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Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

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Nov 5, 2007
Rona@ its dance practice ^^;;;;;

Zelfar@ awesome chapter!! (just got to a cyber cafe to log in ^^;;; monitor still in ashes)and ure filipino? if u are im one too ^^

you're Filipino?
if you are.....what is the capital of the philippines?

N0thing:so, is cueshe popular in Phillipines ?
reply: yep!


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Nov 5, 2007
zelfar: cueshe is still popular? wow, im not so keen on music news sorry ^^;;;; and its manila... and woot, monitor revived and ready for action lol

you're correct it is manila!
i never thought i would see a filipino here,whew!
and Rona is a filipina living in Singapore
and i'll continue the story later


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Nov 5, 2007
I'm gonna reveal the name C____a now, since no one's answering

Ep.4-Nightmare Chapter 4/4-Trying it out

" What is...happening?,' Rika asked himself, he was glowing, after that some armor
grew on his player and then two blades came to his hands.
"Those are the Beginner X blades, use them well, goodbye now," Bakura said, then he walked away from the quest shop, Rika didn't notice Bakura walking away, he was still looking at himself.
"Co...cool!, ummm....Bakura?, oh, he's gone," Rika said, he then thinked of going to an area and trying his new X blade on a lv.30 field(he's just lv.28)
" Monster...monster..ooo...there!," Rika said, he runned to the monster-Holy Ogre and tried out his new blades, "Hmm....this Holy Ogre is strong but!, X blades!!!!," Rika shouted, he slashed the Holy Ogre into pieces, after that he then saw some other Holy Ogre's on the area, he then used a Twin Rengeki- Gale slash+Cyclone blade, "I finished the area and i'm lv.30!, YES!!!," Rika said smiling, after that he saw the Black circles again, "This thing again?, i hope i can beat it this time!," Rika said, after that the black circle change into a Jellybean shape again, "EPITAPH!!!," Rika shouted, he changed form again, but his armor changed and his weapon has doubled, "Cool!," Rika said, he faced the Jellybean and slashed away with no mercy.
"DATA DRAIN!!!!," Rika shouted, after that the Jellybean monster was defeated.
"Whew that was hard, well i got to get out of this...," Before Rika could finish Cubia then came out initiating a battle, "What the, Cubia?," Rika said looking confused.
"DIE!!!!!!!!!!," Cubia said shouting reavealing again his X blade.
"Wait Cubia, NO," Rika shouted, Cubia was about to slash but someone shouted and came to the battle area, "Stop!," ??? said.

Who is the one that saved Rika?, you'll find out in Ep.5!


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Nov 5, 2007
special Ep.5-Friends Chapter 1/7-A Trusted friend.(short cahpter for a long ep.)

"Stop!," ??? said, he stood in front of Rika, "Who the hell are you?!," Cubia said looking really angry at ???
"My name is Trey!, and i'm a freind of Rika, get away or you'll get beaten!," Trey said looking confident.
"You little..," Before Cubia could finish the sentence he started glowing and after that he said

"Uhh...what am i doing here?, oh, Rika what happened to you?, well i got to go now see ya!," Cubia said happily.

"Awkward....," Trey said, and then he looked at Rika and Rika looked at Trey, "Who are you?," Rika asked

"I'm Trey you know one of your buds from school?," Trey said, "Oh Yeah, Trey, it is you!," Rika said being surprised that it was his friend, after that the Holy Ogre's came back to the field.
"Rika, the Holy Ogre's are back, you know what i'm thinking?, here's my MA," Trey asked
"Oh Yeah!,Invite, Charge!!!!!," Rika shouted while running towards the Holy Ogre, after beating every Holy Ogre in the field, they took the Grand Chest in the Beast temple, "Whew, glad that's finished," Trey said being relieved, "Hey Trey this is a twin blade,since i'm a blade master i don't need it, so....it's yours!," Rika said giving the lv. 28 Twin Blade to Trey, "Thanks!," Trey said looking happy after receiving the weapon, after that they both said goodbye's and logged out.

