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Fanfiction ► Organization XIV:The Angel Fighter

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Apr 23, 2005
A woman wake up in Twilight Town and joined the Organization XIII.

Disclaimer:I don't own Kingdom Hearts.
Chapter 1:Lost with no name

It was near the end of summer as the sun shines brightly on the town of Twilight Town. On the brick floor outside of the station laid a figure of a woman.The woman
wore a long white dress.Her long golden blond hair flows in the wind as she wakes in
a haze and looks at her surroundings with jade eyes.

Where am I?

She lifts herself off the ground then dusts off her dress.She then looks back at the town around her.

Do I live here?

The woman wonders around the town until she comes across a clearing which is also
known as the sandlot.

"Hey you!"

The woman turns to face a teenager wearing a long white coat and a black ski hat.
Behind the teenager stand two more figures, a male and a female.The male was muscularly built and wore an orange jersey and a black sweat pant with a red stripe running down on each side. The female had short purple hair and wore a black T-shirt with khaki. The teenager walks up to the blond, “So where did you come from?”

The woman shake her head,"I...don't remember."

"What's your name?"The teen asks.

The blond shakes her head again,"I don't know..."

The teen glared at her."I don't know who you are or where you came from, but it’ll be wise for you to not play stupid with me.”

Just then, another boy enters the Sandlot. This boy also had blond hair and wore a black shirt inscribed with a skull. He also wore a camo pant with matching shoes. He walks over to the two, “Seifer, do you always have to be so mean to people?”

Seifer look towards the boy then back at the blond woman,"But this woman could be
a threat.She must be hiding something since she won't tell me anything."

The woman glared at Seifer,"I told you I don't remember anything!How hard it is to
understand everything I said!"She yelled at him.

Seifer glares at the two with disgust,"Are you aware that you might have let an outsider into the town?"

The boy just gives Seifer a shrug,"Did she say she was an outsider?"

Seifer gives the boy a stern glare before turning his back on him, “Fine. But if she starts any trouble, I’m blaming you guys.” Seifer exits the Sandlot along with his two companions.

The boy goes over to the blond woman,“Sorry about that. Seifer isn’t exactly the welcoming type.” The boy said to her, “Hi, my name’s Hayner. What’s your name?”

“I…” The woman's sentence is put to a halt as two more figures enter the Sandlot.

“Hayner, there you are!” The two runs up to Hayner then looks towards the blond, “Is she new?”The first figure was a boy who wore a red jersey over a white long-sleeve shirt. His blue jeans matches the color of his sneakers and his black hair is held into place by a head band. He looks at the blond, “Hi, I’m Pence.”

The next person to approach the blond was a female with brunet hair. She wore an orange tank top designed with the images of white flowers and also wore khaki. “And my name’s Olette.” The girl stated, “So what’s your name?”

The blond looks to the ground before giving them a slight shake, “I…don’t remember."

“You’re kidding me right? I mean, who can…?” Hayner looks towards the blond to find that her eyes never left the ground, “You weren’t joking were you.” Hayner turns to his two friends, “What should we do? This woman has no memory. Heck…she even forgot her own name!”

“I read about this.” Pence stated, “I think it is called amnesia. It’s when someone suffers from partial or complete loss of memory due to brain injury or shock.”

“That still doesn’t answer my question.” Hayner stated, “What should we do about her?”

“I have an idea!” Olette exclaims, “Why don’t we show her around town?She’s bound to recognize something.”

“That’s a good idea.” Pence replies, “We can also ask around to see if anyone recognizes her.”

They head over to the blond,“How about we show you around town? I’m sure we’ll find something.”

The blond gives him a smile, “You’ll do that for me?”

Hayner mirrors the woman's smile, “Sure.” The three show the woman around the town starting from the Central Station to the Tram Plaza, but they still couldn’t get her to remember and the people they ask don’t seem to recognize her either. After a few hours of searching, they bring the woman to an area they call the Usual Spot. “So what should we do now?” Hayner asks as he sits on top of a box, “Nobody seem to recognize her and she still can’t remember a thing.”

