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The Doom Thread (Now with RGH 1.11.2 Skulltag!)



who's your nii-ni
Jan 1, 2005
if you don't know what doom is you got problems

anyways the big lovin and i recently played doom with the REAL GUNZ HARDCORE mod (site) and it's beefy as hell and tons of fun

real gunz hardcore what that

basically, REAL GUNZ HARDCORE takes the doom engine and adds a bunch of guns and functions (perks (ew), attachments, melee knife) present in cock of doody games and imports them into the doom engine.. and to be honest i think it's a lot better than straight up mw2 o:

thats cool and all but i dont like 2player co-op (kinda gay...)

the best part is that doom's netplay is really flexible as far as settings/flags are concerned so it's totally possible to get as many as 32 people onto a server and have and immensely retarded co-op/deathmatch/etc experience~

that sounds cool where download

if you don't already have a copy of doom or know where to get one by now, then you got problems. but if you do already have your doom internal wads and stuff already:

  1. download skulltag (essentially your doom client, these games are old as bonk and basically use applications like skulltag or zdoom as a front-end. plus they add sexy modern features like a server browser, crouching/jumping, and mouselook~)
  2. download the REAL GUNZ HARDCORE .pk3 from their site
  3. set skulltag as the default program for opening .pk3 files or alternatively you can just drag and drop the rgh .pk3 file onto skulltag.exe and it'll run from there
  4. play that shit
don't be a faggot. play doom w/ us