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Fanfiction ► Chosen Heroes (BBS Spoilers)

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Nov 23, 2010
This is my first fanfiction, advice and criticism are welcome. Comments are nice too.


Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just sit on the beach and stare out to sea, thinking and imagining. What are the other worlds like? Will I ever get to see them?

For now the answer to both of those appears to be no. I have responsibilities too great for me to just walk away from; I can’t just leave my world unprotected. My friends, Joey and Sarina, and I are the only people standing between this world and destruction by the heartless. We are the only citizens of our world skilled enough to combat the heartless and protect everyone. Joey is the brute strength, Sarina is the magical intellect, and I am right in the middle, the guardian. We are known as Protectors.

Traditionally there are three protectors, the warrior, the mage, and the guardian; they are often compared to darkness, light, and dawn, respectively. But that’s just symbolic. That comparison, though, can be seen in our uniforms, the warrior has a pair of black, armored wrist bands, the mage has a white hat resembling a bandana, and the guardian has armor pieces on their shoulders, black on the right and white on the left.

The protectors have another tradition that's kind of unusual: colorful clothing consisting of one primary color with its opposing secondary color. The mage wears yellow (more like gold) and purple, the warrior wears red and green, and the guardian wears blue and orange. For the most part our uniforms have the same design and the primary color is dominant. Our shoes are the primary color with streaks and swirls of the secondary color. We wear cargo pants, from the knees down is the secondary color and the rest is the primary color. We have a t-shirt in the secondary color with a vest in the primary color.

My parents are staunch believers in the legend of the heroes of old and have, appropriately, given me a name in honor of one of the great heroes. My name is... Sky.

Chapter 1:

I get out of bed and get ready to go into town. I look in the mirror to make sure I'm still myself. Same hair, brown and curly reaching the top of my eyes. Same eyes, green on the outside and gold towards the centers. Same face, yeah, I'm still me.

As I walked into the center of town I could see Joey and Sarina talking as they waited for me. Joey's short, brown army style hair is unmistakable even from a distance. As I walked up the both greeted me with a "hi."

"Seems like it's gonna be a slow day," Joey sighed.

"Yeah, heartless activity is unusually low today." Sarina added. Her deep blue eyes sparkled in the morning sun.

"JOEY!" Someone suddenly called out from behind me. I turned around and Sarah running towards us.

"I'll see you guys later!" Joey yelled as he began to run away from Sarah. He never was very romantic.

"Ok, see ya!" I replied. Sarina and I were laughing.

"It's never a slow day for him when Sarah's around." Sarina said.

"Definitely. So, have you eaten yet?"

"No, why?"

"Good, cause I haven't either. You wanna go?"

"Sure, where do you want to go?"

"Where else?"

Sometime later

"There's nothing like getting breakfast at Jack's Place before a day of destroying heartless." I said.

"Especially since he lets us eat for free." Sarina replied. Suddenly a group of heartless ran by towards the center of town.

"They just ignored us, come on!"

We started chasing the heartless, I summoned my dual blades, and Sarina summoned her staff. It's no wonder they ignored us, there was a huge gathering at the center of town.

"Everyone get out of here!" Sarina yelled as she shot a blast of fire into a group of shadows. I started slicing up more of the shadows and Sarina cast thunder to finish them off.

"Just shadows?! What a rip off!" I said. Sarina only laughed. "What?"

"For your sake I hope something interesting happens around here." She replied.

As if on cue Joey ran up to us and before he could say anything a big swirling cloud of darkness appeared in front of us and two men in black coats stepped out.

"Looks like this day just got interesting." I said summoning my weapons.

"No need to be alarmed, we are here as friends. We are from the Organization." One of the men said.

"But the organization was destroyed by the heroes of old." Joey said, he already had his gauntlets summoned.

"We are a new Organization, and we do not agree with the methods of the Organization XIII of old." The second man said.

"Ok, what do you want with us?" Sarina asked.

"The worlds require your help," The first man replied.

"But we can't just leave our world unprotected!" I protested. "Who would protect it of we were gone?"

