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The War for Equila (something i just thought up) (signups + ooc thread)



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Nov 13, 2010
My secret lair, the COMMON SENSE base of justice,
"Equila was a land of Equity untill the elves revolted against our kingdom with technogly and science but all of you are our kingdom's saviors" said the Queen.

"Equila is a medievil time while we elfs are advanced to create robots we need you soilder's on the feild ready to act and destroy their knights and cocour the castle"said the elf leader.
these statments are for those who chose the kingdom's side or the elf's side. Basicly the kingdom is a living hell like battle ground where elves and knights do combat. This battle ground was a peaceful vibrant forest full of mysterious creatures called "meldgoras" a mix of a dragon and gorilla. They fought over the rights to the kingdom and it's people. Elves were trained to call robotic cretures when they were in danger while the kingdom kights learned to summon mystic denties when in danger of death. The king lord Makalian ruled with his queen Marlina to keep peace and order. Now to get strait to the point you fight for the Elves or the kingdom in attmepts to take control of the kingdom now on to rules
1. no powerplaying
2. keep the curseing to an 18 minimum
3. this is important make sure this stays alive
5. no godmeddling
6.you canot control people without my permission (exp: Makalian and Marlina)
7. you can make up names and such (i will do temp in next post Damn scroll bar)
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Apr 9, 2009
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you honestly need to work on your grammar buddy...I say go to Evangeline's Roleplay Academy before you get to working on this...