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Jun 14, 2009
Dot Hack Xmas one shot.

By KitKat and Lanydx reborn

Okay people we were gonna do something KH but we do that all the time, so please enjoy a fanfic of one of KK and my face set of games and anime Dot's also a book too, so yah anyway enjoy.

Thank you to all our friends.

In the year 2010 AD there is an online game that has taken Japan by storm, this game is called The World. It is a fantasy game where you can use a special set of googles to enhance the game, making it so you truly feel as if you are your character. Their have been rumors of the game leading the players into comas. This rumor which has been denied by the game's company CCcrop many times. However unknown to the public the rumor was once a cold hard fact, people had slipped into comas due to a rouge AI using the the game's myth and cursed waved from giving birth to the Goddess of this world: Aura. A group of players known as the Dot Hackers were able to end the waves and allow Aura to be born. The AI looked around the game, seeing that a holiday was coming near, her birthday in fact. It was nearing Christmas day, and she felt like giving a gift to the Dot Hackers that were playing for all the work they did for her.

The white dressed goddess of The World sent the email.

"I hope you all enjoy my gift." She said smiling.

One Dot Hacker ,a green haired boy with an mostly orange attire of a funny hat, shirt, gloves, pants and boots. On his back was a long tube like bag, He was playing around with two twin daggers, being a twin blade class. His green eyes with red tattoos under them watched the glowing golden ring around the town square. He watched other players come and go until he heard someone he knew yell.

"KITE QUIT SHOWING OFF YA DORK AND COME HERE!" Yelled a young woman's voice.

He turned around to find a sassy and sexy, tan skinned pink haired girl. Kite could sometimes get lost in her red eyes. She wore a purple armor bra,spiked elbow pads, and a matching short dress, showing off her thin stomach. On her feet where wooden sandals. Now what was on her back was a very large board sword.This Heavy Blade Beauty was none other then BlackRose, Kite's partner, Tennis player, and she was dead smelly!

"Merry Christmas Kite." She said while giving him a playful punch to the arm and a small peck on the cheek.

"Hey Merry Christmas to you too BlackRose, I'm glad your back on." Kite said.

She put her hands on her hips.

"We too, sorry about that, my grades kinda slipped so…" BlackRose was about to say before she felt a swift smack from her read on by a cross shaped staff.

"She's been grounded till she gets her grades up, isn't that right you naughty thing?"A Childish girl's voice said

They looked to find a small red haired girl wearing a blue bunny like hat, and dressed in a light blue with bits of yellow loss and baggy dress. She a had three red jewels on the top of her head, chest and and waist which was attached to a belt. The girl was grinning from ear to ear. She was Mistral the Wavemaster and Rare Item Hunter.

"Nyah Nayh, Merry Christmas you two." She said holding two boxes for her young friends.

BlackRose was kinda mad.

"Mistral.was that really needed?" She asked.

"Well your parents did pay to make sure your followed your punishment while they are gone, so this housewife is gonna do the job she was paid for…but it's Chritmas Eve, so I'll spank you later. Come on open your gifts!" She said cheerfully.

Kite quickly wrote a private message to BlackRose.

"She's just kidding around right?" He asked.

"…….Sadly no." BlackRose typed back, making Kite drop sweat off the back of his head.

"Come on, open my gifts!" The Wavemaster said again.

The two then paid attention and opened their gifts. BlackRose was given a large red and green sword, it tripled her attack power and added more overall skill points.

"Oh wow is this new? Thank you so much Mistral." BlackRose said.

"Welcome, it's really rare so be sure to take good care of it." The wavemaster said beaming.

Kite then opened his gift to find a certain kind of green herb. It had planted itself onto Kite's hat, like it was dangeling. Kite looked at BlackRose and then Mistral.

"Is this…mistletoe?" He asked.

"Yep, and it'l be sure to get you tons of kisses. BlackRose, why don't you be the first to give it to him, it is tradition after all." The Housewife mage said watching her plan come together.

