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Necessary Death

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Dec 22, 2010
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Gokai Galleon
A simple challenge to anyone interested. :D

One-on-one preferably, though i'm flexible.

I'm thinking......A semi JRPG-like swords/magic setting?

"A vengeful god has captured two high-profile fighters from two different lands, and plunged them into it's heinous Negative Dimension. The entity has control over the life and death of all within it's realm. The entity forces a sadistic choice unto it's captives. A battle to the death. The winner receives freedom. The loser will succumb to the darkness and find naught but their end.....Or worse, enslavement of their soul to the Entity, who plans to invade the lands above. Different lands; different philosophies. Will the battle end in tragedy? Or will fate swing in their favor?"

Simple and campy, I know....But I generally don't post here often, so better to make it simple than stupidly complex.

Rules: The KHI standards. Everyone knows these already.

I'll wait until someone joins before I post my own temp.

Just a basic guideline:

Name: Self-Explanatory
Age: Self-explanatory. Preferably older than 14.
Personality: Good or evil? Bane of all existence or a paragon of justice? Perhaps you walk in between, or don't even apply.
Weapon: Self-explanatory. Exaggeration and suspension of disbelief is fine. Specs optional.
Fighting Style: Just an outline. If your character's a Magic-caster for example, just explain what types of spells they have.
Desperation Limit: A "Last Resort" attack if you will. Optional.
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Hazen Gregory

doWnloAd ProgoNOSKES 99% cOMplETeD
May 10, 2006
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Ta'avy Absolixe Seru(Goes by Tav or Absol)
[Tavey Absoulicks Sair-u]

The Ascended One


Orsanite/Sha'ren(absorbed second race)

A heavenly man

Tav seems to be a person of monumental thoughts, and even larger persona. He speaks his mind most bluntly, not at all caring for the effects of what he might say, or how his actions tend to affect people. A man of intense demeanor and particular disposition, Tav isn't the kind of person to argue or even really get upset. It isn't to say Tav is an emotionless person, merely that over the span of six thousand plus years he has seen a lot and learned even more about the personalities of all three races, including himself. A natural shrewdness has driven Tav to become a person that easily manipulates emotion and feeds into the experiences and emotions of others, using his expertise to influence situations in a way that completely moralize a fallen army, or take the very valor out from the hearts of a mass group of individuals.

He can be rather biased, choosing to believe in legacy and legends above all else, having been the leader of the Ultra Rose Council, Tav has no reason to listen to other individuals beliefs about anything as he literally has upheld life on the planet for countless years. He doesn't really show mercy towards anybody at any given time, unless something larger than life miraculously changes his disposition, which to say the least is more than rare, because he tends to ignore everything. Not only does it seem that his heart is harder than a gigaton of diamonds. The sustained youth of this man ends up causing even more mayhem in combination with his wisdom. Ta'avy is massively intelligent, which has also made his use of magic ridiculous. His thoughts alone can rattle the minds of others.

Tav has an air of massive amusement and nonchalance that get to a lot of people just from the brashness of how he can be. As situations occur his constant smile and amused expressions often bewilder people. Sarcasm is another part of Tav's persona that is a part of what can define him to a tee and on top of that its extremely rare for him not to make some type of uncensored comment, even when the situation doesn't even call for it. The intensity of these traits make the ex Ultra Rose Council leader quite the interesting man.

Having creamy mocha colored skin, Ta'avy stands at 5’6 and has a moderate body build. Overlaying his skin is a pinkish hue that seems to be part of Tav's actual skin itself. His body is visibly perfectly proportioned, and though he is rarely seen actually standing on the ground, his posture is very graceful and defined. Tav is a man that has a very youthful appearance. Though he is nearly seven thousand years of age, there isn't a single wrinkle upon his flesh and he has the body of a teenager. Nearly all of Tav's body is marked with a symbolic pattern that he claims to be the rites of creation. In addition to these features, Ta'avy also has a pair of fairy wings that he can materialize at will.