"The nobodies, in fact the only reason you haven't had our aid is because we needed to test you." The first man answered again.

"Test us? For what?" I asked.

"To see if you truly are the successors to the heroes of old." The second man said.

"Successors?" The three of us gasped.

"All will be made clear in time." The second man added. "We will return tomorrow evening to begin your journey." And with that they walked back through the cloud of darkness.

"Well, I guess it's business as usual till tomorrow evening." Joey said. "Let's split up and do patrols."

"See you guys later," Sarina said and ran off.

I started walking through town trying to make sense of what had just happened. We're their successors? Are the worlds in danger of falling to the darkness again? Is this good bye to my world forever? Am I strong enough to do this?

I realized I was at the beach and there was Sarina sitting at the shore. I walked over and sat next to her. "Do you know much about the legends?" I asked.

"No, I don't. But I imagine your parents made sure you do."

"Yeah... they say there used to be some small islands just a couple miles out. It is said that the heroes spent most of their time on those islands. They were called Destiny Islands." I said.

"Wow, do you know what happened?"

"No, no one knows, it's like they ceased to exist."

"Wow," was all she said, and she laid her head on my shoulder. I was so surprised that I just sat there stunned, but I managed to get myself to relax enough to put my arm around her. "We're finally gonna get to see other worlds!"

"Yeah, we are."

I'm thinking future chapters are going to be longer than this
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Nov 23, 2010
Re: Chosen Heroes

Well, here's the next chapter, It's a bit longer than the first, and I think it's better

Chapter 2:

I woke up and found myself standing on top of a giant mosaic pillar depicting myself with my friends. "I have been waiting a long time for you."

"Where am I? Who are you?"

"This place has many names; most commonly are Station of Awakening and the heart. As for whom I am, that is not important."

"Why am I here?"

"It has finally come time for your awakening... Keyblade Wielder."

"Keyblade? What is that?"

"It is a weapon capable of ultimate power, if the wielder's heart is strong enough. Enough questions. Tell me: do you choose the power of the warrior, the guardian, or the mage?"

"Definitely the guardian." Suddenly, silver dual blades appeared before me.

"Take the blades and prepare to be tested."

I pick up the swords and a bunch of shadows appear around me. I make quick work of them without breaking a sweat. When they are all vanquished a set of stairs appear at the edge of the pillar leading to what appears to be another pillar with another set of stairs off of it.

"Proceed; the rest of the test waits."

I proceed up the stairs and instead of heartless, these strange white creatures appear and attack me. Nobodies I hear in my head. I am able to block their attacks and destroy the creatures. When I reach the next pillar both heartless and nobodies appear. This fight is harder than before but I am able to defeat them all. For some reason my magic isn't working. As I ascend the second set of stairs I am constantly kept at guard as heartless and Nobodies appear all over the place and I am forced to fight my way forward.

Finally, I reach the third pillar and all I find is a treasure chest, a circle of swirling white energy, and a set of pink double doors. "Occasionally in the worlds you will find these hot spots of magical energy, touching it completely heals your body. They also function as beacons for gummi ships and can be targeted by the ship's teleportation systems."

I walk onto the hot spot and instantly I feel as good as new. “What is a gummi ship?" I walk over to the chest and find a potion inside.

"You will find out later, do not worry yourself. Beyond that door is your final test. The tests previous this was simple, this will take real skill to finish, and once it has started there is no stopping. Prepare yourself and proceed."

"Got it." One more step in the hot spot to make sure and i open the doors to begin my final test. When I step through, the doors disappear and I find myself on yet another pillar. A giant heartless appears before me with a heart shaped hole in its chest. I jump back and summon the dual blades the voice gave me, ready to fight.

Immediately, it reaches down and tries to grab me, but I dodge to the side and begin slashing at its hand. Suddenly it reaches into the ground and a pool of darkness gathers around it, shadows start appearing from the darkness and I have to destroy them as I attack the arm. The heartless raises its hand up and starts swatting at me, it must be getting desperate. One final slash and... Yes! It's beginning to dissipate.

Oh no! It's going to fall on me! I need to get out of here!