The two characters and the people playing them were red as tomatoes The two were good friend,partners to the end, and had hung out in real life after the cursed waves. Granted they both had feeling for one another but were normally too shy to really say anything.

"Well, well alright! Since this is Christmas and it's only a game, so pucker up Kite!" BlackRose yelled with false bravo.

She grabbed a hold of the boy and the two locked eyes with each other. Both hearts were pounding as they made their characters do what they wanted. They both slowly made way to their lips, they were interrupted by a small letter blinking between their faces. Mistral had one as well, much to her annoyance at her plan being kinda ruined.

They all however read the mail, being the sender was Aura herself. They all logged out of the game and looked at the email which had read.

"My dear Dot Hackers, I have a gift for the ones who are on, this is a special event. Go to the Chaos gate with the key words 2017, R2, GU.

Have fun,

The three came back to The World, finding two more familiar players. A shy looking gray haired wavemaster with a large rune like staff. Next to him was an odd character. A purple cat gladded in green armor. The two were never without each other, granted this cat was an AI and a former Cursed Wave.

"Elk, Mia, hey Merry Christmas." Kite said in a friendly tone.

"Hey you three, I'm guessing you got the Email from Aura too." Elk said.

"Which means I'm out of the dog house, or cat house with Aura." Mia said.

"Wait what do you mean by that Mia?" BlackRose asked.

"…..Well when I first reformed in The World, Aura made sure I wasn't under anyone's control…she had Elk cat train me…" Mia muttered.

Mistral was giggling, while BlackRose and Kite were thinking of Elk taking Mia out on a walk with a leash attached to her collar.. The pink haired girl give both boys in the group a firm whack to the head.

"Let's just do this event before I whack you both in the jingle bells." The Heavy Blade muttered.

The five typed in the keywords for the chaos gate and they were transform into a new World.

2017 AD

In a soft dessert, stacked with piles of dead player bodies. A woman was cladded in black spiked armor. Her face was scared and her eyes were bright red. This woman was a PK or player killer in the new lawless version of The World. She looked around for her next victims. She quickly found them at the reentering Dot Hackers. Kite, BlackRose and Mia barely managed to get out of the way from this crazy woman's chainsaw blade. Yeah that's right, this crazy chick's got a chainsaw sword. Mirstal and Elk dodged her assault thanks to help from some speed charms they had as items.

"Aw my new meat is gonna be tough to eat, oh well more fun for me!" She muttered.

"What the heck is wrong with you, you crazy bitch!" BlackRose yelled while attacking the PK with her own blade.

The two traded blows however The crazy girl was at a much higher level then any of them. Kite quickly clicked a skill that would really help out his partner. A golden bracelet appeared on to his one of his wrist. It then shot out five long poles.

"Data-Drain!" Kite yelled.

BlackRose jumped out to the side as the psycho PK was blasted with a canon shot of energy leaving her at level one. Kite stepped back feeling dizzy, and odlly his hit points were starting to drop.. The pink haired warrior grabbed a hold of her partner. The PK was then struck down by a another player however this one wasn't alone. He man was mostly in white, from his the hair on his head to the odd armor that had his mid drift sticking out. His red eyes looked at at Kite with anger.

"TRI-EDGE!" The yon man yelled/

"Huh?" Kite said confused.

Before this angry person could pull out a weapon to hurt our green haired hero, BlackRose pulled out her sword and charged at him. The Terror of Death blocked her sword with two thin, long gear like black blades.

"Don't you dare touch him!" She nearly roared.

Mistral and Elk casted healing Spells on the two while Mia was ready for an attack of her own. However a warm hand held on to the brash young man. The owner of this warm hand was a green healer, from her large hat to the bottom of her dress. Her hair yellow, as her eyes.

"Hasso, please stop!" She said.

"Easy there big guy, I don't think those guys are your looking for." Another voice that sounded like Johnny Young Bosh.

The one known as Hasso looked to find a long blue haired young man, wearing a yellow tunic, pants and boots.

