Dark Corridors: Plights Through the Endless Abyss



What the heck is a Premi?
Mar 3, 2006
Palace of Keys, Kingdom of Rebels
Chai had last left off around the corners of Atlantis. The monsters in this area were high in number and raged upon her arrival. Seeing how Poseidon ruled his seas with such a tight grip, there's no way they would be able to break the world of mermaids and sea creatures. Chai was confronted with several heartless with spears. They propelled through the darkness as if it where a dense body of water. Aside from the common darkballs, neoshadows, and orcus these things where a pain. Chai leaped over the jousting critter and shot towards the ground removing her twin blades. Upon landing with them both backhand style, her blades flamed with a thunder element. The yellow flame coursed up her blade and small zips of lightening birthed across the lemon gust. Chai continued towards her left, parrying one jouster, slicing through their neck area, and then stabbing a neoshadow through the back. She charged towards the horde of darkballs, which oddly remained tightly packed in the real of darkness, and smite them with a single lunge. The obvious dual slice ended with her arms and blade extended over her bent knee. A pool of darkness appeared under her left foot and began to consume her. She twirled her blades and made a whirling rotation, sending yet another impending neoshadow off in the distance, and stabbed into the ground and it dissipated with a screeching yelp.

Chai was then confronted with three Ocrus. They all attacked with their brute swordsmanship. Her dual wielding skills definitely came in handy, or she would not be able to block the varying directional attacks, or pull of her own. The intensity between the three brewed on. Chai leaped, being followed into the air, and surrounded in an aerial flurry of swipes. Her body twisted with a counterclockwise rotation and she defended her self with a furious offense. The brute strength of the Orcus somewhat kept her afloat, along with the various over head strikes she gave giving her just a little boost towards the upper levels. Chai executed one Orcus with a stab to the top of the head, following with two consistent over head strikes towards her immediate right wither left blade. She roundhouse kicked the third, plowing her heel into its face and using its neck as leverage towards the approaching platform. Almost instinctively she released her Aurip buff in a burst to give her propulsion the necessary amount of air and soared pass the platform edge, whirling through the chasing heartless, and landing at an unmarked position.

Across the dark corridorrs, Chai would etch her current placement in the universe with an emblem of sorts. So far she had marked a cloud with a lightening bolt, a magic lamp, a seashell, and a dragon. Each place held the essence of it's respective world. Chai thought, These heartless... *sigh* Well, lets see what the Corridors hold for me!