Viper: Yeah, this one could be a problem.

Win: Honorless....soulless....just like Oichi.

(Vs. Kuja)

Off-Screen: White hair....white clothing....even an expert in the dark arts of magic. We might benefit from each other, Kuja.

X-Factor: Who's first?

One ally down: Small chip to my army.

Two allies down: I'll do it myself!

Light defeat: Ugh....I can't lose....

Heavy defeat: This isn't the eeeeeend!

Time over: Oh well....I'm not without respect.


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Okay, I really like the dialogue flow between characters you have going on with this story. I only wish there was more to go on. Such as why there's a villain (presumably,) is going around and trying to take heroes souls. In fact, I'm kind of surprised Tenkai wanted to take on Thanos. Furthermore, I feel like there's a lot of potential for this to become a really great story. Anyways, I'd love to know a bit more about Tenkai, including his motives behind stealing souls/powers(?) and for what purpose. :)