The heartless falls on me and it feels as if I am getting sucked into the darkness and I can't escape. Suddenly I hear a familiar voice, "Sky! Sky!" It's Sarina!

It was... just a dream? But it seemed so real.

"Come on Sky! You've gotta see the nobodies! They're so amazing!" Sarina yelled, running out of the house.

I got dressed and headed outside to see what all the hype was about. Sarina was waiting for me, "come on!" She said grabbing my hand and started pulling me through town. There were those white creatures from my dreams killing heartless; there was even one of those men in coats fighting the heartless with a strange curled back blade with electricity running through it.

"Wow!" Was all I could say, all that came to mind. "Does that mean we get the day off?"

"Hm, I think so!" She squealed with excitement.

"So, what do you wanna do? And where's Joey?"

"How about we go to the beach? And it looks like it'll be just the two of us, Sarah found out what's happening."

"Ah, the beach sounds good."

Before we even made it to the beach one of those portals of darkness appeared in front of us and one of the organization nobodies stepped out. "Sorry to cut your day off short, but something has come up and it is not safe for you here, please step through the corridor."

"What about Joey?!" I asked.

"We were unable to find him; we fear he may have been captured by our enemies. But we will keep searching. Now please step through the corridor, you will be safe there."

Sarina and I looked at each other and walked through the corridor together and found ourselves on a small island floating in space. The only thing on the island besides some trees was a tall, strangely bent tower. We walked into the tower and looked around, just one staircase spiraling upward.

"Only one way to go." I sighed.

"I hope Joey's okay."

"Me too."

We began our ascent up the stairs passing by countless rooms, but they were all locked. Finally, we reached the top of the stairs and some very large double doors. We shoved the doors open and found ourselves in a room with a couple book cases, a desk, and a very tall chair. There was a tall man with a long gray beard, he was wearing a long blue robe and a pointed blue hat.

"Hmm... you're early." He said.

"There were complications," Sarina replied.

"I am the wizard Yen Sid. Where is Joey?"

"We don't know," I answered.

"This is troublesome, no matter. Hopefully the organization will be able to find him. However, there is much I have to tell you." A hologram of a heartless, a nobody, an organization member, and someone who looked like an organization except their coat was white. "You know of the heartless and nobodies. The organization however is a group of nobodies whose will is strong enough for them to retain their human form; they direct and control most of the lesser nobodies. They are working towards becoming human again, through the discovery that was made years ago that if a nobody destroys its corresponding heartless it will become human again. They have forsaken the ways of the Organization XIII of old.

"These beings dressed in white are also nobodies who retained their human form, it is their belief that the only way to become human again is through the methods used by Organization XIII. By creating Kingdom Hearts, they call themselves the Kingdom. So far they are a relatively small group and command only part of the lesser nobodies, but they are gaining power at an alarming rate. One of our goals right now is to halt their progress."

"Wow, I had no idea there was so much going on in the rest of the worlds." Sarina said sounding very worried.

"How has our world been untouched by all of this?" I asked.

"The organization has been keeping a strict quarantine on your world. Now the other matter of business is a very strange one indeed, it appears that the worlds, including their inhabitants, are reverting to the way they were in the days of the heroes of legend. Our other goal is to investigate this phenomenon and, if possible, put a stop to it."

"Don't worry, you can count on us." I said.

"Yeah, no doubt!" Sarina agreed.

"Now, those clothes of yours are a little colorful, we wouldn't want you to stick out too much in the other worlds. Through that room you will find three fairies who will give you some more suitable clothes."

We looked at each other and shrugged. Couldn't hurt I didn't really like these clothes much. We walked through the door Yen Sid had referred to and found three short, kind looking women, 1 in red, 1 in blue, and 1 in green. There was a bunch of mirrors and dressers in the room but they were all covered in the same white cloth with gold stars.

"Ah, Sky and Sarina, we heard about what happened to Joey." The woman in red said sadly.

"We'll start with you Sarina; Sky, you can wait right there." The woman in green said.

I started to turn around but the woman in blue stopped me. "There's no need to do that," she said.