Pence and Olette slump down onto the couch. “Why don’t we try searching the Sunset district?” Olette replies, “If she didn’t come from Twilight Town then maybe she came from the Sunset district.”

“Can we rest for a while?” Pence ask, “We’ve been searching for hours.”

Hayner nods then heads for the exit, “Once you’re done, meet me back at the Central Station.”

The group splits up and went on their separate ways. Still unable to remember anything, the blond decides to take a stroll around the town in order to ease her mind. As she reaches the Tram Plaza,she spots a man setting up a camera, “What are you doing?”

The man turns to look at the blond, “Oh…I’m just trying to take a picture of my shop for the advertisement, but I’m having a problem with the angle.”

The woman heads over towards the camera, “Can I help?” The man nods and the woman start to adjust the camera. After shifting the camera around a couple of times, she manages to get it into the right position, “Got it!”

“Good.” The man gets inside his shop and motions the woman to stand next to the shop, “You helped me so I guess it’s only fair if you get to take a picture as well.” The woman walks to the side of the store and faces forwards as the camera lets out a flash. The man goes over to the camera and takes the photo out of the camera. He then gives the woman the photo, “Here, keep it as reminder and to show my appreciation…” The man walks over to a stack of boxes and starts digging around in the stock and withdraws a silver heart shaped with wings necklace. He hands the necklace to the woman,“Here. Consider yourself as my first customer.”

The woman stares at the necklace for a bit before placing it on her neck, “Thanks." She then heads back to the back alley and makes her way towards the Central Station. They board the train and are taken to the Sunset district. Just like before, they bring the woman to varies locations and ask varies people only to come up with the same result. They head back to the station and ride it back to the town of Twilight Town. They exit the Central Station in time to hear the bells go off from the top of the station’s tower. “Oh no!” Olette exclaims, “I better cook dinner before it hits 7:00.” The group begins to walk away from the station but quickly turns around to find that the blond was still standing in front of the station. Olette turns to the rest of the group, “What should we do about her?My parent won’t allow me to bring a stranger to the house and I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave her in the Usual Spot when it’s cold out.”

“Don’t look at me.” Pence said as he waves his hands in front of him, “My room is full of computers so it’ll be too cramped to fit a guest in.” The group then turns their attention to their leader.

Hayner catches the looks on their faces then lets out a long sigh, “Fine, but she better not bother me.” Hayner grab the woman's hand, “You’re going to stay at my house for the night. My house has a guest room so we can have separate rooms.”

Hayner takes the woman to his house and they are greeted by Hayner’s mother, “Welcome home Hayner. who is this hon?” Hayner leads the woman to the guest room then heads down to explain to his mother, “Look, that woman has completely lost her memory. So I’m letting her stay in the guest room until she regains them.”

His mother nods, “I understand.”

The group heads for the Usual Spot the next morning. “The Struggle Battle Tournament starts tomorrow right? Are you going to enter Hayner?”

Hayner gives the group a nod, “Sure, it’ll be great to enter the tournament for once. Besides, I still want to deal with Seifer.” Their attention turns to the entranceway as the curtain starts to open. The blond enters the area and is greeted the group, “Good morning sleeping beauty.” Hayner gets off the box and walks towards the exit, “I’m going to have a few practice fights with Seifer.”

Olette tries to talk Hayner out of it, “Hayner I don’t think that’s such a…” Hayner was already out the door before she got to finish her sentence.

“Is Hayner in trouble?” The woman asks.

“You can say that.” Pence replies, “If he ticks Seifer off, he’s going to end up with more than a couple of bruises.”

The woman then exits the room, “I’ll make sure he doesn’t.” The woman exits the Usual Spot and heads for the Sandlot where he first met Seifer.

The others let out a sigh as they exit the Usual Spot, “Better make sure those two will be okay.” They rush after the two.

The boy reaches the Sandlot in time to witness Hayner fall to the ground.She rushes over towards him, “Are you okay?”

