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Nov 30, 2014
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1.) There will be two Mafiosi, one Detective, and one Guardian Angel. The rest of the players are simply Citizens.

2.) The Mafiosi, the Detective and the Angel will get a PM, Citizens won't.

1. Round: Murder on a Kingdom Hearts Character

The 2 Mafiosi will write a murder text in which they kill a Kingdom Hearts Character and send said text to me as a PM. The text must contain a hidden clue to one of the two Mafiosi.

Here are two examples:

USER A said:
At 15 o'clock the Mafioso was preparing for the perfect murder.
One hour later he was on his way to the victim's home.
Another hour passes, he finally arrives there and kills him brutally.
When the police arrived at 80 o'clock, he already had disappeared.
The hidden clue here is, that USER A is very active in the "Full Hour"-Thread.

USER B said:
"I never liked rabbits", the Mafioso said as he stabbed Chr.
"Your name will always be under mine, Chrdrenkmann."

Happily, the murderer left.
This text is from a User named Badu. The clue is in the second sentence - Badu's nickname starts with B, Chrdrenkmann's with C.
That's why his name is always under Badu's.

The text will only be written by ONE of the Mafiosi per round, and the note/clue refers to exactly this author.
Of course, it'd be best if they would switch every round, but they can decide about that.

4.) As soon as the text gets posted, all the players discuss who could be one of the Mafiosi. Each player has to appoint a person to be lynched
The Mafiosi will also discuss with the others, appoint a person and should try not to blow up their cover.

5.) The person with the most votes will by lynched.
I will tell the others, what kind of player they were (citizen, detective, etc.)

2. Round/3. Round/etc.: Murder on Players

6.) Before the next murder happens, the Detective is allowed each round to ask me what kind of role a certain player has. That way, the Detective can find out if someone is a Mafioso, Guardian Angel, or a Citizen.
Of course, he must reveal nothing and must try to steer the other players on the right track.

7.) Now it's the Angel's turn and can protect one of the participants.
The Angel does not know what kind they are, but can (out of luck) protect a member that was actually supposed to die the same round.

8.) Now it's the Mafiosi's turn (if they're alive) and must write a text in which one of the participants gets killed by them. Again, there must be a hint towards the author.

9.) After everything's been posted, the discussions kick in again, where the Survivors must vote about which player should be lynched.

10.) The game ends as soon as both Mafiosi have been lynched OR less than half of the players that are not Mafiosi are alive. Simple Math:
Let's say there are 12 players. 2 of them are Mafiosi, so 10 are Citizens. Should there be less than 5 people alive, the Mafiosi will win.
At the end, I will reveal all clues.

I hope I was able to explain this shit, if you have questions, please ask! :)