Suddenly, the three of them huddled together talking. "Ok, on the count of three," The red woman said as they raised their wands. "One, two, three," and they flicked their wands down shooting magic at Sarina causing a bright flash. When the light was gone, Sarina looked very different. Her shoes had turned a solid dark purple. In place of her pants was a pair of medium length white shorts with a black belt hanging loosely around her waist only attached by a belt loop on her right side (it was the only belt loop on her shorts). She also had a soft pink t-shirt. Her hat remained the same, though.

"Wow." Sarina and I said in unison.

"Your turn dear." The green woman said pointing to me and pulled me over to where Sarina had been standing. Sarina moved to where I had been standing before.

Once again the three women huddled together and began talking, after a couple minutes they turned towards me. "On three," the red woman said again. "One, two, three," and they flicked their wands and shot magic at me. When the light had cleared I found that my shoes, similarly to Sarina's, had turned a solid, dark orange. My pants were now solid black jeans with a pure white belt. I had a black t-shirt on but it was mostly covered up by a white hoodie - t-shirt combination with orange sleeves. My armor pieces were still the same as they were before.

"These clothes are very special," the woman in green stated. "They have magical powers that augment your natural abilities, both magical and physical. As long as you are conscious you will be covered in a magical barrier stronger than any armor, but that does not mean you cannot feel pain. They also have the ability to change form to better allow you to fit in with the world you are visiting, or even to accommodate an extreme climate. Lastly, when you've built up enough power you will be able to change into a more powerful form for a duration of time. These clothes are very adaptable, so they may take on other abilities along your journey."

That was a lot to take in, but we looked at each other, smiled, thanked the women for their help, and turned to leave. Before we got to the door the woman in red stopped us. "Oh, Sky I almost forgot. Your clothes also have the ability to duplicate your Keyblade to accommodate your fighting style."

"Keyblade?" I said very confused, Sarina looked just as confused.

"Try summoning your swords dear." The woman in blue said.

I did so and instead of my normal swords were a couple strange ones. In my right hand was a red sword that looked like an elongated fire and near the end was a fireball sticking out of one side. It had a hand guard that looked like lightning bolts curving around the handle, it had a key chain of a fire with a lightning bolt running through it. In my left hand was a blue sword that resembled an elongated, jagged ice crystal and near the end of this one was what appeared to be three icicles pointing out one side, the one in the middle was a little shorter than the other two. This one had the same kind of hand guard as the other, but the key chain was of an ice crystal with a lightning bolt running through it. Somehow I knew the one in my left hand was fake, but in what way?

"Those, my dear, are keyblades. They can lock or unlock anything, and have many deep powers that most wielders never discover. The fake one will not be able to use most of these abilities, if any; it is only an accommodation for your fighting style. Now, I think Master Yen Sid has something to tell you and a gift." The woman in red explained.

lol, KHI's spell check was arguing with Word's
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Re: Chosen Heroes

could I please get some comments? It would help.

Chapter 3:

We walked through the door and found Master Yen Sid waiting at his desk. He motioned for us to sit down in what looked like a couch; it definitely hadn't been there before. Once we had sat down he addressed Sarina. "Sarina, you too are a keyblade wielder."

"What?" She asked, sounding very confused.

"Try to summon your staff."

She did so, but in its place came a sword similar to mine. This one was an angel wing with a halo sticking out one side at the end. For a hand guard it had two angel wings curving around the hilt. Its keychain was a halo.

"What happened to my staff? I don't know how to fight with a sword!" Sarina exclaimed she looked very worried.

"I could teach you," I suggested, she smiled when I said that.

"That will be unnecessary; I am going to teach you one of those deeper powers the fairies undoubtedly mentioned. Now think of the form you would like your keyblade to take, like a staff."

Sarina closed her eyes and a second later her keyblade changed. It was now a staff, it had a white shaft. At one end was the golden halo that it had before and hanging off the point where the halo met the rest of the staff was the keychain. "Amazing," she said.

