Minigame guides?



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Mar 29, 2014
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I'm having some troubles with the minigames like many. Does anyone know good tips or guides for them? I'll list the ones I have trouble with down below, along with the reason why I have problems.

Ice Cream Beat. Obviously, just like anyone else I just don't get the timing right. Not much to say about it I suppose. But so far I know there's not a real trick to it either, unless someone knows something?

Disney Town Unversed. It's mainly the auto-aim that messes me up. I get close to the (what I think is) correct one and attack, but before the hit lands the auto aim switches to a different Ringer. I've lost my target and more or less the game.

Deep Space Unversed. I have no problem in getting the majority of the orbs. Just to get 90-100 of them is a problem. The Goo picks up its own orbs faster than I can get near it. I intentionally keep my distance as to not lose any myself. Seems my strategy is flawed.

Also I read that you need to complete certain parts of every characters story to unlock Arena Missions? So far I've only played through Ventus and want to 100% his Journal as far as possible (I know Vanitas and YX aren't available yet) before I move on. I've never actually noticed this in the psp version though, could be my memory forgetting it. But I assume it's true?

And I completely forgot how you got Pete's D-Link. I thought it was through either the Racing, Ice Cream or Fruitball minigames?

Is there also another way to get the Break Time command easily? I didn't notice it was actually needed for a trophy until I already melded it away... oops.