The Realms Connected?



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Jan 19, 2015
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I don't know if there's a duplicate about this topic but oh well.

I'm a little confused cause I remembered something important about the realms in KH.


As we all know, the realm of light, the worlds within are separated from each other. The only way to enter them is thru doors created by the worlds or portals made with either the power of darkness or with the power of the keyblades. However, it seems the realm of in between is possibly still connected by land, as seen by Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku and Mickey in KH Chain of Memories.

In the cross roads, it's possible to walk to Castle Oblivion or Twilight town. (I think)

which makes me think that all the worlds in the realm in between, are still connected. That also applies to the realm of Darkness, as a Gummy Ship isn't needed to traverse it, because it's still connected.

The realm of light, however, isn't connected. It's was almost destroyed by a Keyblade War. But, According to Kairi's Grandma, her story says that the lights in the children's heart, rebuilt the worlds, however, the worlds aren't connected anymore.

So my understanding is the worlds used to be connected or all the realms?

What are your thoughts about this?

(By the way, I'm not entirely sure if the information is exact as I'm going by memory at the moment)


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Oct 22, 2010
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The crossroads in Chain of Memories are part of the World Castle Oblivion actually.
Birth by Sleep shows us how.

As for the realms being connected, there was a metaphor given by Nomura himself once about connections between the realms that are like "stairways".

As for what was in the past, it is not even sure that the "realms" as in "light, between and dark" even existed in the form they are nowadays,

In the distant past, the so-called "age of fairytales" as it was named in Dream Drop Distance, all the "worlds" were indeed connected, or rather a whole single world.

The browser game Kingdom Hearts X[chi] (and its smartphone companion, Unchained X) actually take place in that world, as its story takes place before the devastating Keyblade War.

The Keyblade War caused a huge near-Apocalypse with the Darkness nearly destroying everything, it was only through the remaining light in the hearts of some surviving children that the universe wasn't fully destroyed and somewhat restored as countless smaller worlds who are normally not connected.
This was done as a precautionary measure to prevent another Keyblade War from happening and thus finishing the Apocalypse the first Keyblade War didn't completely "succeed" in.


Mar 9, 2008
It was basically all one lovely world until the war shattered it like glass. Now you have the surviving worlds making up the light realm, worlds and areas roaming the realm between and then you have the dark realm which seems to be a largely barren or even destroyed landscape with no life other than the dark beings that pass through.

You can bypass the barriers with corridors or keyblades but for the most part everything seems walled off on larger scale. Guess that means world travelers tend to slip through "cracks" in the system. heh

If you sit and think on it it's all one big vault. The dark ream is all the wars destruction and where darkness gathers and it's sealed off, acting as a buffer between that darkness and the surviving worlds is the realm between with Castle Oblivion at it's center and above that is where all the surviving light ream worlds is.
Xehanort has systematically destroyed it at times too. Whatever he did to Radiant Gardens keyhole let heartless invade the light realm in mass, he destroyed a large portion of the Land of Departure (later Castle Oblivion) which may or may not have had affects and then finally Ansem briefly succeeded in opening the main buffer between light and dark, the Door to Darkness.

He's more or less been trying to shatter the world order. lol