Tav's eyes are a a deep purple, shining with an intense flare that easily give the impression of looking into a pool of everlasting tantra being. His arched eyebrows are at an angle that could be considered more than excessive. Tav has a small nose that is pointed like that of a witch's might be, but overall Ta'avy could be considered an attractive individual. Him wearing a constant smile also gives him a boost in appearance. His hair is a glowing short cropped do that is a bright blue vibrancy that gives off further specs of color at random intervals. From his neck down the visible part of his exposed lithe upper body, but there is certainly no extensive show of body mass or unneeded muscle mass.

On his left arm, Ta'avy adorns a grafted arm, and shoulder guard that appears to made out some unknown living metal as it moves with his arm, and bends as would it were flesh. It is an off grey-gold shade of coloring and extends from his shoulder to cover part of his left pectoral, with runic markings of gold light. Moving down the arm it has patches and areas of alternating white, pumpernickel , and pink, that stop at the left hand which glows pink. A flickering ribbon like band of material moves and weaves around and up his arms, going behind his back before twisting around his right arm, where the hand glows red.

Covering the navel, there is a waist guard that circles around Ta'avy having flowing seamless cloth that makes a loincloth to cover his nether regions and part of his backside, most of the cheeks on each side are exposed and they are a sight to behold. A plump backside is literally a feature that through his entire time as leader of the council that Ta'avy has never lost. Pride in such a voluptuous rear end gives Tav even more prerogative to upkeep the tantalizing globes of flesh that hang out for others to see. Red ribbons are attached to each side of the waist guard as well. Leg guards like the one on his arms cover his legs, though the right one has no coloring and only runs down to slightly above the knee, leaving his leg bare after wards.

Soul Calibur Eternity <----click
The sensuality of power in Ta'avy's left hand. It is the manifested pink hue that radiates the purest possible act of what is into and out of Ta'avy. This hand can form both a physical and spectral blade, the mere size of the weapon alone can make it a difficult weapon to defend against. Ta'avy's use of the blade is phenomenal, he can switch back and forth between the blade formats easily and also focus psionic energy throughout the blade. The crystal core holds energy within it, enough in fact to cause magic to rush from the blade as detachable crystals that can chase and swarm foes with various psychic adaptations. The force is so pure that the spells developed and cast can be devastating.

Fighting Style/Element:
Mkuu Msaidizi(Superior Scion)
Within Absol's mind is a micro white hole that spews forth soul matter and energy among other materials, which the Ascended One uses to manifest telekinetic force of the purest kind. He is unable to perform most complex feats such as advanced matter manipulation such as transmutation of matter or subatomic manipulation but that is replaced by raw force. Absol's telekinetic prowess can prove devastating, the potency he creates can cause matter to shatter, disintegrate and explode from coming into contact with white soul matter. He can both push and pull at physical, spiritual and magical material using his telekinesis. In fact Abcan create concentrated forms of psychic energy to disperse over a wider area to do immense amounts of collateral damage. The power scale of this ability can become colossal given years of practice and the mixture of incarnum force within the energy/magical output generated by Absol. The remote manipulation of Absol's mind even allows him to progressively manipulate matter over longer distances. He is also skilled in manipulating a multitude of objects simultaneously with great focus. For instance Ta'avy could open 20 safes at the same time.

Soul Floating
Having this ability hasn't actually allowed Ta'avy to literally manipulate or control gravity to produce outside effects toward others, but it has given him the outstanding ability to alter or resist the forces that gravity have on both his own physical/spiritual body and the likeness of any non-biological object he is touching.

Desperation Limit:
Nephalem- "And, alas, we are of our fathers and mothers, alike and yet opposite, one decay and the other light. Indeed, the union of angel and demon created a third essence. And we are those children. We are the nephalem. We exist as half angel and half demon, yet fully a new entity. And because of our lineage, they loved us. And because of our difference, they feared us. Within the trembling balance between love and fear is the relation of us to our fathers and mothers.

The day of the nephalem is, as they say, long over. One by one, we all ceased to be. I am the only true Nephalem left. The future is what is important to me now"

Mythical Transformation Appearance: <----click

Toned this template down from a much more advanced version of it. If you so desire I'll lesson any abilities included inside the template further. This just looked like fun :3
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