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The most sinister and evil Organization XIII member


Which Organization XIII member is the most sinister and evil among them?

  • Xemnas

    Votes: 24 57.1%
  • Xigbar

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Xaldin

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • Saix

    Votes: 11 26.2%
  • Demyx

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Luxord

    Votes: 1 2.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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New member
Nov 1, 2005
under your bed . . .
Xemnas, Saix is more of a sad story, as his dying words were "Kingdom Hearts...Give me....a Heart..." All he wanted was a Heart, as Xemnas wanted to become a godlike figure.[/QUOTE=Xaldin]

Really?? Wow, I almost feel sorry for Saix; I mean c'mon, it wasn't his choice to be that way; it was forced onto him. None of them really even know who they are, they just want to be complete again, to be a somebody, instead of a Nobody.

Xemnas, however didn't even really care who he was--power was his satisfaction. I agree, to be godlike was enough. Riku Replica in CoM was afraid of what would become of himself once he died. His dying words, in fact, were, "What will happen to my heart?" and so, I'm sure that a lot of the Order members really only wanted to be secure in their lives, their afterlives, but worried how an Incomplete may find any grace . . . Xemnas took advantage of their insecurities, but the reason we thing of Saix as so evil is because he came closer than anybody, perhaps, to obtaining Kingdom Hearts, and that was because, I think, he wanted, more than anything else, to simply be normal and whole. Here's my list of who's most evil in the Org. XIII . . .

1. Xemnas (need I repeat myself??)

2. Xighbar (ties with Marluxia)

3. Saix (I really can't call him evil, now, but he did go about quite sinisterly to get a heart, sooo . . .)

4. Marluxia (ties with Xighbar)

5. Larxene (just some perverted Nobody, not very nice at all)

6. Xaldin (like many, he just wanted a heart)

7. Vexen (ties with Zexion)

8. Zexion (ties with Vexen)

9. Luxord

10. Axel (sorry, though definitely good at heart [expression; I know he doesn't have one] he proved he can be sinister at times)

11. Demyx (just saddd . . . so many cool Org. XIII members . . . and then . . . Demyx)

12. Roxas

13. Lexaes
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Rebirth of Twilight
Apr 5, 2005
1.xemnas - the most sinister, a power-hungry and manipulative guy and is insane as hell.......who only wanted to become a god-like being

2.marluxia - he was the only one(other than larxene) who had the balls to stand up to the superior and is on the same scale of insanity as xemnas...............wanted to rule the order

3.larxene - she was one of the only ones who dared to cross the superior, even though not crazy and straight-minded, she loved to f**k with people............wanted to rule the order next to marluxia

4.saix - evil as hell, sneaky, s**t he even looks evil............also wanted to become a godlike being and was feared as though he was number 2

5.xigbar - also sinister and evil, # 2 in the order..........he wanted to become a godlike being also

6.luxord - not as power hungry nor sinister as xigbar but power hungry..............wanted to become a god-like being

7.axel - sure he had his reasons but he murdered vexen for two selfish reasons.............wanted to keep his best friend

8.zexion - a manipulative guy, he was definitely sinister but weak.............wanted to take over the org. after seeing marluxia might succeed

9.lexeaus - not really sinister or anything but he tries to destroy riku, a confused kid who happened to wander into CO................same as zexion

10.demyx-hes just demyx, didnt really care about anything.............well he wanted to get a heart i guess

11.xaldin - xaldin seemed aight to me even though when you battle him he was strong........wanted to become complete

12.roxas - just a confused and toyed with kid..........wanted to become complete

13.vexen - the least sinister and evil, he just tried to reveal to sora the truth and was killed......................just wanted to continue his experiments and become whole


killjoy princess
Aug 16, 2005
Xaldin said:
Xemnas, Saix is more of a sad story, as his dying words were "Kingdom Hearts...Give me....a Heart..." All he wanted was a Heart, as Xemnas wanted to become a godlike figure.

Yeah true. Xemnas was messed up in so many ways. >.>


New member
Jan 22, 2006
God for some odd reason I'm starting to really like them all.
First it was only Axel, then Xemnas, then Demyx, Xaldin, Xigbar.....I only don't like Vexen.

I wanna invite them for a sleepover and be happy together, even if it means that Xemnas will be all godlike....
They must be such inteseting friends to have....*has sneaky thoughts of taking the order to school with her*

Xemnas would frighten them to death, and the girls'd be all disgusted by Axel's cuteness....Demyx'd rock the place under water, Saix'd glare at the teachers and dare them to say anything about it...*grins evilly*
Luxord will place bets on whether Xigbar can manage to kiss my English teacher, and Vexen will calculate the chances of that ever happening, while Marl will prance around with the scythe, Larx will snicker and do that maniacal laugh of hers that scares the little children, Lexaeus and Zexion hang out at the schoolgates and make the neighbours call the police.

They'd all be pretty sinister in real life, I guess.
but they're definately huggable. *hugs Xemnas and Axel*
...I used to like dragons when I was five.....
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