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Nov 15, 2016
I wanted to hear the thoughts of as many kh fans as possible so I have posted this in other places already, but I found an interesting comment on youtube by the user Mr. Morgan that says:

"The Masters of masters and Luxu are the same person. The Masters of Maters, who is from the future, returned to the past to weave the events of the future. He kept talking about how he would disappear or fade, that's because he would fade if Luxu deviated from his assigned path. In other words, The masters of masters is hoping Luxu creates a different future from the one after the keyblade war, since the light did not fade (surviving in the hearts of children). He does not give Luxu the book of prophesies because he does not want Luxu to be creating "temporal parodoxies," but that's a lie. He knew if Luxu had the book, Luxu would try to do everything by the book. Thus, he doens;t give it to him because he's trying to create a future where the light does fade; furthermore, correcting his errors from the last keyblade war. Xenahort is Luxu's apprentice, btw. The guy we see at the beginning of kh 2.8 in the keyblade graveyard is not Luxu...well, it is, just the adult Luxu (The Masters of masters)."

[FONT=Helvetica Neue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]and I found it interesting that adult luxu sounds like ray chase who also voices the master of masters. Any thoughts?[/FONT]


Nov 30, 2014
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They don't sound similiar to me at all, though. To quote Elfdemon:
What makes you think he's older there? He has the same exact character model, it hasn't changed at all. And he sounds exactly like he always sounded. He sounds nothing like the Master of Masters, and he doesn't sound any older.