"Atoli, Kuhn." Hasso muttered but in a friendly tone.

"Wow,,Those characters….They're R1 style! I haven't seen characters to look like since the old game!" Kuhn stated.

"Huh?" Was what most people stated.

"Wait so if your not Tri-Edge, then how are you?" Hasso said.

"We got nothing to say to you bub!" BlackRose snarled.

"I apologize, for my friend Hasso, please forgive him. My Name is Atoil I'm apart of the Moon Tree Guide, and his is our friend Kuhn of Project GU. It's very nice to meet you." She said sweet voice.

The Rare item hunter grabbed a hold of Atoli hugging her.

"Aren't you just the most adorable little thing ever!" Misteral said.

"Um…Thank you." Atoli said blushing bright pink.

"I'm Kite, that's Mistral, the cat is Mia, the small guy is Elk, and that's my partner BlackRose."

"…….The Dot Hackers!?" Kuhn asked.

"Yep that's us." Mia stated.

"That…that's not posable." Kuhn said.

"Why not?" BlackRose asked.

"I I think you guys had better follow us. Master Yata well wan see them, but first let's get to know one another k?." Kuhn said with a smile.


A few hours later

At The Serpent of Lore, a guild that houses Project GU, On tall dark buff man next to a pink haired woman with glasses, wearing a a pink two piece bikini. They were met with the other members of GU with three people that made Yata choke on the coffee he was drinking.

"Hasso…Kuhn…Atoli…do you know who those players are?" He asked.

Kite first opened his mouth.

"Oh hey Wiseman, or I guess you you go by Master Yata now." Kite.

"Jeez man I know your smart and everything, but Master is a bit much don't ya think?" BlackRose asked.

"Someone's gotten a pretty big head, Nyaan Nyyan."Mistral said.

"Hey how dare you, speak that way to Master Yata!" The woman yelled.

"Pi…it'd fine. They are old friend of mine…who haven't aged a day." Yata said.

"Yep time travel is weird..granted, both our stories are a little farfetched. You should have seen Elk and Mia meet up with Future Elk." Kite said.

"I think they are still with him." Mistral commented.

"Well know, you three are just in time, we were going to have a Christmas party, would you care to join us?" Yata asked.

"Oh my yes you three must join us!" Atoli squalled ing delight.

"Oh wow, great idea." Kite said.

"Yay, more chance for rare items from the future!" The Rare Huntresses stated.

"Sure I love parties." BlackRose stated.

Hasso rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, sorry I'll pass! I got PKers to kill." He muttered.

He started to walk off.

"But…but Hasso…Oh."Atoli whimpered.

"Forget it Atoli, I'll see ya when we have important things to do." Hasso muted.

"Hey it's okay Atoli." Kite reassured her, by putting his hand on her shoulders seeing her heart starting to break.

BlackRose put her hands on her hips.

"Jeez that guy is a jerk, but ya know what forgot that Scrooge!" BlackRose ranted.

Kuhn then got an idea.

"BlackRose your a genus! Don't give up hope Atoli, I know how we are gonna get him back." Kuhn stated.

"Smash him over the head and drag him kicking and screaming?" The Heavy Blade suggested with a wicked grin.

"No, we are gonna do a Charles Dickens, and act as three ghosts, Pi, I'm gonna need some ADMN power if ya don't mind." Kuhn explained.

"Normally I would say no to this idea, but if it gets under that brat's skin then, I'll be glad to lend a hand." Pi said.

"I'll get him warmed up, and then later you finish him off. Kite guys you go get some gifts for stuff.' Kuhn said while leaving.

"Wait who's gonna do all the party stuff?" Kite asked.

"The Guild Grunties will help out as well.

Everyone had left to their task, and The Steam Gunner Kuhn would play as Christmas past.

Christmas past….

Hasso was busy in a beach field it was starting to snow thanks to the time of season. He was cutting up PKs with a long black sickle. Gaining EXP, as he slashed into their bodies till they dropped like flies.