"You would do good to learn how to use it as a sword, it might be useful." Master Yen Sid added. "Come here I have something to show you." He got up and walked to a large moon shaped window. We followed him there and found a large ship floating outside. "This is a gummi ship, the same one that was used by the 'heroes of old,' it is called Highwind. This is what you will be using to move between worlds, the dark corridor you used to get here begins to damage your heart after repeated use without protection."

"Huh, good to know, I guess." I said.

"We'll be fine! When do we leave?" Sarina asked her excitement was visible in her eyes.

"Not yet, you haven’t had a day off since you became protectors, right?" The Master said.

"Yeah, why?" I answered.

"Then why don't you spend the rest of the day having fun, you can leave tomorrow. I have unlocked some of the rooms in the tower, feel free to explore as much as you want."

Sarina and I looked at each other and made big smiles. We got up and ran out the door. Through the first unlocked door we found a room filled with living musical instruments. As soon as we walked in they started playing a love song, we both blushed.

"I'm not sure I want to listen to music right now," I said leaving the room.

The next room I found had a bunch of living tabletop games. "Now this is something I can get into." I started walking towards a Foosball table.

I don't know how long I was in that room but after a while Sarina burst in and pulled me out. "You've gotta see this!" She led me past dozens of doors and stopped at one with a picture of a sun on it. She opened the door and we were at a beach.

"How is this possible?" I asked amazed.

"I don't know, but it’s just like home!” She pulled me over to the shore and sat down, pulling me with her. She laid her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. We just sat there for a few minutes. “Do you think we’ll ever truly be able to relax? If we’ll ever have no responsibilities?”

“I don’t know, but I hope so. That would be nice.”

She was silent for a few seconds, “Sky?”


“I’m scared.”

“Well don’t be, we’ll always have each other, and once we find Joey it’ll be just like old times.” I put my arm around her shoulders.

After a few minutes it sounded like she had fallen asleep. I decided to pick her up and see Master Yen Sid about a room for her. I was walking out the door carrying Sarina and there was the Master. “Ah, I see, I will show you to your room,” he whispered.

“Just one room?” I asked.

“You will see.” He said and gestured for me to follow. We walked down the stairs until we arrived at a door with, of course, a bed on it. He opened the door and when I stepped through I saw that the room was very big and had two beds in it. Luckily, the sheets had been pulled down so I just had to lay her down, take her shoes off, and cover her up. I found some blue pajamas on the nightstand next to the other bed. There was a note that said "A Gift" on it, well it was hard to sleep with armor on so I went into the bathroom to change. The Pajamas were pretty basic, a pair of pants and a button up shirt. Sleep was welcome right now and as soon as I had settled into the bed I was drifting off.

I woke up to someone shaking and yelling at me. "Come one Sky! We're gonna leave! Get up!"

"I'm awake! Please stop shaking me!" I yelled back. "Excited much?"

She stopped shaking me and nodded, "sorry."

I got up and went into the bathroom to get ready, my clothes were in a small back pack along with other basic necessities. I exchanged my pajamas for my clothes and "got ready to go."

Sarina was waiting for me in the room, she looked like she was having trouble standing still. We walked out of the room and down the stairs. Eventually we reached the ground floor where master Yen Sid was waiting. There were two chipmunks and a cricket on his shoulders. "This is Chip and Dale," gesturing to the chipmunks. "They will be your gummi ship engineers. And this is Jiminy Cricket, he will chronicle your journey and help you along the way."

"We'll go prep the gummi ship for departure," chip said and the chipmunks jumped of Yen Sid's shoulder and ran outside.

"We'd better be going as well, it won't take them very long." Jiminy said as he jumped onto my shoulder.

"Good luck heroes," Yen Sid said as we walked outside.

"I traveled with one of the heroes of legend on his journeys to save the worlds. I think the knowledge I gathered will be helpful in this crisis." Jiminy was explaining.

"But that was all thousands of years ago. How could you still be alive?" I asked.

"I'm ageless, my body is forever at the age it is now. Like all other residents of Disney Castle"

"So, that means you're immortal!" Sarina exclaimed.

"Precisely," Jiminiy replied.

