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PRO Codes playthrough



Sep 8, 2016
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Hi guys, I'm starting a new playthrough of Kingdom Hearts III and would like to earn all the achievements of the DLC.
The most annoying one is to reach A rank with PRO Codes.

I have a doubt about the difficulty: I know that all the guides out there suggest to do it on beginner mode, but I'm an hardcore fan of the series (got all the trophies/achievements in all games), plus I already completed the main game on critical mode, so I was thinking about challenging it on standard mode.
Is there a big difference between beginner and standard that may affect this completition?

Honestly I didn't like Kingdom Hearts III very much and don't want to put big efforts on it, either I dislike the idea to just go through the game by spamming attack and kill everything. What I'm searching for is a balance (I always played the games at the maximum difficulty since the PS2 times).


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May 23, 2020
ALL Pro Codes is a terrible grind because you have to play many bosses with basically nothing but Ultima Weapon (other keyblades do terrible damage @ lv1 because osaka never balanced the game for lv1 play). For what it's worth, you can take off pro codes in mob fights because only story bosses count.

If you want to have an easier time, play with all codes on EXCEPT for no formchange - Hidden Potential is a huge game changer for damage output.

With All codes on except No FC, you should get Risk Taker easily with around 10 data fights