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Fanfiction ► The New Organization

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Jul 4, 2007
ok. sorry for rushing u. take ur time.
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Mar 27, 2007
Yeah I'll be patient as well and I can't wait to see the final outcome.


A.K.A. Jemxas
May 24, 2004
Maple Shade: A small town in NJ

The hooded girl was a little surprised after she entered the hole in the wall. She was now staring at a dense forest. As she gazed at her surroundings, she smiled brightly. "It's amazing how a vast forest exists in this town." Her smile faded though when she didn't spot the kids. One could lose their way in a place such as this. If that happens to me would I eventually cease to exist? She smiled and shook her head. "If I get lost then I can just teleport back to the town." She slowly walked forward and realized that it was much darker. "Amazing what nature is capable of." She looked around and there were still no signs of the kids. "I wonder what the kids are like? Hopefully they are like Vivi and not like Seifer. That guy was a jerk. I'm not sure what to think of the girl named Fuu though since she only said her name. Rai was a big guy that didn't seem too bright. He also preferred to say the phrase "Y know?" quite often."

The girl was interrupted when she spotted the kids in the distance. At least they know where they are going. She kept her distance from them so that she wouldn't be seen. As she followed the kids she recalled the encounter with the other kids.

The girl slowly followed a path which led her to the area of the town called The Sandlot. This area was a wide open space. A large square arena was in the center. Around the arena were a few benches. At the moment the girl only noticed three teens in the distance. I don't feel like talking to anyone at the moment. She sat down on the nearest bench to rest from all of her exploring. She looked down and sitting next to her was a unique person. He had brown, green pants, a blue jacket, black gloves, and a sandy hat. He had a black face. He had eerie yellow eyes and she couldn't see his mouth.

"Hi there. Are you new here?" There was a kind tone in the boy's voice. The girl had a warm smile hidden under her hood.

"Yes I am. It is nice to meet you. What is your name?"

"I am Vivi. What is your name?"

"My name is..." She was interrupted by a voice and three teenagers that approached them.

"What are you doing Vivi?"

"I was talking to this girl Seifer." Seifer had black shoes, dark brown pants, a short blue shirt which exposed his stomach, and a white jacket. He had green eyes and blonde hair which was covered by a black hat.

"That wasn't such a smart idea Vivi. You shouldn't speak with strangers."

"Y' know Vivi. You should listen to Seifer. Y' know?" The girl stood and walked toward them.

"You are Seifer and you two are?"

"Fuu." Fuu wore purple shoes, grey pants, and a blue sleeveless shirt. She had red eyes and light purple hair which covered her left eye.

"The name is Rai. Y' know?" Rai had brown shoes, black pants, an orange sleeveless shirt, and a silver chain around his neck. He had brown hair, eyes and a goatee.

"You don't trust me Seifer?" asked the girl.

"Not really. You better learn fast that if you cause problems then you will answer to me." The girl clenched her fist and her smile faded. She had to restrain herself from attacking Seifer. Once she was calm she smiled again.

"I will take note of that." She then turned and left The Sandlot. "That Seifer would be no match for me. I think that I shall pay him a visit later."

The girl lost her train of thought when she saw a mansion in the distance. The mansion was gray and appeared to be old yet in good condition. The mansion was at least two stories high. Her eyes were fixed on the kids with interest as they entered the mansion. She sat behind a tree waiting for them to return. She formed a small doll in her hand that looked like Seifer. She twisted the doll's limbs, head, and body in various painful positions.

"I wish that this was a voodoo doll."

Hayner, Pence, and Olette entered the mansion. They looked around the surrounding area. The door on their right was blocked by debris. Straight ahead was a stairway.

"Well, no one is here. We should turn back." said Pence.

"Not until we look around first."

"Olette is right Pence." Pence sighed as they went to check out the room on their left. They entered the room and examined it. The room had two chairs, a few shelfs, and a long table that was split in half.

"What could have done this?" asked Olette.

"I don't know Olette." said Hayner.

"Judging by the table, whatever destroyed it is gone." added Pence. They looked at each other and nodded before heading toward the door.

Juxi was meditating in the library. His eyes suddenly opened. He stood up smiling.

"At last I have company." He closed his eyes and concentrated. By doing so he would be able to pinpoint the location of the person or people. He opened his eyes and nodded his head. "The library." He fazed out in darkness. He appeared in front of the library doors wielding his sword.

Once the door opened Juxi-Maboro brought down his sword. He stopped though as he saw Olette screaming. He covered her head and squatted low to the ground. Pence and Hayner stared in shock unable to move. Juxi sighed as he raised his sword which was only a few inches away from Olette's head. "Why are you here?"

Olette slowly raised her head realizing that she was still alive at the moment. "Well?" asked Juxi. There was fear in Olette's voice.

"I thought that. Well I thought that I saw someone here. So we came to see if it was true or not." Juxi just narrowed his eyes at them. He raised his sword and pointed it toward the door.

"Leave now." The three ran out of the mansion. They continued running back through the forest.

"Ok guys! We never come to the mansion or speak of this day again!" Pence said. The others nodded their head and agreed as they ran back to their usual spot.

The girl had ripped the doll's head, legs, and arms off. She smiled at the Seifer doll darkly. She made the pieces of the doll vanish when she saw the kids run past her. I wonder what scared them. I hope that it wasn't spiders. She shuddered at that thought as she stood. She smiled as she headed toward the mansion with renewed confidence.

"Whatever is in there is no match for me." She slowly made her way to the door and slowly opened it.

Juxi-Maboro sighed as the kids left the mansion. There is no honor in killing unarmed children. Jemxas and the others will never know of this incident. He was about to head back to the library when he heard the door creak open. He looked toward the door with sword in hand. Juxi stared at a girl wearing an Organization coat with the hood up. She must be an Unknown like the rest of us.

"Who are you?" The girl was silent for a moment as she was looking over Juxi's appearance. She smiled as she lowered her hood.

"My name is Ilxorga." Ilxorga appeared to be seventeen. She was five feet tall with tanned skin. She had a yellow circle on her right cheek and a yellow square on her left cheek.She also had honey brown eyes and dark green hair which covered her right eye. Juxi Maboro Ilxorgawere silent asthey gazed into each other's eyes.


What will happen between Juxi and Ilxorga? We shall find out in a different chapter. Next we shall see what happed in Radiant Gardens


Mar 27, 2007
I thought that it was a nice cliffhanger to keep us guessing about what happens next.
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