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Fanfiction ► The Heroine And The Villainess

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princess namine

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Dec 20, 2006
Wow, my third story on KHI. Anyways....

This story is the sequel for In Her Past, surrounding Blackfire and Starfire from Teen Titans.(Look at IHP for understanding certain events in the story) As always, the story is kinda like the third Kingdom Hearts after they get the bottle from King Mickey. It starts off when Starfire was a little girl....

The Heroine And the Villainess


Flames over took a castle that was not from earth. It was a palace of purple with balconies leading out of every window. In front of the palace were two men. One had shaggy raven black hair and lavender eyes, he looked like 23 and very handsome. The other had straight jet black hair with storm cloud blue eyes. In his hand was a knife prepared to stab the violet eyed man in the back. The violet eyed man went down with a thud and the grey-blued eyed man kept stabbing the man until he was sure he was dead. He shouted above the man,” She’s mine!!!” His eyes landed on two young girls around 4 and 5. One had raven black hair with lavender eyes just like the man he killed a few minutes ago. The other had auburn red hair with emerald green eyes and those eyes swelling with tears. Both ran from the site toward what looked liked a white ship. A woman with strawberry blonde hair and sea green eyes was holding two babies. Both were identical twin sisters with raven black hair and emerald green eyes. The woman ran toward the ship but had tripped and fell to the ground with the twins in her arms. The man who killed the other was with another man coming toward the woman. The two in the ship couldn’t help the woman from the door closing on them. Screams could be heard from behind the door as the ship-

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” A teenage girl woke up with a cold sweat and screaming. Running could be heard outside of her door with it sliding open to reveal a boy about her age with spiky shaggy jet black hair with icy blue eyes that came over to check on her.

“ Starfire! Are you okay?” He held Starfire’s face in his hands. She was trying to catch her breathe before she spoke.

“ Ev-everything’s fine Robin, I just had a bad dream, that’s all.” He massage her face with his fingers to ease her tense face.

“ Are you sure?” She nodded her head and leaned forward to have their lips touch. They couldn’t help themselves and deep in the kiss with her arms around his neck and his around her waist.

“ Was Star scre- wait, you woke us up because you wanted to sleep with Robin!?!” Robin broke the kiss to give the african-american half robot, half human teenage boy death glares.

“ Cyborg, Starfire’s every sci-fi geeks’ dream girl. Of course, Robin was trying to bang her.” Starfire got up and shoved the green haired and green skin boy, Cyborg, and her boyfriend out of her room.

“ Good night Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy.” She had the boys out of her room and plopped down on her purple circular bed with no sleep for the rest of the night.


A Week Later ~

Starfire stood in her room getting her clothes inside her suitcase. She wore her favorite pair of faded blue jeans and a red shimmer halter top with sudue black boots. A girl stood by the door waiting for Starfire .

“ Starfire, are you almost done?” Her monotone voice fit her look and personality. Wearing her usual normal outfit of a black skirt with a grey shirt over a black shirt that said in big pink letters, “ I’m a punk, deal with it.” She wore fishnets over her legs and leather black knee high boots to perfectly show she was a goth.

“ Why don’t you go listen to Amy Lee instead of boring yourself by watching me pack.” She didn’t mean to sound rude but she was a bit annoyed that she’s been watching her for the past hour.

“ I would but Terra’s watching a Fall Out Boy concert on the TV.”

“ I swear if she wasn’t dating BB, she would be stalking Pete.” She grint through her teeth to avoid laughing which quickly change to a disgusted look as Starfire pulled out one of her favorite hats, pink mickey mouse ears.

“ I can’t believe you have that stupid hat. Disney’s for 10 year olds. You turned 15 last Feb.!”

“ Goodbye, Raven.” Starfire pushed Raven out of her room and finished packing her stuff. The sound barrier broke from the stereo blasting Thanks For The Memories from the front room where Terra was listening to it.

“ For Pete’s sake.” Starfire stormed out of her room to the front and approached her blonde teammate.

“Terra!! Turn down the music!!!” Terra walked over and turned off the TV.

“ What’s the big deal? I was just listening to music.”

“ I’m surprised you’re not deaf. You had it up to 50. Besides, shouldn’t you be packing your stuff for that school we’re going to?” Terra’s look told her that she hadn’t done any packing instead she listened to her favorite band all day.

“ Maybe.” Starfire’s cell went off telling her she got a text message.

“ Oh My God!! It’s him!!!”

“ It’s who?”

“ I met this guy on an internet chatroom for Paramore .”

“ Does Robin know about this?”

“ What Robin doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.” She flip her red RAZR up to read the message to Terra..

“ Hey Starz. Up 2 anything?” She typed in her message to him.

“ Nothing much, just packing. How ‘bout u, Sky?” She heard Terra giggling about her text buddy’s name.

“W8t! y r u packing?”

“ Don’t u remember? I’m going 2 that boarding school.”

“ You’re such a liar.” Terra looked over Starfire’s shoulder to read the message.

“That’s right. So u’r going 2 that school w/ ur friends and bf.” Terra had to look closer to see if she read it right.

“ You told him about Robin?”

“ Well, if he’s telling the truth that he’s not a 50 year old pervert, I don’t want him to come stalk me. He might try flirting with me and he won’t if I already have a boyfriend.”

“ What if he has a girlfriend?”

“ Well, there’s a girl he likes but he doesn’t know if she likes him.” Terra’s new statement was stop by Starfire pointing out a new text message. Her eyes grew big with shock and surprise.

“ Oh my god, he gave me his phone number!” Starfire and Terra gave out a big squeal.

“ Who gave Star their phone number? Also Robin’s going to come in here in 5 minutes.”

“ Oh crap!” Starfire shut the phone and went over to Raven.

“ Tell Robin about this or I will make sure you go cripple.”

“ Why is Raven going to be crippled?” All the girl titans turned to their leader and Starfire’s boyfriend.

“ Hi, baby.” He kissed Starfire’s cheek and faced their teammates.

“ All you pack for Kent Heroes High?”

“ Uhhh....I... actually need to...finish some uhh...packing.” Terra rushed to her room to start her packing

“ It be easier if I go and help her pack.” Raven left the room leaving Starfire and Robin in the room by themselves.

“ I think Raven left us here on purpose. Why do they always think that when they’re not here that we’re going to throw ourselves at each other.” Robin turned around his head so Starfire couldn’t see his guilty face.

“ I have no idea.” Starfire knew he was lying to her face.

“ Robin!!!! What did you tell them.”

“I..uhh...hey Cyborg!” Starfire turned to see their friend that wasn’t there while Robin ran to the nearest door.


So was it good or was it bad, flames are excepted.
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Mar 27, 2007
Really good start so far, I look forward into seeing how far this goes.

Professor Ven

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Jun 12, 2006
Good job on the chappie Andi!

Aww poor Lilli.. v_v

Lilli if you want me to helps you in writing just say the word...even though I don't even think you need ANY kind of help in writing anyways, cos your awesome!!

Gullwing Yunie

Nov 30, 2006
heh, just don't use any single letters, or internet talk on it...

She was only using it when she was writing what the characters were texting, and most people text like that.

I think my post was deleted from this with the rollback and DB screw up..

Love the writing, Andi.

As did mine. Nice work! =D

I know it sucks, I would post more to get back what I lost but my brother being the hog he is... well let's say he's not going to feel good in the morning.

Good luck with that! =D
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