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Public Humiliation of n00bs

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Apr 21, 2005
Look. I'm not someone who will go pick on people just for the fun of it...wait, yes I am!

Anyway, I figured if someone does something outside the rules, why not have some fun with them? This particular n00b came into chat and asked if there were any hot girls in there that wanted to have...well, you can guess what, with him. I've censored all the naughty bits.

Feel free to post up and of your own 'n00b humiliations'

Remember, this is about punishing people that DESERVE it. I don't want you going out there and looking for a victim.

Zetsumi[4:12:52 PM]: Hey there..
sora818[2:12:26 AM]: um...hi
sora818[2:12:30 AM]: hoo r u
Zetsumi[4:14:30 PM]: My nae's kate, what's urs?
sora818[2:12:56 AM]: r u a hot girl?
sora818[2:13:08 AM]: jon
Zetsumi[4:14:54 PM]: Yeah, hi Jon
sora818[2:13:34 AM]: hi kate
sora818[2:13:44 AM]: have u ever had (removed)?
Zetsumi[4:15:47 PM]: Why would you want to know that ?_?
sora818[2:14:20 AM]: ???
sora818[2:14:29 AM]: i dont no?
sora818[2:14:32 AM]: have u?
Zetsumi[4:16:21 PM]: No, U?
sora818[2:15:01 AM]: no, do u want to?
Zetsumi[4:16:46 PM]: Yeah, I guess
sora818[2:15:36 AM]: how old r u?
Zetsumi[4:17:24 PM]: 16, how about you?
sora818[2:15:58 AM]: 16
sora818[2:16:22 AM]: well, actually ill b 16 in 18 days
sora818[2:16:36 AM]: do u have a bf?
Zetsumi[4:18:16 PM]: nope
sora818[2:16:59 AM]: have u ever had online (removed)?
Zetsumi[4:18:57 PM]: No...what's that?
sora818[2:17:51 AM]: um...well...u pretty much talk about having (removed)
Zetsumi[4:19:46 PM]: How?
sora818[2:18:15 AM]: its kinda like u r having it but, over the computer
Zetsumi[4:19:59 PM]: U mean, you like, say what you'd do and stuff?
Zetsumi[4:20:10 PM]: I think I've hear of that
sora818[2:18:55 AM]: um...ya pretty much
sora818[2:19:03 AM]: do u want to?
Zetsumi[4:20:46 PM]: I guess
Zetsumi[4:20:55 PM]: You go first
sora818[2:19:23 AM]: ok um...u start
Zetsumi[4:21:13 PM]: I don't know how, you go first...
sora818[2:19:57 AM]: ok um...
sora818[2:20:07 AM]: lets see...
sora818[2:20:18 AM]: wat do u think is (removed)?
Zetsumi[4:22:01 PM]: >_>
sora818[2:20:38 AM]: ???
Zetsumi[4:22:18 PM]: Huh? I thought you meant, like describe what we'd do...
Zetsumi[4:22:27 PM]: Like the roleplaying stuffs...
sora818[2:21:09 AM]: well that is wat u do, im just askin
Zetsumi[4:23:05 PM]: Uh, i don't know, I avn't had (removed) remember
Zetsumi[4:23:33 PM]: *I take off my shirt
sora818[2:22:05 AM]: ok well, um... i guess ill start
sora818[2:22:14 AM]: wow!
sora818[2:22:28 AM]: *I take off my shirt
Zetsumi[4:24:20 PM]: *I take off my pants and kiss you
sora818[2:22:55 AM]: what about your (removed)?
Zetsumi[4:24:38 PM]: you can take that off
sora818[2:23:15 AM]: ok
sora818[2:23:40 AM]: i strip off your (removed) and make out with you
sora818[2:24:23 AM]: you next
Zetsumi[4:26:00 PM]: *I start takin6 off mah pantz
Zetsumi[4:26:40 PM]: your turn...
sora818[2:25:22 AM]: i totally strip you, put you in bed and go under the covers waiting 4 u
Zetsumi[4:27:28 PM]: *I iz g3t in teh bed w1th u
sora818[2:25:57 AM]: your turn...
sora818[2:26:15 AM]: ten what should we do?
sora818[2:26:32 AM]: um...
Zetsumi[4:28:05 PM]: you go...whatever you want
sora818[2:27:24 AM]: um... we get out of bed, i make out with u and squeeze your (removed)
sora818[2:27:59 AM]: your turn...
Zetsumi[4:29:31 PM]: *I t3llz u n0t t0 c0z u ar3 t3h suzkz
sora818[2:28:25 AM]: what i cant understand?
Zetsumi[4:30:20 PM]: whyz du n0t un3erstanD?
sora818[2:29:18 AM]: i dont understand with the mixtures of letters and #
Zetsumi[4:31:01 PM]: l3ts juz keep go1ing...
sora818[2:29:44 AM]: ok...
sora818[2:29:52 AM]: um...
Zetsumi[4:31:55 PM]: *I c^tz m3h w8izt5 an0 8733d a11 ova t3h b3d!
sora818[2:30:44 AM]: then i pin u on the bed and make out with u
sora818[2:30:55 AM]: what was that last sentence?
sora818[2:31:34 AM]: ???
Zetsumi[4:33:17 PM]: *I t3hrw u o55 an3 st58z u 1n t3]-[ c]-[3zt
sora818[2:32:28 AM]: srry, but what is that last word
Zetsumi[4:34:18 PM]: chest....i h8 typin norml so slow...
Zetsumi[4:35:11 PM]: U st1ll th3r3?
sora818[2:33:48 AM]: o and what does st58z mean? (srry)
sora818[2:33:53 AM]: yah
Zetsumi[4:35:28 PM]: (removed)
sora818[2:34:21 AM]: o, ok
Zetsumi[4:36:02 PM]: your go...
sora818[2:34:46 AM]: lets keep goin
sora818[2:35:13 AM]: um...i start having (removed) with u
sora818[2:35:52 AM]: your turn
Zetsumi[4:37:46 PM]: *I izh t3h k177 u w1t]-[ da b1g so8zD n u iz t3h d32d
sora818[2:36:25 AM]: ???
sora818[2:37:05 AM]: then i start making out AND having (removed) with u
sora818[2:37:52 AM]: your turn
sora818[2:38:18 AM]: u still there?
Zetsumi[4:39:47 PM]: *U c3nNt haV 53X w1t]-[ m3 j00 r rdy d32d j00 n00b!
sora818[2:38:45 AM]: o
sora818[2:38:49 AM]: srry
sora818[2:39:00 AM]: do u lke virtual (removed)?
Zetsumi[4:40:51 PM]: *w2t j00 n0t u3nD3rstnD m3 j00 st()p1d?
sora818[2:39:26 AM]: ???
sora818[2:40:00 AM]: would u want to have real (removed) sometime?
Zetsumi[4:42:07 PM]: *n03z i n0t w3nt 2 h2v 53x w1t]-[ U c0s j00 i5 t3h n00b!
sora818[2:41:22 AM]: wait u dont want to have (removed) with me?
sora818[2:41:45 AM]: ???
Zetsumi[4:43:25 PM]: I izh w3nT j00 2 d13 j00 stoop1d n00b GTFO d3ma55!
sora818[2:42:30 AM]: o srry
Zetsumi[4:44:43 PM]: j00 w177 d13 sc83m1n6 1n pa1n!
sora818[2:44:08 AM]: what?
Zetsumi[4:45:43 PM]: I w177 k177 j00! j00 m)(zt d13!
Zetsumi[4:47:22 PM]: By the way. I'm actually a man, and this whole thing has been a setup to pubically humilate you for being a 'st00p1d n00b'

