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Greatest disappointment in KH2?



Sep 2, 2008
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seeing Kairi in the game was probably the most disappointing moment in the whole game, I mean first she gets a headache, shes a b**** and then she can fight I mean wtf.


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Jan 31, 2008
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I agree. It was the whole motive of Sora's exploring different worlds- wanting to save Kairi. Now that she has a keyblade, it kinda throws that off.
Sora and Riku promised to each other they'd go off their worlds exploring before they even met Kairi. It's her 'fault', yes, since her arriving on DI proved there were other worlds out there, but they promised to set out on an adventure before they ever properly befriended her, as shown in the flashbacks of them in the Secret Place in KH1.

Kairi also wasn't responsible to Sora's will to explore other worlds later on. He wanted to save his friends, yes, but he'd have done that for any friend of his - any friend. Hence why he kept running around back and forth in KH2 - because if they were already there and there was no true hint about Riku and Mickey's whereabouts, they might as well help the friends they could help.
Kairi being the friend in need of saving more often than not means nothing as to how much Sora cares for her - if he does at all. He's overly affectionate, or in Diz's words - far too kind for his own good. Truer words were never said in the series.

tl;dr Kairi's nothing special to Sora in that aspect. She's just another friend to save. He'd have done that for TSW too.

As for her getting a Keyblade, she didn't. That was Riku Duel Wielding, and he only lent her one.


Jul 30, 2007
Well said. I barely felt any emotion in KH2 as compared to KH1.I felt sad for Roxas's fate and Axel's death, and happy for Belle elbowing Xaldin, but besides that, nothing. The 1000 Heartless battle cutscene was rather epic, but I was crushed when I realise that we are only fighting two of the weakest Heartless species.
It took me at least my third playthrough to recognize how painfully bland KH2 is compared to other, great games. The entire package just completely falls flat, truth be told.

Kingdom Hearts II tuned down the most important collaborative aspect of the series in order to focus on one particular area of the story, making it feel more like "original/FF stuff here, disney stuff over there" rather than a crossover between Disney and Square Enix; Kingdom hearts in other words.

Whatever emotional aspect present in Kingdom Hearts II felt fake and forced. Not much feels genuine or heartfelt. The lack of good character development makes it difficult to have any real connection with most of the cast.

The god awful one-dimensional progression nullified any sense of enjoyment KH2 once had for me. The writing was a horrendous, incoherent mess that felt like a fanfic more than anything. Gameplay is far too easy and tries way too hard to be epic. Seriously, if we had a balance scale, the bad components would considerably outweigh the good.

Man, I pray KH3 will be a spectacular game.

Sexy Angel
Apr 17, 2007
No Kiari and Sora development.

I srsly love them two and i love kiari even more and i wanna f*ck her


The Troll
Feb 9, 2009
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The writing was a horrendous, incoherent mess that felt like a fanfic more than anything.
I wouldn't go so far as to call it fanfic, as the overall plot would have been epic if Watanabe had written it. I mean, all the Organization wanted (apart from Xemnas) was to have whole existences, and that by itself would have thrown the whole moral aspect of the KH universe into question. This would have made a great plot point, but it was barely touched upon in the game. It's the script. The main idea is already there, but everything came together to form a final product which is one big mess. I say we kill Nojima. I'm still waiting desperately for the novel.

The lack of good character development makes it difficult to have any real connection with most of the cast.
Probably because the truly important characters made very few appearances. There was no development for the Org, where the hell was Namine???!!! etc etc.

Kairi developed.
She apparently can now jump from heights >.>
Only to be ambushed by Shadows mere seconds after landing 0.0.