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In these lands

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Nov 13, 2010
My secret lair, the COMMON SENSE base of justice,
(don't know if this is considered fan fiction or not but here goes, I also need names for a tittle other than "In these lands", Also in first person)

Chapter 1: Meeting Crice and learning about myself.
I opened my light green eyes and awoke from where I was sleeping, a hospital bed, Damn it. I looked at my cloths, they were very torn and destroyed. My shirt was covered by a red and black poncho, the sleeves ripped into four crescent like shapes on both sides. I wore a pad of belts underneath, not torn at all. My pants were torn into many crescent like shapes going down to my bare feet. My head covered with blue hair that fell down to my shoulders. Who was I?

"Oh my, Ms. Takioiki, your awake" A nurse said from my view, I could only see her head and pink top uniform. How pitiful for them to make these outfits pink and make them make a fool of themselves. So my name was Takioiki, oh great.

"Well Monster killer, finally up from your coma, town needs you" A voice said from the hall, a brown haired boy entered the room I was in. He wore glasses on his beautiful blue eyes. He also wore a plaid striped dark brown and brown stripes. He also wore dark black pants that connected to his brown shoes.

"Huh" I said

"Ah, don't remember eh', well now i have your shoes and your sword in the closet on the right" He said, "By the way, my name is Crice Princc, one of your best friends" and with that he went out of the room. I went to the closet on the right and their was a pair of shoes, dripped in blood and stained for what looks like 4 years. I put them on and grabbed the sword and also found a case and walked out of hospital. Crice was standing right in front of the doors looking right at me.

"Finally took you this long, so shall i teach you how to kill monsters with your sword "Crice said, taking my hand and walking towards the forest. It was very large and vast, many bug like monsters swarmed the areas.

"Today you will kill one and re-learn your techniques with me helping, now charge up to one of them" Said Crice

"I'm not sure that i can do this"

"Of course you can, that's why you wear belts, come on"


I ran forward and touched on them, it hissed and two more came and hissed.

I saw myself facing one of them, with the sword placed on my shoulder and Crice with a bow and arrow in his right hand, what the hell is going on.
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