He shook his hand not wanting it to get stiff, then then thought something was amiss. The snow had know changed to fog. He could barely see even when pulling out a fairy's orb.

"Hasso…Hasso!" Moaned a shadowed figured.

The Terror of Death pulled out his chainsaw gun, however that was shot out of his hands in a flash. He was about summon a power most hidden to The World. He was one of eight that had the Cursed waves inside their bodies. They had used them to wipe out a virus that would have caused total global disaster. His was the first Skeath. However it would come to him,

"Hasso,I am the Ghost of Christmas past!" Said the SteamGunner.

Know showing himself Kuhn, looked an annoyed PKK.

"Kuhn…what the hell are you doing?" He asked feeling his eyes starting to twitch.

"I'm trying to save your sorry but from yourself." Kuhn muttered.

He still didn't move.

"When we first met, you were this power hungry jerk, now you got better, but lately your starting to slip." Kuhn stated.

"What does that mean!?" Hasso growled.

"The past few months you've been ignoring us and mostly Atoli, all for smacking dudes down…not cool keep a woman waiting." He muttered.

Hasso didn't want to think about it, but he had been avoiding his friends.Which caused him a bit of guilt, and it made it worse by thinking about Atoli.
Kuhn then put his arm around his white haired bud.

"Now look man, I'm not one for telling people what to do, but you could ya know always go to the party." Kuhn suggested.

Hasso didn't say anything.

"You made new friends and it would really make Atoli's day." He said.

"Ot, you could be doing what your doing and turn back into this." Kuhn said while vanishing leaving Hasso with an image he wish he could forget.

He watched himself full of power and rage as he changed into his avatar or cursed wave terrorizing many people in the stands. He had seen this before, but not as one of the people being terrorized.

He shook his head finding out he had retuned to the beach he was with.

He thought about what Kuhn was doing, was he really starting to change back, or become something worse.

"No I'm not not a big fan of this retarded day. It's not a big deal…still Atoli really wanted to to be there…does that mean, she likes me?" He thought.

He scowled and walked to this beach's dungeon.

"Maybe I'll get her make her feel better." Hasso thought/.

Kuhn looked at Pi, who was with Elk and Mia.

"Well that sure stopped him." Pi muttered sarcastically.

"Ah, but that's only part one. Next up is Elk and I." Mia said.

"Also if you read the book it takes three ghost to fix someone like Hasso." Elk timidly stated.

Pi looked annoyed at the pair,the gated out.

Kuhn then gated out, leaving the two alone.

"Hey Elk, ya wanna know what Kite and BalckRose are doing right now?" The Cat AI asked.

"Um, what Mia?" The young Wavermaster asked..

"This." Mia stated while giving Elk a large kiss on the lips causing the boy to skyrocket.

The two gated out to find their target.

Meanwhile at The Root Town Mac Auu

Kite and BlackRose were busy playing digital tonsil hockey, while Mistral was busy off key checking on her baby. The two were too busy locking lips and holding each other in their arms to notice That their friend had returned.

"Hey you two, be good for goodness sake." She said playfully.

The two embarrassed teens quickly got away from each other. Kite then looked at a player was riding on a steam punk style hover bike.

"Oh wow I want one!" Kite said with his eyes as big as dinner plates.

Little did they were being followed by someone. The three went form shop to shop getting items however Kite was looking at the bike shop, sadly he had not the funds to by the parts he wanted, so BlackRose had to drag her partner away from the bikes. The Wavermaster came back with tons of bags.

"Jeez Mistral, you really got all that?!" BlackrRose said in disbelief.

"Yep, yep, yep. All this stuff is so rare for our time I couldn't stop myself." Mistral stated

"Hello do you three happen to know a worthless girl named Atoli?" Said an evil Chirp Freemen voice..

They turned around to find someone The World had gotten rid of long ago.


Melo Grunty was holding onto part of the christmas tree, trying not to fall onto Gao Grunty as he hung the star on top of the tree. "How's the decorating going?" Master Yata asked, walking out of the Serpent of Lore and down the steps, approaching the christmas tree.