We had reached the gummi ship, and were boarding it. I was the last one to get on but someone yelled out to me. I turned around to see the woman in blue carrying a white back pack with pink flowers on it. "This is for Sarina, make sure you give it to her as soon as possible. And you had better look in your bag as well." I nodded to her and boarded the gummi ship.

When we had left the world and it was safe to move around I gave Sarina her backpack and grabbed mine. We opened them at the same time and found some magic with a note. "Heard you lost your magic -Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather." We read in unison. I grabbed the magic and absorbed it, it was nice to have it back. Thunder, fire, and blizzard.

"You think those are the names of the fairies?" Sarina asked.

"They definitely are," Dale answered for us.

"What world first?" I asked.

"Radiant Garden," Jiminy answered. "You need to meet Leon and the others."

"Got it, to Radiant Garden!" Chip commanded and the ship started flying.

I heard my stomach growling. "Hey is there anything to eat on here?" I asked. "I'm starving."

“Yeah, through that door.” Dale said pointing to a door at the back of the ship.

“Oh my god. A whole kitchen?! But the ship doesn’t look that big!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, just ask for something, it’s all automated.” Dale replied absentmindedly.

“Some homemade pepperoni pizza would be great.” A few minutes later I had a fresh pizza. It’s hard to believe I ate the whole thing.

“Now arriving at Radiant Garden” The ships computer announced. “Prepare for landing.”

There was a sudden, slight jerk as the ship made contact with the ground. We stepped out into a square with a few stores. Even though it was still bright out the stores appeared to be closed up.

“What’s going on?” I asked. “Why are all-“

“Watch out!” Sarina yelled jumping in front of me just in time to block two soldiers. Immediately, I summoned my keyblades and charged into battle, two more soldiers charged at me from the front. Simple, I thought. I jumped up slashed downward cutting them in half. Crowding together? Bad idea. Sarina and I both sent blasts of thunder into the crowd obliterating them all. I heard someone clapping to my right, when I turned to see who it was I found a man with medium-length brown hair and a leather outfit with the picture of a lion on it.

“That’s Leon,” Jiminy whispered into my ear. “He’s the head of the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee.”

“A new keyblade wielder I see. Have you met Master Yen Sid?” He said.

“I’m a keyblade wielder too.” Sarina said transforming her staff back into a sword. “Of course we met Master Yen Sid; he gave us the gummi ship we used to get here,”

“That’s a neat trick.” Leon stated. “Follow me.”

“Are you sure we can trust this guy?” Sarina whispered to me.

"Yes, he's a friend," Jiminy answered for me.

"You coming?" Leon asked.

"Yeah," I answered and we ran up the stairs to where he was waiting. He led the way down a set of very wide stairs into what appeared to be a residential district. It had a patched together look, with pieces of metal and wood just nailed onto buildings at places. As we walked on, eventually we arrived at a house that looked to be in a considerably better condition than the others.

"This is the base of operations for the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee. As keyblade wielders you are always welcome. Come in, the others will be glad to meet you." He led us into a very cluttered room with books lying around and blueprints and schematics lining the walls. In the corner stood a very large computer, it was way bigger than any I had ever seen. "This is Cid, Yuffie, and Aerith." Leon introduced the other people in the room.

"And I am Merlin the Wizard." We heard a voice say and suddenly there was a puff of smoke in front of us. When the smoke cleared there was an old man with a long white beard and a blue robe and pointed hat a few shades lighter than Master Yen Sid’s. "You must be the new keyblade wielders I was informed of. I am sorry about Joey. I wish-"

"There's a large mass of heartless approaching the castle restoration site!" Cid exclaimed turning around from the computer.

"We can handle them! Just show us where to go!" Sarina yelled eagerly.

"I'll take you there," Leon said. He led us farther through the town, we went up another flight of stairs to a large open area overlooking the district we had just been in, it was a spectacular view. The only way to go from there was through a short passageway. Once we had cleared that we were at a ledge with another set of stairs to the right leading down to the ground - there were a lot of stairs in this world. There was a lot of scrap metal just lying around as well.

