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origin of ace the bat part 5



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Nov 14, 2009
heres a link to the previous part;
The Untold Origin of Ace the Bat 4 - Story | Get More Stories at Quizilla

and here is the latest chapter in my fanstories, which are one of the only sonic the hedgehog related stories which have not been turned into porn.
...that I know of...

There wasn't a lot of work over the next few months. Since they had nothing but time on their hands, Dominag had decided to begin training Ace in Shaolin Kempo.
Kentil would often sit in and watch the lessons. One day, when Kentil had decided not to come, Ace worked up the corage to ask Dominag about him.
"Hey, can I talk to you about Kentil?" Ace asked. "Something's been bothering me about him."
"What is it?" Dominag asked.
"Well, a while back, he told me that it was his brother who started the fire at my old house," Ace said.
"I wouldn't know anything about that," Dominag said. "He's told me that his brother is a monster, but other than that, he doesn't bring up his past at all. I met him in a bar a few years back, and we bonded over our mutual enjoyment of martial arts and gambling."
"So he knows martial arts too?" Ace asked.
"'Course," Dominag said. "I met him after I retired from my job as a sensei, and I taught him most of what I know about kempo. He also knows jujutsu, chi sow, mantis style kung-fu, and muay thai. But his real specialty is weapon forms."
"So, who is his brother, anyway?" Ace asked.
"I think his name is Malice," Dominag said.
"Who would name their kid that?" Ace wondered out loud.
"He probably picked the name himself," Dominag said. "He's the living embodiment of evil according to Kentil. Speaking of which, you really shouldn't tell him you talked to me about this. He doesn't like people talking about him behind his back."
Two months went by, and one day Ace was woken up, rather rudely, by Kentil and Scorpus.
"Wake the hell up, kid!" Kentil yelled, grinning broadly. "We gots a surprise for you!"
"Bwuh?" Ace said, shaking his head to wake himself up.
"You're getting your first ever tattoo!" Kentil proclaimed excitedly.
"What!?" Ace said, shocked. "I can't get a tattoo!"
"We all have tattoos," Kentil said. "I'm pretty sure it's in the handbook somewhere."
"Or, at least it would be if we had a handbook," Scorpus added.
It was true. They all had some kind of tattoo. Grimnox had a skull and cross bones on his torso, Kentil had his own spear tattooed to his chest, Scropus had the word "PEACE" written on one arm and "CHAOS" written on the other, Max and Pax had identical snakes coiled around their arms, and Dominag had a gold coin with his own face on it on his chest.
"So, what do you want?" Scorpus asked.
"You don't have a choice in whether or not you get one, so you might as well pick your symbol," Kentil said.
Ace thought for a minute, and then it came to him.
"A spade," He said. "On my chest."
"That sounds cool," Kentil said.
"Um, we have a bit of an issue," said Scorpus, who was rumaging through his tattoo kit. We're almost out of ink. Are you okay with beige, because that's about all we have left."
"Okay," Ace said, still haing second thoughts. But he soon realized that Scorpus waqs so good with tattoos, that it went by quick and painlessly. He was suprised that Scorpus could do such a good job with those huge claws in place of his hands.
"I have a question," Scorpus said. "Why'd you go with a spade?"
"I guess I was thinking of my family," Ace said. "My mom wore diamonds all the time, she always dressed my sister in hearts, and my dad had a club tattooed to his chest. I guess I absentmindedly decided to add the fourth suit to the family."
"Well, Scorpus and I have to go," Kentil said. "You just sit there and enjoy your badass chest tat!" As they left the room, Kentil turned to Scorpus and began speaking. "So why were you so interested in his choice?"
"He said that his dad is a bat with a club tattooed to his chest," Scorpus said. That could only be one person; Sero Proctor."
"Sero Who?" Kentil said.
"He was one of the greatest military engineers of all time," Scorpus said. "He retired fro his job after his son was born. Fifteen years ago."
"So you're saying that this kid is Sero's son?"
"That's exactly what I'm saying," Scorpus said.
The next day, Dominag had been sent out on a mission, and Kentil took it upon himself to train Ace.
"How about we do some sparring?" Kentil asked. "Let's see how much your trainings paid off."
Ace sarted the match by performing a roundhouse kick to Kentils head. Kentil blocked, and as Ace tried to pull back for another attack, Kentil grabbed hold of Ace's leg and pulled him closer, performing a chicken-wrist strike to his jaw.
Kentil continued to maintain the upperhand throughout the entire fight. He would get close to Ace before attacking, and Ace couldn't defend himself from that range.
"You want me to tell you what you're doing wrong?" Kentil asked as Ace fell to the ground yet another time. "You're rellying to much on mid-ranged attacks. When people do that, the develope a kind of personal bubble. If their opponent get's to close, the freeze up and can't figure out how to defend themselves. If you want to win, you have to over come your personal bubble. Cappiche?"
