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Legion Rising. (A literate rp)

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Time In Perspective
Oct 10, 2004
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the Land of Nod
It was over 80 years ago when the world became aware of the Powers. The Powers, that was that name given to people that possessed abilities beyond those of normal men and women. In the six months leading up to the Armistice that would bring an end to World War I powers came to the scene. The war was nearly over and it was clear who would win, so the arrival of the Powers didn’t make much difference. It wasn’t until almost twenty years later during the time that Hitler lead his Nazi regime in a campaign of evil across the world that the Powers got to make their mark on the world. By bringing a quick and decisive to the Allied forces the Powers cemented themselves in the public eye as heroes.

Since then Powers from all across the world have become heroes, combating evil wherever and whenever it threatened the lives of innocent people. Of course the Powers were still human, and like all humans not every Power was predisposed towards righteousness. Over the years more than a few Powers have gone bad.

The worst of them reign chaos across entire cities before they could be stopped. Over time these ‘Dark Powers’ began to realize that alone they couldn’t defeat the heroes. From this realization came an insidious plan.

In the year 1997 a force of eleven hundred Dark Powers led a campaign across the Eastern seaboard of the United States of America. Twelve cities including Manhattan, Boston, Washington, and Baltimore were decimated and captured before anyone could raise a finger to stop it.

During this time the Legion, the world’s premiere super team, was dealing with the betrayal of its chairman, the Neo Man. The most powerful hero in the world had turned on his team. Setting off an anti-matter bomb within Legion Headquarters, killing half the team, and throwing the survivors into disarray.

In less than 48 hours Neo Man and his army of Dark Powers had destroyed the Legion and taken over half the continental United States. The surviving members of the Legion assembled every available Power and launched a full scale war against Neo Man’s forces. History says the Legion was victorious that day…Any witness to the events of that day would tell you the truth. The Legion took the cities back, yes, but the cost…The cost was the lives of four hundred and thirty seven heroes and over nine hundred Dark Powers.

No body won that day, one side ran out of lives to throw away. Since then the Powers have been regarded with hatred by the public. No one wanted a repeat of what happened. So in early 1998 the American government passed the Anti-Powers Bill. The bill forced all Powers to register their legal names and abilities with a government agency; it also made it unlawful for any Power to actively use their abilities in a public place without government sanction. Since nearly every hero has gone inactive.

Now in the year 2006, the world has started to miss its heroes. Dark Powers are starting to reemerge in greater numbers, but no heroes have been around to keep them in check. The need for order has led to a government sanctioned super team. Christened Legion V, this new team is fully funded and supported by the government of the United States with the sole purpose of maintaining order in the world. Recruitment starts today…

The Rules

1. Have Fun and tell the best story you can.
2. No god moding or power playing.
3. Be good to your fellow rpers.
4. Be unique with your character.
5. Add some rules I may have forgot, use common sense. Lol



Code Name:
Bio: (You can be either a former Power or a new Power. You can also be a villain, but I won't be needing villains for the first part of the story line.)
Equipment: (If any)

I'll post my template later.


A Legend Returned
May 14, 2005
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In a place where your worst nightmares are real
Figured i might aswell give you a hand Morpheaus

Code Name: Pre-empt
Name: James Ashcroft

Personality: James is a very quiet person. he has never really spoken much when around others, feeling that actions always speak louder then words, however he will speak up if something is needed to be said. James also has a strong belief over good and evil, believing the former must prevail, and so he can get extremly determined to stop evil whatever the need and no matter how long it takes.

Appearance: http://www.mindeclipse.com/batmanbeyond/char/pics/ter03.jpg
Uniform: James wears an all black uniform, with holsters for his guns on his back. His arms and boots are white and so are the holster straps. he also wears a white belt which contains various other gadgets he might need in the field.

Bio: James was born in England, under two loving parents. He was brought up like any normal child in his town, loved and cared, while learning the difference between right and wrong. As he grew up though his powers started to become active. First they only started to manifest in his dreams, showing James what would happen the next day at school, and James was shocked when it happened more then once.

As he turned 14 his powers seemed to develop further and he could see into the future when he was awake. However it was around this time when his powers started to get him into trouble aswell. One day he attempted to stop a school bully from hurting a girl he liked. his powers helped to beat the bully in a fight, but he was expelled soon after, teachers believing that he started it. This prompted his parents to argue. His father didn't want to be associated with a bully and so left.

The next night he had another premonision of the future and believing it he convinced his mother to go after his father, only to be left all alone. As his mother left the house she was run over by a car. James had never seen the car incident in his dream and realised that trying to change the future would only make things worse, a lesson he learnt too late.

Now he had no mother, his fathe had left him and he had nowhere to go. that was until his grandmothe took him in. Flying to America he stayed with his Grandma who learned about his power. She immedietly told him about the story of the Powers aold him that he should never let his power be known to the public. Taking his randmothers words to heart he vowed never to tel anyone about his dreams and visions again, not speaking unless it was absolutely nescessary.

Abilties/Skills: James was born with the incredible skill of being able to see into the future. This helps him greatly as he can predict what an opponent is going to do and pre-empt an attack. James can also go as far as to seeing what will happen i a few yers time, however this causes a great strain on his body. Physically James is as fit as a man in his own age, however james has increased reactions and reflexes then a normal person.
Equipment: James carries two twin laser guns, which he calls Dusk and Dawn. They both fire non lethal laser bolts which can knock a man unconcious. Also in his belt he carries various gadgets from picklocks and flashbang grenades to smokebombs and grapples.
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