Seifer looks over at the two then points his plasticclub at the blond, “Hey, you’re that outsider from before. It’s time we settle that fight we never finished.” The woman tries to locate a weapon that she can use, but to no avail.

Hayner wants to help, but was too beaten up to do so. He takes out his plastic sword and hands it to the woman,“Here, it won’t be fair if you fight without a weapon now will it.” The woman nods then grabs the sword before getting into her fighting stance.

Seifer couldn’t help but laugh, “Honestly, do you think you can beat me?” The woman
smirked at him and Seifer glares at him down, “Fine. Let’s get started.”
Rewriting the story to make it better!
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Mar 3, 2006
Rolling papers...
Very good cancept, I like it but you need to do some proof reading next time.Because of a few gramatic errors in places it tends to lose the reader.


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Apr 23, 2005
Thank you DARKNESS-2-LIGHT for helping me setting the beginning story and the
next chapter!
Mixa woke up the following morning,noticing that her cloak was still on."I must've
fallen asleep last night"She stretched and looked at the time.12:23."Geez,I slept
for that long time."

The room door suddenly flew open.Mixa got up off the bed.Standing in the doorway was another Organization member.He had blond hair that resembled a mohawk, and bluish-green eyes.He looked a little younger than everyone else that Mixa had previously met.

"Hey newbie!Xemnas is calling a meeting,c'mon!"He practically screamed this while
walking over to her.

"You don't need to say that so loud, I can hear you perfectly."Mixa said.

"Huh?Oh sorry.I'm sorta in a rush.By the way,the name's Demyx."he said

"I'm Mixa.Hey,what's the meeting about?"

"I dunno.I never pay attention."Demyx said.

Demyx pushed her along quickly to the meeting room.when they entered,Mixa
noticed that every Organization member was sitting in a huge white chair.Demyx
showed her to a seat next to number XIII,Roxas.

"Roxas is our 2nd newest member."Demyx explained.she walked over and sat in the empty seat.

Mixa gazed around the room.Xemnas was at the head at the table,while everyone
else was aligned at the sides.A few of them in particular caught her attention.

The one with flaming red hair was flicking various small objects across the table.
There was another one that looked like he was close to Roxas' age that was
messing around with a brain teaser puzzle.A man close to the head of the table
had long dirty blond hair,and his face was devoid of emotion.

She continued to look around,and then her eyes fell on to a man.He had long
flowing blue hair,an X scar between his eyes and yellow amber eyes.He was also
observing the activites of the others.

Xemnas then began to speak."I'd like to announce the arrival of our new member:
Mixa."All the members stared at her and Mixa noticed that Larxene was glaring
at her.

"She did not come here directly to the castle as all of you did,she was found.
I thank Roxas for taking the responsibility to bring her here."He went on,and Mixa
eventually became severely bored.She tried desperately to entertain herself until
she felt Roxas tap her on the shoulder.

He gestured downwards to a small folded note.Mixa took it and read.

"You wanna go a tour around the castle?"

Mixa looked at Roxas."Sure."she whispered.

"That's great!"Roxas replied.

The meeting dragged on for another good 3 hours,until everyone was finally allowed to back to their day-to-day activities.Both Roxas and Mixa left together
to go on a tour.
"This here is the kitchen if you want to eat."Roxas been showing Mixa the places
around the castle since the meeting.Mixa enjoy the tour with Roxas and wondered
if she could asked him if they can be friends.

"Hey Roxas,can I tell you something?"

"Sure,what is it?"

"I want to thank you for saving me yesterday and I wonder if we could be friends?"
Mixa asked him.

Roxas then smiled at Mixa and nodded.

"Of course,we could be friends!Axel and Demyx will be happy to have you with us."

Mixa screamed yes in her head."So are we gonna meet Axel because I already
met Demyx."

"Yeah he might be in the training room."He said and lead Mixa the way.
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Apr 23, 2005
Here's the next chapter.

Disclaimer:I don't own Kingdom hearts.Only Mixa.

p.s:This an AU in the Kingdom Hearts series.there might be changes with the plot
and characters here.just letting you know.
The heart-shaped moon shine brightly in her room and part of it was dark.

were those pair of yellows eyes watching her?

