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Fanfiction ► Let's go to school! (Sora/Kairi,Namine/Riku,Squall/Yuffie,Cloud/Aerith)

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Nov 18, 2006
*sigh* I really wish IBW would post the last chapter even though i don't want it to be over. We should start a riot on school!


Nov 17, 2005
Chapter 25: Finale

So…everything was back to normal. No more fights, no more confessions…

“It’s so boring!!” Namine said.

“Yeah!” Kairi agreed.

“Why don’t you have some candy?” Yuffie suggested, holding out two lollipops invitingly towards Namine and Kairi.

Namine and Kairi looked at it. Yuffie started shoving the lollipops towards them, and then they took the candy and popped it into their mouths.

“Yeah, that helps.” Kairi said.

“So true.” Namine said.

“You see? If you guys had just listened to me and joined me in having tons of candy and going against Cloud and Leon’s ‘no candy’ rule, you wouldn’t be bored right now.” Yuffie said.

“Kairi…?” Sora called from somewhere.

“Kairi’s not here. Kairi’s here.” Namine said.

“That does not make any sense, Namine.” Sora said, coming into the empty classroom that only the three girls occupied.

“Namine’s not here, Namine’s here.” Kairi said.

“What?” Sora asked. “What’s wrong with you…” He said, until he saw the candy in their mouths. “Right. Yuffie’s special candies.” He muttered.

“Sora, you’re taking quite some time.” A voice like Leon’s was heard.

He came into the room, and looked at all three girls. He sighed. “Oh no.”

“They got candytitis!” Sora said.

“I can see that.” Leon said sarcastically.

“You know, you should just try these.” Yuffie said, showing the candy to Leon and Sora.

Sora looked at it, and just like Kairi, he was tempted. He slowly reached for the candy…

“Sora, don’t touch it. You need to help ME help THEM.” Leon said.

Sora stared at the candy, and Yuffie started moving it left and right and Sora’s eyes followed the candy.

“Sora, please. I can’t call Cloud because he’d probably be an idiot.” Leon said jokingly.

Sora then snapped out of the candy trance. “Right, sorry.” He said, grinning.

“Yeah, now let’s get them out of here.” Leon said, grabbing Yuffie.

Sora grabbed Kairi.

“Hey, who’s gonna hold me?” Namine asked the two guys.

“Fear not, my lady! The great, great, great Riku is here!” Riku shouted through the doorway.

“Yayness! Let’s go!” She said.

Namine held out her hands towards Riku.

Imagine a field of flowers and Namine on one side and Riku on the other.

Except Namine won’t run. Riku would. All the way.

After what seemed like 1 hour (with the slow-mo) when it was only 3 minutes (without the slow-mo), he grabbed her hand and followed the rest towards the cafeteria.

There, in the cafeteria, sat Cloud and Aerith in their usual place. There was a radio as well, and the current song playing was ‘Fergalicious’.

I’m the F to the E, R, G the I the E, and can no other lady put it down like me…” Cloud sang.

Aerith was half sleeping, and she wasn’t paying attention to what Cloud was doing.

But Leon, Sora, Riku, Yuffie, Kairi and Namine did.

Then Cloud turned to meet them. His eyes widened.

Then all of them burst out laughing. “Cloud! Hahaha!!” Sora and Riku shouted.

“I didn’t burn the chicken!” Aerith shouted as she woke up startled. Then she looked around. “What happened?”

Everyone laughed even harder. “Cloud was singing to Fergalicious!” Yuffie said, crying out of laughter.

“He sounded almost like her, with that girly voice!” Kairi said, and Namine could not even say a word because she was laughing too hard.

Cloud’s jaw dropped onto the table, and Aerith was looking at him with a surprised look on her face.

Sora and Riku were rolling on the ground laughing, and banged their heads together in the process.

Even Leon had to stifle his laughter.

Cloud started crying waterfalls. “What’s wrong with singing to Fergalicious? It’s a good song!” He said.

Then the laughter subsided. “True, it’s a good song.” Sora said.

Riku and Namine nodded. “But maybe we should leave singing these songs to girls, since they sound like girls.” Riku said.

“You mean Fergie, because she might be the only one who could sing that.” Kairi said.

Everyone settled down after a few seconds and they all got some stuff to eat. After they ate, they were talking.

Until Aerith took a spoon and tapped it on her juice can. “Everyone, attention please. Important meeting is about to commence.” She said clearly.

Everyone looked at her. “What…” Sora started, but was cut off by Cloud.

“Hush, Sora. My lady is going to talk.” He said politely.

Riku and Sora stifled their laughter, and Kairi and Namine nudged them to shut up.

“Ok, now, all of you, including me, know that in three months this will be Leon’s last time in school.” Aerith said.

Leon sighed. “Not again.” He muttered.

Yuffie sniffed. “I think I’m gonna cry.” She said tearfully.