In another area:
"Grrr, he rebooted again!," ??? said looking at a screen.
"Shut up!, we need to know the answer to this riddle!," another one said.
Character stat's:
Rika: Lv.32
Weapon:X Baruuc
class: Blade master(extension style)

Weapon:Wrath feathers
Class:Twin blade

Betel: Lv.34
Weapon:Scatter wave
Class: Steam Gunner

Weapon:Blaze Duprah
Class: Edge Punisher

Zelfar and the gang:Lv.60

Weapon:Wrath Ropega(rare weapon for you)
Class:Steam Gunner

Shino: Lv.29
Weapon:(still confirming)
Job: adept rogue

Weapon: Rainbow Tromend
Class:Blade Master

Weapon:Rapid Rattler
Job:Twin blade

Xugoh: Lv.29
Weapon: Quick Stunda

Weapon: Insoon Twin
Job:Twin Blade

all C8 members:Lv. 65

weapon:X porzak
Job:Blade master(extensioned)


that's enough for now
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Nov 5, 2007
Chapter 2/7-Another one?

Another day for logging in..............
"Aaahhhh, morning already!, and it's X'mas!, better go down and eat some breakfast!," Rika said looking very hungry.
At the night.............
All of our heroes are eaing with their families....except Rika, her Mother, brother and sister are not there to seat in their table, the only ones who were there were some cousins, aunts and other friends.
Rika got to bed early, still thinking of his Mother, brother and sister.............
Next day...........
"Better log-in....got nothing to do anyway....," Rika said, Rika then came to the @Home, there inside there is N0thing and TLK, " Hey Guys!," Rika said.
"Yo!," TLK said, "Hey!," N0thing said, Rika didn't see Betel or Rona inside, he started walking around thinking of something, "Hey, Rika...how about we team up to a Quest?, " TLK asked to Rika then he gave The ME of N0thing and his own to Rika , "So...?," N0thing asked.
"Okay!, let's go," Rika said, they walked towards the Quest shop and looked for a suitable quest.
"How about this?, Shoot n' Slash?," N0thing asked, "Okay!," Rika said, they walked towards the Area server, the area was a Grassland
"so the objective is to beat the 2 Bosses on this area?, the GunFly and BladeMammoth?," Rika said.
"Yes!, let's go!," TLK said.
They beaten up some familiar enemies on the area, after that they have seen a Battle Field....it was a Lv. 29 player being beaten up by a lv. 40 PK.
"NO! Please!!!," The Lv.29 player said, "Shut UP!, now, DIE!!!!!!!," The Lv. 40 PK said, but before he could hit Rika and his friends came to the battle field, "Hey stop what you're doing!," Rika said.
"Hahahaha!!!, no way!!!," The PK said, "Get out of the field!," N0thing said to the Lv. 29 player.

"You think we could beat him?," TLK asked to Rika and N0thing, "Let's see! Hiiyyyaaahhh!!!!," Rika shouted going towards the PK, " Oh , COME ON!!!," the PK said also running towards Rika and the team, they slashed and slashed but the heroes are still too weak
" We need a healer like Xugoh in our team!," Rika said, after that someone came to the field, it was Xugoh!
" Xugoh!," TLK said, " I heard my name and here i am!," Xugoh said, " Now....Ui Repth!!!," Xugoh said casting a spell to heal our heroes, but.......the PK started to have Black Circles on his arm.
" It's that thing again!," Rika said getting ready for a tough battle, "That thing-again!?," N0thing said.
The Black Circles devoured the PK and changed to it's Jellybean form...but.....it's more spiky than usual, " What the?," TLK and N0thing said, "It's like he Evolved?," Xugoh said.
"EPITAPH!!!," Rika shouted and his form also became more stronger, he has 2Blades but not those blades made him stronger, but what?

To be Continued.......................
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