Mixa then throw something at the yellow eyes and they disappeared.she rolled over in her bed and pulled the covers up to her chin.

At least she feel safe in her bed and so she closed her eyes.

But something didn't feel right.In the half dark,she felt the bed swift and something warm behind her,along with the touch of a hand run across her side
and holding her on the waist.

Mixa suddenly realized that she wasn't alone in the room.she turned around slowly face to face with what might be called a moon creature,so exotic was he.
His long blue hair accentuated his harsh facial features and a pale skintone.A pair
of scars crisscrossed on his forehead,and he was purring.

"hello..."he said and Mixa eyes widened.

she know who this man was.Roxas told her while on the tour to be careful of an
Organization member named Saix that he is really crazy unless you stay on his good side and likes to stare at the moon.

"you're Saix."He smiled and keep on purring.

"I see Roxas told you about me."Mixa nodded."I be following you after the meeting."

"You were following me?why?"

Saix lips were close to her ear and felt his warm breath."you have both the beauty
and the beast within you."

And just like that,he disappeared leaving Mixa alone in her room.
It was 7:00 am and Mixa was half-asleep in her bed.There was a knock on her door and she awoke from last strange meeting.

She rush to the door to see Roxas standing there.

"Goodmorning Mixa,how your sleep?

"um...I slept well."

"That's good and we could go training together in the gym.

"training?what for."she asked him.

"To fight of course!"


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Apr 23, 2005
Here's the next chapter.

Disclaimer:I don't own Kingdom Hearts.only Mixa.
"Mixa,are you ready to begin training?"Roxas' voice speak through the mike inside
the control room.While Mixa stand alone in the darkness of the training room.

"yeah let's begin."Roxas noddend and press some bottoms to start the training.
The darkness in the room disappeared then find herself in a desert.she look
around the wasteland to see anything there.

"Mixa,you there."Roxas called out."Yeah I am!"

"Okay I just transport you to a world full of dinosaurs.You are to fight some here
in order to summoned your weapon and element in battle.Also if you are uable
to continued to fight,just yelled out for me to stop."Roxas explained her the

"But Roxas,how I suppossed to summon my weapon or element?"

"Just concentrate on your enegry and mind together when you are in a battle."
Roxas broke off the mike.
She been wandering in the wasteland for one hour and there's no sign of life
anywhere.The heatwave from the sun was cooking her alive.

"Oh man,where the hell are those dinosaurs?!I'm getting very hot."she wiped
some of her sweat off on her face.

Then shouts of roar soon came when group of meat eaters spotted Mixa alone,
then charge towards her with hunger in their eyes.Mixa quickly goes in a battle stance.

"Okay remember what Roxas had said.Just concentrate on your mind and enegry
together in battle."Before she could fight, one of them jump on top of her by bitting on the leg.

She scream in pain,punching it in the eye but another came bitting her arm.The
others came(There are 5 of them)ripping her coat off and screaming for Roxas
to stop.
Roxas saw the readings of Mixa going high meaning she is danger.

"Hold on Mixa!"he screamed pressing the bottoms to shut down before he about
to shutdown the compter.something from behind hit Roxas hard in the head and
fall to the floor,outcold.

"Sorry Roxas but I'm want to see Mixa's true power."

Saix stand emtioness watching Mixa in the scene.
I hope this rewrite in the chapter is much better than the old one.

good night!
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Jun 23, 2005
I didn't read all of it, because there are some things that REALLY need fixing.

Please put spaces after your punctuation. Two spaces after a period, and one space after a comma. Quotation marks, too. There's space after 'em. You lack description, and it's hard to read this way.

Also, the chapters are very short. That's not really cool. Still, I put you above the script-style writers. And your writing is getting better.


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Apr 23, 2005
um..thanks guys for kind comments.I never knew I'm script-style writer...XP

I'm sorry about the lack of description and making others hard to read.I will make
better if I can.

I'll try to make chapters longer and better too.
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