Leon rolled his eyes. “You know, it’s nothing…”

“Hush! My lady is still talking.” Cloud interrupted.

Leon rolled his eyes again.

“And, we may never see him again! So, we’re going to throw a party. Everyone we know in school,” Aerith said, taking a deep breath, “will be coming.” She said.

(A/N: That means everyone we know that have appeared in this fanfic. Right from the start. I hope I don’t miss out anyone.)

“Wow cool!” Sora said.

“That’s gonna be one heck of a party.” Riku said.

“And, I’m making all the food! Isn’t that great!” Aerith said.

“Hell yeah!” Everyone shouted, excluding Leon.

“Look, the thing’s going to be at the end of the year, which is 4 months away. We can think about it later.” Leon said.

Yuffie sniffed. “Leon’s just…trying to act happy because the truth is he’s sad.” She said.

Leon rolled his eyes, and then winced when Yuffie nudged him hard on his arm.

“Quit hiding it. Just let it out, like me.” Yuffie said.

“I’m not even hiding anything!” Leon said.

“Look Leon, we know you’re sad and all, just calm down…we’ll still stay in touch you know?” Riku said.

“Yeah, we can always go have café meet-ups like we always do on Saturday, right?” Namine asked.

“Yeah, and we can have spars and eat pizza, and eat…chocolates…” Sora said, counting all those things on his fingers.

“Hey guys, can we…go already? The bell just rang.” Kairi said.

“Oh fish! I got math with Mr. Inkleburg!” Sora said, jumping up and running to class, but not before giving a kiss on Kairi’s cheek.

Kairi giggled. “I have to go too, I have English.” She said, and walked off.

“Me got Science…with Aerith! Come on!” Cloud said.

“Heheh…he’s always hoping to become my lab partner, but the science teacher never picks him to be my lab partner.” Aerith said, waving and giggling.

“I’m going to old man Cid’s class. See ya later, Squall!” Yuffie said, grinning and waving a bye to Leon.

Leon sighed. “I have free class.” He said to no one in particular.

“So do I.” Said someone from behind him.

Leon turned around, alert. Then he saw a bored Zexion behind him. And Zexion was wearing a black outfit. (Organization XIII Outfit.)

“What the heck are you wearing?” Leon asked.

“This…this is my Organization XIII outfit. Pretty cool, huh.” He replied, though he didn’t really say the ‘Pretty cool, huh.’ Part enthusiastically.

“Shouldn’t you be with Larxene?” Leon asked.

“She has class. She was supposed to be skipping class with me, but a teacher spotted us.” Zexion said.

“Oh.” Said Leon.

Then, silence followed.

“Did you know that in every moment of silence, a gay baby is born?” Zexion said.

“What?” Leon asked, shocked.
Skip, skip, skip. Many years later…I think.

So some years later, Leon’s out of school, and so are Aerith and Cloud. Yuffie’s in her last year, and so are Sora, Riku, Namine and Kairi.

What happy years it will be…

“WHAT? Aerith’s PREGNANT?” Asked Yuffie, astonished.

“Duh. It means I’m gonna be a father.” Cloud said, as if though it’s such an obvious thing in the world and there’s nothing to be worried about.

“You guys are still studying! How did Aerith get pregnant?!” Yuffie shouted.

“We’re in our last year Yuffie. Leon’s working and he’s getting married.” Aerith said.

Yuffie looked down. “Yeah…but…”

“He’s getting married to you, for god’s sake!” Cloud said. “Oh, by the way, I can’t believe you don’t remember how babies are made. You know, when the guy and the girl get in bed together...” He started.


“So Sora, Kairi, Riku and Namine are coming here soon, they’re gonna be celebrating, and Leon’s coming as well, obviously.” Aerith said.

“And let me guess. You’re gonna cook the food.” Said Yuffie.

“Yeah! Isn’t that great?” Aerith said.

“You always cook the food, Aerith. What difference does it make?” Yuffie asked.

“The difference is…I’m cooking for a party!!” Aerith said enthusiastically.

“Right…” Yuffie said, looking at Aerith weird. “Ok, ok. Cook great food!!” She shouted as she went to her room.

“Hey Aerith,” Cloud said.

“Yeah?” She answered.

“I can’t believe Yuffie forgot how to make babies.”

“I’m sure she actually remembers.”

“Oh. Yeah, you got a point, she has to make some with Leon anyway.”
Author’s Notes: Yeah, that’s the final chapter. I’ll make a sequel someday. This chapter sucks. Yes, I know that. Lately I’m busy, and everyone’s waiting for the chapter, so I decided to stop it here. Send me all the flames you want, I don’t really care right now.

R&R. And wait for my sequel.


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Jan 4, 2006
I died
you are right this isn't the best chapter i read, it pretty much sucks, please let the next chapter be good (Prays to god)
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