There were heartless I had never seen before most of them looked like living suits of armor with sword-stilts and swords for hands. There were some that looked like dark tan colored lanterns and there were a few that looked like a green spike balls with a blue head, arms, and legs. I jumped down destroying five heartless with my landing I was closely followed by Leon. Sarina chose to stay up high and stick to her magic. One of the spike balls jumped up and looked like it was trying to pound me into the ground, but I was able to block it with my keyblades, jump up and smash it into a group of heartless destroying it as well in the process. Three of the suits of armor charged towards me I parried their attacks and destroyed one, but the others were attacking to quickly for me to do anything but block their attacks. Thankfully, Sarina had noticed my situation and let loose a very strong thunder obliterating them and many other heartless. I used blizzard to freeze the remaining heartless and ran through the crowd slashing left and right to destroy them before they thawed.

After we had cleared up the heartless a man in a Kingdom coat appeared. "Bravo. I gotta say I'm impressed." The man remarked sarcastically. "You're more powerful than our reports give you credit. But, then again, you've never had to face a member of the Kingdom!" With that he summoned a flaming lanse and waved it from left to right creating a wave of fire that rushed at Leon and me very quickly, we were barely able to jump in time to dodge it. Sarina immediately responded with a barrage of blizzards, the Kingdom member smirked and ran directly towards her avoiding every shot.

"Sarina, no!" I tried to get to her before him but he was too quick and already had his hand around her neck. He had created some kind of barrier that I couldn't break through, I threw everything I had at it but nothing worked. "Sarina! Fight back!" But she could barely breathe let alone fight back. The fear was evident in her eyes. No! Don’t die now!

"Hmph, that'll do for today," he remarked and disappeared through a dark corridor leaving Sarina on the ground gasping for breath.

As soon as the barrier was gone I rushed over to help her. "Are you alright? Let's get you somewhere safe." I picked her up and she smiled and fell asleep in my arms. Leon took us back to Merlin's house where Merlin himself tended to Sarina.

"Luckily she's not terribly injured," Merlin said. "She'll just need some rest before she does anymore fighting. It seems to me that man must have used magic to fatigue her when he was choking her. The choking itself was probably just a cover so you wouldn't notice the magic. But whatever the case, it was nothing I couldn't handle. She should be fine by tomorrow."

It was such a relief to hear that. I walked into the room Sarina had been given to tell her the good news. "Did you hear that? By tomorrow you'll be as good as new." She smiled weakly in response.

"Sky if you’re done in here, there's been some suspicious activity at the castle. I need you to come with me to investigate." Leon said from the door way.

"Alright, coming," I answered. I turned to Sarina and said, "I'll be back as soon as possible." She only nodded and smiled.

Leon and I were outside the castle when a woman in a Kingdom coat appeared out of a dark corridor. "I was sent to see if you were as weak as your friend." She sighed, "let's get this over with." An invisible wall went up blocking out Leon. The woman produced an umbrella and pointed it at me.

"An umbrella?" I asked, this was really confusing. Who uses an umbrella as a weapon.

"Ever heard of the phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover?'" She replied.

A bolt of lightning struck out of the tip of her umbrella straight at me. I tried to summon my keyblades to block it but I was too slow. The lightning hit dead on right in the chest, I doubled over in pain. Just suck it up and beat her. I jumped forward aiming my right keyblade at her "FIRE!" And three blasts of fire were launched right at her. She smirked and easily dodged the fire, she pointed her umbrella at me, and I prepared for another blast of lightning. Instead she pointed it to the left and swung it hard all the way to her right. A gust of wind picked me up and smashed me against the invisible wall.

I could barely stay conscious now. "And here I was hoping I'd have a challenge," She sighed. "Anyway, keep up the good work."

I blacked out.

When I woke up I could see Sarina standing over me, it looked like she had been crying. She must have noticed that I had woken up cause she suddenly started smiling and ran out the door, when she came back she had brought the others with her.

"I gotta say, you surprised me," Leon said.

"Surprised you? I just got beat up by a lady with an umbrella." I retorted.