Just to prove that he probably had it coming to him, this same guy was on chat later on asking redflame for bikini pictures of herself, literally harrassing her. Red can confirm this. He actually told her that if she showed him a pic, that he'd go away, trying to blackmail her >_>

sora818[3:20:52 AM]: ok if someone shows me a very sexy teen in a short bikini/naked ill leave 4 a long time

Red can confirm this.

Look at how he later tried to weasel out of it. He claimed that he wasn't on earlier.

sora818[3:41:36 AM]: r u talkin to me?
Lord of Chaos[3:41:52 AM]: Sora818, I want to let you know, that you have officially been reported to the FBI's Online Predator Watching Organization completel with your IP
NO. 14[3:41:56 AM]: yep thats what a chat is for, get it "chat" you know chat with people
Lord of Chaos[3:41:59 AM]: complete*
sora818[3:42:01 AM]: was i on before...?
Zetsumi[5:42:55 PM]: Am I talking to you? How many other people in this chatroom have the username Sora818?

NO. 14[3:43:03 AM]: sora ive heard that so many times
sora818[3:43:09 AM]: OMG last time i was on, what did i say?
NO. 14[3:43:12 AM]: was it your brother or best friend
Lord of Chaos[3:43:29 AM]: I dunno, I think he was boning both of them No. 14
Zetsumi[5:44:27 PM]: Lemme guess, you 'account was hacked' or your 'cousin got on the computer' or something... Whatever
NO. 14[3:43:48 AM]: lol
sora818[3:43:58 AM]: o no my pervert of a cousin must of been on
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.Scarlet Letter.


Sora818 still doesn't have a clue about this. XD

NO. 14

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Jun 27, 2006
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lol " bumps fists with you" that was so cold man, that was insane. your the "man", i think O.O XD. good job


100% owned. Good job there, Zet. That to me, proves your intelligence (what I was talking about earlier about people 'proving' their intelligence before I actually respect them.) Once again, good job.

Dark Essence

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Oct 10, 2005
Lol....he didn't understand what you were saying...

p.s That was just crippy...sora818 could of been one of those 40 year old online pretadors! 0.0


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Oct 30, 2005
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Agreed De.After reading this I wish I could remember some of Riku's Dawn's blunders.He ain't a newb but he acts worse than one.What a suck that's why you don't see 'cause he constantly gets band.


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May 26, 2006
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Geist said:
Agreed De.After reading this I wish I could remember some of Riku's Dawn's blunders.He ain't a newb but he acts worse than one.What a suck that's why you don't see 'cause he constantly gets band.
Now that I know who Riku's Dawn is, I can't believe you would compare me to him. Wow.

My RP battle with Geist:

Geist said:
You remind me of the very awenowing Rikus Dawn.
I do credit you for actually using a period in that sentence...
But don't illiterately insult me if you cant back it up. (Here he goes saying I God moded when I said I absorbed fire xD!)


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Dec 15, 2004
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Wow. @_@ That person needs to be banned. xD I'll take care of it. I hope you had fun Zetsumi. xD
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