"Oink, Oink, it's going terrific!" Death Grunty said, standing proudly next to the tree with Wise Grunty and doing absolutely nothing.

"I could go for some pickles, Nero." Wise Grunty said, placing one last ornament on the tree and hopping down to join his masters side.

"Melo Grunty is still a crybaby, same as ever, buwahahaha." Gao Grunty protested, holding Mellow Grunty up and spreading some of the garland around.

"Move the star a little to the left, Melo Grunty." Yata said, rubbing his chin and walking around the tree, checking to make sure there weren't any empty spots. "When all of you are done, there are some treats Pi was kind enough to leave out for you."

"Yes sir, mellow!" Mellow Grunty said, reaching out with his tiny paw and turning the star to the left.

"Oink, Oink! Hurry up Melo Grunty! I'm starving! Oink Oink!" Death Grunty said impatiently.

"Nero. I want some pickles. Nero."


Back in Mac Anu

Sakaki cornered Mistral against a wall knocking Kite out of his way with a kick to his chest, "Hand over that item, girl." Sakaki threaten, holding his Edge Punisher to her chest.

"Leave Mistral alone!" BlackRose shouted, watching Kite get knocked onto the ground and scrap the the ground with his twin blades.

"Shut up." Sakaki said, turning slightly to block the blow of BlackRose's sword with his own with an uppercut across her chest, sending the girl to her knees.

"Now then, let's try this again. Hand over that item and I'll let you guys go." Sakaki said, keeping his sword locked onto Mistral while averting his gaze to Kite.

Mistral mouth quivered, holding the present protectively across her chest with an arm around it and a staff in the her left hand. "What are you going to do with it?" Mistral asked, casting a quick 'Rep' upon BlackRose.

"I didn't say you could heal your friends." Sakaki said, knocking the staff out of her hand and sidestepping out of the way with ease from Kite's twin blades.

"Any item of yours that's for Haseo will be mine! I won't let that epitaph user win! I'll take over The World with the help of Aida and destroy all epitaph users!" Sakaki ranted, casting paralyze and shock upon Mistral with his other hand.

"Mistral!" cried out BlackRose and Kite.

Sakaki let out a bark of laughter, facing the two of them now and charged into battle with them.

"I won't let you get away with this!" shouted Kite, clashing his twin blades on Sakaki's sword repeatedly, causing sparks to fly.

"And make you pay for what you've done to us!" BlackRose shouted, coming from behind, striking Sakaki in the back with her sword.

Mistral struggled to move under the spells that were cast upon her, firing up a message to Pi for help, watching in horror as Kite got elbowed in the face, with a slash of sword to his chest and BlackRose kneel over from the blunt end of the sword Sakaki wielded.


Christmas Future

"Haseo, if you stick to your ways, 'The World' and your friends will suffer in consequence of your actions." Pi said, folding her arms across her chest.

Haseo snorted, averting his gaze. "That's what Kuhn said too."

"Wait, aren't you suppose to say I'm christmas future?" he asked.

"No, there's no need for that, now shut up and listen." Pi ordered.

"Same as ever you old hag." Haseo said teasingly.

"What was that? Did you call me an old hag?" she threaten.

"Yes but, can we get this lecture over with already?" Haseo asked, lifting his hands up and down impatiently.

"Yes, now listen good, you unruly child."

"I can't take you seriously when you call me that, old hag." Haseo said, his eye beginning to twitch in annoyance.

"I mean it, Haseo. You'll forget what it means to be with your friends, the feelings we make and the connections we share." Pi said, pushing her glasses up and fixating her stare on the Christmas tree.

"Do you want to turn into a power hungry Sakaki? Who doesn't value his friendship, cutting down other players, and ruining our time together in the 'World'?" she asked, watching the way Haseo fist shake.

"No, I don't," Haseo said, gazing down at his fist, "because all of the feelings I carved deep into the world with that one attack, mean to much to me to lose."

