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Fanfiction ► Lost Hearts

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May 13, 2007
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nice chapter!!
and i didnt mean it like that acein12 lol - i just cant wait for all of the remaining chapters until the end - then i'll be sad lol, but luckily u'll make another story and hopefully put it on this site!
keep up the good work


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May 8, 2006
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Chapter 33:

Haven't done this in a while

“Happy birthday Range!” Lilla nearly screamed.

“Dahh!” Range yelled, his concentration, broken and his stature slouched. Regaining his posture he asked. “How did you remember my birthday, when I didn’t even think about my birthday?”

“Its helps to keep track of the little civilization we have left. Think about it, ever sense we left the islands things haven’t been the same at all.” Lilla began to explain.

“Its not exactly like we weren’t like this before.” Roas broke in to their conversation. “I mean think about it. Your parents don’t care what you do, Range lives with his brother and my parents aren’t home 98% percent of the time. Last time they saw me they thought I was a intruder.”

“Well you did intrude on their conversation.” An unknown voice said, Roas and Lilla quickly turned back to see a slightly familiar figure. “Surprised to see me?”

“What’re you doing here?” Roas asked.

“Whoa, calm down.” Axasi said as she slowly trotted towards them. She petted Roas on the head; Roas promptly smacked her arm off his head. “Fine, be like that.” Axasi said, folding her arms. “What wrong with your friend?” Axasi pointed at Range.

“What? Meh, reminiscing. What is it to you?” Range replied, turning to look at her, straitening his posture.

“Oh nothing.” Axasi confirmed, walking past Roas; pushing him back on the way; as she shift closer to Range. Axasi out her arm on his shoulder. “Listen, the past is done; worrying about it won’t do you any good. Only the future can be altered, think for the now, instead of the then, and you’ll lead a good life.” Axasi ended, walking past Range and through the street.

The comment had given Range hope. “C’mon, let’s go.” Range started, having hope once again.

The street was like one you’d probably see in Aladdin, like a market street, but only people pasted through here. There was no corruption, no poverty here. Everyone was equal. Seemed odd. Range, Lilla, and Roas had decided to check this gigantic coliseum in which the market street surrounded. The world was composed of three layers. The outermost layer was where the people lived. The mid layers where they were, the market area. And the inner layer, where the coliseum was. People seemed to live within it as well.

“You know.” Lilla started “We’ve been away from our homes for so long. But we still have no idea what we’re fighting. I sometimes wonder if there’s anything out there that we are fighting.”

“Well there obviously something out there. All these things never would have happened otherwise.” Roas replied.

“Yeah, I guess I just miss my parents.” Lilla nodded.

“Lucky you.” Range, headed off.

“Oh…sorry.” Lilla mumbled feeling terrible. Range had never known his parents, and by his knowledge, they were still alive.

“It’s okay.” Range said looking up, he looked over. “Hey, the coliseum seems to be open now. Let’s see if we can get in.” Range walked toward the humongous walls that proceeded along the mid city’s boundaries. No one seemed to blocking the way in, they walked in. Not for a minute did let their guard down. The halls were dark, and it wasn’t very clear whether there were any lights that could be lit within. Seemed no one was inside. Lilla and Roas walked on and back onto the streets. But Range has a strange feeling. Lilla and Roas turned back but before they could say any thing he waved them off.

“Maybe he just needs to be alone; the place seems pretty desolate.” Roas suggested.

“I guess so.” Lilla muttered.

“We could be nosy and see if that’s really why he needs to be alone. But then we’d be bad friends.” Roas noted as he pointed over to a small shop. “No use thinking about it, its about noon, we should eat before we regret it later.”

Lilla brightened up and walked with Roas. Range, quietly walked through the hall, it was almost impossible to see but, fire magic would take are of that as he stepped through foyer. The fire he suspended in his hand stayed as calm as him. But then, as Range stepped down, before his foot could reach the ground he heard a small squeak. The flame suspended in his arm flared, Range crushed it as he turned back with a chop.

“Nice one….” Axasi said as she calmly stopped it with her hand. “You’re as sharp as tack Range.”

“How do you know my name?” Range asked, straitening his tensed position.

“Why wouldn’t I? I am your girlfriend.” Axasi joked.

“Don’t play with me.” Range demanded.

“What? You don’t remember me?” Axasi continued.

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Apr 22, 2006
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:mad: Who is that girl proclaiming to be Range's girlfriend? She better not try to hurt him or she'll answer to me - oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANGE! ^0^

X3 Ah the suspense, Angels is right, it keeps people wanting to know more...like me >:D
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