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Fanfiction ► Revival of Memories: Dusk's Dawning

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Oct 17, 2007
Hey there. This isn’t my first fanfic here but I gave up on my other one since the plot got messed up. Although this one has similar elements to my first one, it also contains more. Read on if you wish.


Revival of Memories: Dusk’s Dawning

Prologue: Dark Successor

Dived into the darkness I did, seeking the power that was possessed by none, but desired by all. And find it I did, but it was not without sacrifice. The shadows of these dark depths tore away my body, putting a much more capable form in its place. I was granted unearthly abilities, but there was something missing. I realized its absence when I first came into being. I had no heart, but I cried out in yearning for one.

Thus did I take action. I gained countless amounts of hearts, creating what I knew was Kingdom Hearts. I began to remember things that were never supposed to be there. Memories I could not relate to, yet I cherished them.

Frequently entering the Room of Sleep, I greeted the one I called friend, but I never knew her. My soul told me to go find the other one. The other “friend”. But I never did.

These papers are what remain of my secrets. These papers are all that I have to remind me of myself.

These papers I shall thrust into the realm of darkness, where only the strong-minded can reach. Destiny will lead the successor, and he shall know.

Xeron slowly placed the papers on his desk. He wiped the sweat from his dark blue hair. His yellow eyes gleamed in the candlelight. He’d better not show this to Master Sora.

He fumbled with the papers as he heard a knock on the door. He stashed them in his drawer and croaked, “Come in.”

A young man, perhaps in his early thirties, entered. He had silver hair and wore typical clothes. His green eyes had a far-off look in them, as if he were trying to push away his past.

“Oh, hello, Master Riku.”

“Hey, Xeron. Did you report to the academy this afternoon?”


“Good. You’re our top student. Exams begin soon.”

“Oh, right.” The exams! How could he have forgotten? The ultimate test of a person’s bond with his Keyblade. Many Keyblade apprentices failed because they were distracted with their lovers and such. Xeron had no worries about this, but they still made him nervous. But if he passed, he would be granted his very own Keychain, which would vary depending on his character.

“Be on time tomorrow. By the way, why are you here? Everyone else is outside, enjoying themselves.”

“…Um, I was just reading something.”

Riku stared at him, his eyes suddenly sharp. This young man he had been watching for some time, particularly because of his eyes. He hadn’t seen those types of eyes for over fifteen years. The gleaming yellow…

Xeron calmed down when Riku left. Breathing a sigh of relief, he thought, I have got to get this Xehanort guy out of my head. He’s going to mess up my exams.

The dreams began a fortnight ago, when scattered images clouded his mind. He’d be running through a labyrinth, hearing the same familiar voice.

Darkness…the heart of all…it is the essence…you understand nothing…a meaningless effort…

The voice still haunted him, and as much as he didn’t like it, his heart seemed to want more…

One who knows nothing can understand nothing…naught but a memory is what remains…as the years wane…the successor will rise…following that long abandoned path that had been sealed away…by a meddling lantern…a lantern in the darkness of an abyss…in the end, the Keyblade’s efforts shall be futile…

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” screamed Xeron, both of his hands clutching his temple. Cold sweat ran down his darkened forehead. The voice disappeared and Xeron fainted.


Falling…falling…into the trench of shadows…the place visited by few…are you one of them?

Xeron landed lightly on his feet. He was standing on a huge circular platform. On the surface of the platform were images of people. The biggest one was of a boy with brown hair who looked like Sora, but was not Sora. He held a Keyblade. Smaller images showed other people: An older person with brown hair, a girl with aqua blue hair, a bald man with yellow eyes that gleamed with foreboding, and a younger version of King Mickey.

Step forward, successor. I do not like to be kept waiting.

Xeron obeyed and walked to one end of the platform. A winding path revealed itself. It zigzagged through the darkness, leading to a similar platform. As he walked, the voice once again rang through the silence.

You are one among many, a line of successors, destined to take the place of the last. You are the Third One.

Xeron nodded. He now understood what he was, and what his destiny was to be. He reached the other platform, where someone…or something was waiting.

It was the same bald man he had seen before. Whether this was real or not was a mystery.

“Greetings, Xeron.”

“Who are you?”

“I am the First One, Master Xehanort.”

Xehanort. Xeron had heard the name countless times in his dreams. He asked the man if he was real or not.

“Nay, I am nothing but a memory, an image conjured up by someone much more powerful. Now let me ask you: Are you prepared to embrace it?”


“Very well. Begin when you like. When you awaken, you will be granted the powers of your predecessor.”

Instantly, Xeron found himself in the small hospital on the mainland of Destiny Islands. Sora, Riku, Kairi, and a few others gathered around him.

“Are you okay, Xeron?” asked Sora. “You’ve been unconscious for three days!”

Three days!! Xeron returned to his old self and said, “The exams---!”

“They’re tomorrow. You should be okay by then.” Sora, Kairi, and the others left the room, but Riku stayed. Riku stared at him for a moment, then asked, “What did you dream about.”


Riku didn’t push on further. He left the room. Something’s wrong he thought.

When Riku left, Xeron sat up. He smiled. After the exams, it would begin…


So what do you think?


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(I see that you posted this many months back).

*has just realized that you posted this in April*

Eh heh heh...

I still like this, though. I'm guessing it's probably dead, but perhaps a heightened interest in it will make way for its resurrection?

So what do you think?

I think this is tantalizingly good, and therefore should keep going.

... Maybe?


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