"Cappiche," Ace acknoledged.
"We've got a lot of work to do," Kentil said. "From now on, I'm trining you in Muay Tahi and Chi Sow. Those arts should help you work on your close combat skills."
Three more months of traing went by, and Kentil finally decided to train Ace in weaponry.
"You can pick one weapon to start out with," Kentil said. "I'll teach you other weapons later, but let's start easy.vSo, what do you want?"
Ace though for a moment, then he remembered something. It was five months ago, and the memory was fuzzy, as if he was looking at the scene through broken glass. His body was moving on it's own, and he was angry at the people who stood before him. A dead body lay before him, and next to it a a shining object, reflecting the bizarre light that Ace's body seemed to be emitting. He snatch it up, and with lightning spead, he charge at the people before him.
"Well?" Kentil asked, breaking Ace out of his flashback.
"A sword," Ace replied. "I wanna learn to use a sword."
"Easy enough," Kentil said, handing Ace a wooden sword. He then brought out a wooden replica of his own spear, and stood in a fighting stance. "Let begin, shall we?"
The next month went by rather slowly. Ace, Kentil and Scorpus all had some free time, and were playing a game of five card stud (which Ace was winning). Grimnox enterred the room.
"Googd, you're all here," He said. "I have a mission for you three. It's down town in warehouse 4. Little girl's been capture by the mafia. Go save her."
Kentil leapt to his feet and entered a mocking salute, saying "Yes ma'am-lady-ma'am-sir!"
"Oh, shut up and go already," Grimnox growled.
In a few minutes, the three of them were standing out side the ware house.
"What do we do?" Ace asked. "We can't just barge in there, can we?"
"There's a hole in the roof," Scorpus said. "We'll spy on them through there and intervene at the right moment."
"Good plan," Kentil said. The all climbed to the roof and gazed down a the scene. The room was filled with mafia members, but three stood out in particular.
The first was leaning against a stck of boxes, with a pair of sub-machine guns tucked under his arms. He was a weasel with purple fur, which was begining to turn grey.
The next figure was a tall fox. In one hand, he held a familiar lokking longsword. In the other, he held a sub machine gun, which was pointed into the face of-
Ace let out an audible gasp, and Kentil quickly slapped a hand over his mouth to silence it.
The third figure was a cat girl, bound up in ropes on her knees in front of the fox. She glared defiantly up at him. Although it had been over half a year, Ace could clearly recognize who she was.
Unaware of the infiltraters above them, the fox continued to threaten the girl.
"Elzama Beatrice," He hissed. "Do you know how much trouble your father caused us? It was his own fault that he was killed. I suppose it's understandable that you would wan vengeance, but barging into a mafia stronghold swinging a sword around is just plain stupid."
Ace slapped his palm to his face. It all made sense now. She had come for revenge against the people who had gunned down Marcanus. This wouldn't have happened if Ace hadn't given he that sword in the first place. But then again, what else was he supposed to do, Ignore a dying man's last wish?
The fox raised his gun. "From this day foward, the Beatrice famile will cause no more trouble for us!" Ace stood frozen in fear as he made to pull the trigger, but the gunshot came from a different gun, and it hit the fox in the arm.
The crowd gasped as the weasel approached the fox with both his guns raised.
"Mephistopholis!" The fox hissed. "What is the meaning of this!?"
"Look, Galter, I'm a mafia scumbag with no heart, just like you," He replied. "But trying to kill a little girl? That's lower than low. You're the one who deserves to die."
Galter panicked. He had dropped his gun when Mephistopholis had shot him, and he now had no way to defend himself. "y-you..." He stuttered. "Traitor! You're a filthy traiter!"
"Traitor?" Mephistopholis repeated. He then broke into maniacal laughter. As his laughter subsided, he glared at Galter venemously. "You are so right." And without another word, he opened fire.


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I (and I'm sure many others) would greatly appreciate it if you could put spaces between paragraphs. The whole thing is very intimidating and difficult to read like this.


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May 19, 2011
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Space it out, and actually upload the previous parts instead of just giving us a link.

Edit: I see you actually have Parts 1-4 on here. You should have just uploaded all the other chapters on the first part.


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Nov 14, 2009
first, i'd like to apologize for intimidating you. I'll be sure to space things out more next time.
second, no offense, but your sig intimidates me. It feels like you're sig is glaring angrily at me.