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Darkness Surrounding ~Chapter 1~

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Mar 6, 2007
Zeke Braxton is your average teenager. He lives in the small town of Accord, New York with his older brother Jake and his mom Helen. Zeke is about fourteen and attends Rondout Valley High School. He has long brown hair and is almost always wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt. The “popular” kids at his school treat him as if he didn’t exist, but he would like more than anything to fit in. Today however, was the day that he might achieve his popular status, today was the day he would talk to Alexis Grace, the most popular girl in school.
He woke up that morning with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He looked at his clock only to see that he had three hours until his alarm would ring and he had to get ready for school, but he got out of bed anyways. He sat atop of his bed and rubbed his eyes then looked over at his dresser and stood up for the first time in hours. He started to make his way towards the dresser when he slipped over his baseball that had been left on the floor from his game played yesterday. “Ouch,” he said rubbing his shoulder, “stupid baseball.”

He got on his Led Zeppelin shirt and went downstairs to enjoy a joyous meal of Bran Flakes. He heard the broken down brakes of his school bus squeal outside his front yard. “Bye Mom!” he yelled as he ran outside. On the bus he found an empty seat and waited to arrive at school. When he arrived at school, he rushed into his Spanish class to avoid missing the bell. Once the bell rang, he noticed an empty seat where Alexis sat. Hmm, he thought. She must be absent.
Once school was over, he decided that he’d take a walk home. He passed his favorite store Records n’ Things and took the shortcut through the alley that he had found earlier that year. In the alley, he heard what sounded like a hobo banging trash can lids together. He followed the sound until he saw a black dog rummaging through trash. The dog was so darkly colored that if it had not been for the apartment lights, Zeke would never have seen the dog. “Hey there little guy,” he said holding out his hand. “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.” Zeke saw that the dog was not eating trash at all, but rather a small cat. It was at that moment that he wished he never had walked home, for the dog had eyes as red as the blood that streamed down its mouth. Zeke slowly backed away from the beast, as it grew in size by the second, by the time it was done it was the size of a small truck. Zeke fell to the ground in pure disbelief of the monster that stood in front of him. He found that his body turned stiff just by looking into the hell hound’s eyes. The fiend pounced, Zeke closed his eyes, and he saw a bright light. He woke up some time after, and noticed how dark out it was. He sat up and was instantly inflicted by a sharp pain in his right arm. He looked around, but there was nothing. He then looked at his arm to find that it was enveloped in blood. He lifted his sleeve, and was almost too scared to look, and found two gaping holes in his arm.” Well that kinda sucks,” he said almost laughing at the thought of the devilish beast that confronted him. He got up and ran to the nearest pharmacy and purchased a roll of gauze to wrap around his arm to seize the bleeding, the store clerk was too oblivious to even notice the blood pouring down Zeke’s arm.

Immediately after wrapping the bandage, he ran home as fast as his feet allowed him. He ran by as the street lights were blinking on beside him, his family rule stated that he must be home by the time the street lights turned on outside of his house. He was running so fast he almost missed his house. When he approached his door, his mother was standing on the inside of the screen door, staring at the full moon.
“You just made it.”
“I know, I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, dinners ready.” He walked into his house to find that his mother had prepared homemade cheeseburgers and French fries. Zeke smiled and sat down to eat. That night, he had a dream, but this one was much more realistic than usual. He was hungry, so hungry he could eat a horse, and that’s exactly what he set out on doing. He found a quaint little farmhouse and searched for the leanest horse he could find. When he found his dinner, he sank his claws deep into the creatures hide. Wait claws? He thought. What am I? The next day was Saturday, the day his mother had signed him up to go to an overnight camp trip with his school.
He got on the bus and sat in the only open seat available, next to the biggest bully in his class, Trent Thorton. Trent was the star football player and to most of the female population ‘a total hottie’ and just so happened to be dating Alexis. “Hey Braxtaroni,” he said, punching Zeke on the shoulder repeatedly. “I hear that we’re bunking together, won’t this be fun?” Zeke tried to ignore him for the remainder of the bus ride, but by the time they arrived, Zeke was about to crack. Zeke went to the back of the bus to pick up his bag and just as he was about to grab it, Trent took hold of it and started throwing it around as Zeke’s belongings fell to the ground.
“Oh, what do we have here?” Trent giggled, holding up a pair of Zeke’s underwear high enough for everyone to see. “Whitey-Tighteys?” Zeke had reached boiling point, he clenched his fists and closed his eyes and opened to see Alexis by Trent’s side with a shocked look and said, “What are you?”
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Jul 3, 2009
I really like it, i thought it was a normal day till he ran into that dog lol Write more! :)
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