"Good." Pi nodded, seeing what she saying was starting to get Haseo to see reason.

"Ovan, Shino, Atoli, Gaspard, Silabus and all of the friends I've made, are counting on me to protect 'The World' from cold hearted bastards like Sakaki." Haseo said, meeting her eyes.

"Then you shouldn't pass this holiday with us, Haseo. Gathering together to celebrate the holidays, remembering all of the good times we've shared together-oh no." Pi said in alarm.

"What's wrong Pi?" Haseo asked, not liking the frown she was wearing on her face.

"Kite, BlackRose and Mistral are in trouble." Pi said, hearing footsteps to her left and turning to see Master Yata standing by the stair railing.

"Haseo, if you want to celebrate Christmas with your friends, I suggest you hurry, before Sakaki pk's them all." Master Yata said, watching Haseo growl and take off running.

Pi looked after him before sharing a look with Yata. "Master Yata, don't you think we should of acted sooner?".

"No. Haseo needs to see this for himself, performing a miracle of his own by saving the day and remembering what it means to have friends." Master Yata said knowingly.


Kite was lying on the ground with Sakaki's foot holding him down in place. "All I asked was for your little friend here to hand over that item. Instead, you two dare to challenge me, the Mighty Sakaki."

"SAAAAKKKKAAAKKKIII!!!!" screamed Haseo, appearing on the scene with his dual guns out, "You bastard, get away from my friends!".

"Haseo." croaked out Kite, watching Haseo fire out a few rounds of his gun blade at Sakaki.

"Just who I wanted to see, the adept rogue who got me thrown out of CC Corp and destroyed Aida." Sakaki said sarcastically.

"This will be the end of you, Sakaki!" roared Haseo, engaging him in battle.

BlackRose slowly rose her head up, crawling to Mistral and hearing a pair of footsteps come their way.

"I'm here to help you Haseo!" announced Atoli, hurrying to BlackRose's aid.

"Atoli, you're here too?" BlackRose said softly, feeling the spell slowly replenish the lost health she had lost thanks to Atoli.

"Of course!" she said, working on Mistral who leapt up and gave Atoli a big hug.

"Thank you so much! Now to pay that meanie back for keeping me pinned down!" Mistral said, picking up her staff and making her way over to Haseo's side.

"I don't think that's necessary, Mistral." Kite said, watching Haseo knock Sakaki's blade aside and firing a bunch of shots into his chest.

"Haseo is amazing! Look at him go!" BlackRose said, feeling Kite wrap an arm around her.

Sakaki crashed into a wall with only a small amount of health left before he was finished. "This is for getting in our way of Christmas cheer." Haseo said, about to deliver the final blow when Atoli grabbed hold of his arm and Mistral whacked Sakaki on the head with her staff.

"Let's go back to the @home Haseo." Atoli said, seeing Haseo reluctantly put down his weapon.

"Yeah, let's go back and celebrate together with our friends."


Everyone gathered around the Christmas tree, gazing at its beauty and remembering all of the times they shared together in 'The World'.

"You know, I think this is the first time all of the legendary players who saved the world gathered in one place." Kuhn said, gazing about the room where Haseo and Kite stood together side by side.

"Aren't you happy you're here, Haseo? Celebrating with all of your friends?" asked Atoli.

"Saku, leave Haseo alone!" Bo protested, pulling on her sleeve.

"No! I have to keep Haseo from being kissed by Master En under the mistletoe!" Saku answered.

"Yeah, it's good to be with all of my friends again." Haseo said, smiling down at Atoli, holding her close and watching Mistral reveal her present.

"This is for you, Haseo!" Mistral announced with a toothy grin.

A picture of Haseo with all of his friends gathered around in a group pile with smiles on their faces and teasing one another was in it.

"This way, no matter where you are in 'The World', you can think about your friends!" she said and handed it to him.

"Thank you, all of you. This has been a great Christmas." Haseo said, watching the lights in the tree flicker on before them.

"Merry Christmas Haseo." Atoli whispered, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

The End.
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