Twas the Day when Noel killed Santa (true story)(Kind uve')



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Nov 26, 2013
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I am absolutely sick right now. I just took medicine and I am seriously loopy, might as well read you a Christmas story before I pass out.

Twas any normal day for good ol' Noel. Who's name is French for the jolly Saint Nick's special day.

Little did Noel thought however, that he might uve' killed Santa.

Noel woke up early on the Saturday, early in the wee mornings,

Ol Saturday was when Noel could sleep in, but he decided to volunteer,

for the good elderly people, uve' the elk lodge.

Little did he thought though, that he might uve' killed Santa.

When Noel ventured through the city, with an empty stomach,

Begging for just a toasted bagel, or maybe doughnut,

Little did he thought, that it might kill Santa Claus.

When he entered the lodge, he met a gentle ol' lady,

her name was Joanne, and she was just the precious thing,

little did Noel know however, that she might be the reason,

why Noel thought he might uve' killed Santa Claus.

The whole day when Noel was volunteering,

he was shaking a bucket full uve' tickets,

to have a raffle at the end uve' the day.

Noel broke a sweat, and had a bunch uve' elder ladies wink at him,

as they pass by, creeping Noel out just more than normal,

when Joanne had passed by, he offered him a bottle uve' water

to quench his thirst, where it was ever so needed.

Noel was grateful,

little did he know,

twas the reason why Santa had died later that day.

Noel had been given a break, to receive some free time,

and avoid flirting old ladies.

He had decided to go to Wolfie's doughnuts,

which are the finest uve' all the doughnuts in the world.

Little did he know, that these things were the reason Santa Claus had died.

When he came back to the lodge, Noel offered doughnuts to the old policeman

he was ever so thankful, albeit be a little generic.

Noel was grateful to give his offer.

He went deeper inside the lodge

and met a man with a jolly red suit!

Was it Santa Claus? It was, for the little kids who was around his fluffy paws.

When the children had left him be, Noel went up to him.

and offered him a doughnut.

Little did he know, that twas the reason Santa Claus, had paused.

When the Jolly Red man, had taken the bite uve' the jelly filled doughnut,

which Noel had always found digesting,

Santa had taken a bite then swallowed,

and then he dropped the doughnut.

Now Noel found out that He had killed Santa Claus.

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Aww, I'm sorry you're feeling sick, Noel. I hope you get better soon. To think this sort of happened astonishes me. You poor, poor soul giving donuts out of the kindness of your heart and this happens. On a more humorous note, this was pretty funny for a Christmas tale. xD It got me to smile a lot as I read along and couldn't believe you killed Santa Claus!