"You got struck by lightning, kept fighting, and then you got smashed against that barrier so hard it shattered, and it only took you two days to recover." Leon replied.

"I was asleep for two days?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, we were all worried so much. Merlin and I did as much as we could, but there's only so much magic can do." Aerith said.

"But, no one was worried as much as Sarina." Yuffie added. "She was with you almost the whole time!" I smiled at Sarina and she giggled and smiled back her cheeks blushing.

"Now, you'll still need to rest for at least another day." Merlin cut in. "Feel free to move about my house, but you are not strong enough to go outside."

"Why not?" I complained.

"What if you were attacked by heartless?" Merlin asked.

"I would be there to defend him." Sarina responded.

"We cannot take any risks. He stays inside and that is final. I will set up a barrier if I have to," Merlin settled the matter.

So I spent the day lounging around Merlin's home talking to Sarina and the members of the Restoration Committee. It ended up being mostly Sarina since there was always work to be done around town. But I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day locked in a house (Merlin had put up a selective barrier at every opening to the house).

"So, Cid I heard you know a lot about gummi ships." I inquired.

"You heard right," he responded. "What do you need?"

"Well the one we have is kind of small; I don't know how the hero of old was content with such a cramped space." I said. "If it's gonna be Sarina's and mine base of operations we're gonna need more space and more to do. Cause as it stands it's just a cockpit and a small Kitchen."

"Sounds like your taking a different approach to this than the hero of legend, as I recall he didn't spend much time in the gummi ship. But I'll see what I can do."

As the sun set it took my house arrest with it. By the evening I had been deemed healthy enough to go out to the town. Sarina and I decided to go out to the shopping plaza we had entered the world at. It seemed like a good idea since we were leaving the next day.

There were all sorts of things being sold from food to jewelery to furniture and more. Sarina perked up when she found a stand selling a paopu fruit. Protector related traditions had kept us from trying out the legend at our home, but here we were free.

"So, you wanna share a paopu fruit?" Sarina asked.

"Sure, sounds like a good idea." I replied.

We walked over to the stand. "How much for the paopu fruit?" Sarina asked the man.

"One cannot put a price on something such as this." He responded. "I was waiting for the right people and I think you two are perfect. You can have it."

"Wow, that's amazing!" Sarina thanked him accepting the fruit.

"Yeah, thank you." I added.

We found an area where there were tables set up, we chose one in an uncrowded spot and shared our paopu fruit talking, laughing, and having a good time.

Soooo... what did you think?
I think my writing is improving, but feel free to tell me I'm horrible if you really think so. I might not hold a grudge. :p

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Re: Chosen Heroes

Another good chapter, just be careful when you are typing, there are some errors where there is a wrong letter. Why am I the only person who has commented on this?


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Re: Chosen Heroes

More comments would be nice, please. Anyway, next chapter ftw.
This ended up being way longer than I thought it would be. I type it on my phone and the app doesn't show separate pages. Future chapters will be half as long if not shorter.

Chapter 4:

It was finally time to go, we were all saying our good byes and Cid was about to unveil our upgraded gummi ship. "Ladies and gentlemen, this could possibly have been my greatest creation yet. I give you the alpha gummi ship." He pulled the curtain away and we were face-to-face with the coolest looking thing ever. It was like the sports car of gummi ships, except better!

"This. Is. Awesome!" I exclaimed

"It's got almost everything you'll ever need to survive." He said.

"Almost everything?"

"Yeah it needs a name. I thought I'd let you two come up with one."

We looked at each other and said "Destiny" at the same time. We both blushed.

"'Destiny' it is." Cid said.

We were stepping on board our gummi ship marveling at the new design. Chip and Dale ran up to us.

"We gotta get going!" Chip said.

"The worlds aren't going to save themselves." Dale added. We followed them to the bridge of the ship; we could call it that now. "Cid uploaded data on everything he added to the ship to the main computer."

"You two can go take a look around." Chip said. "We'll set course for the next world."

The ship was amazing. There were bedrooms and bathrooms. There was a rec room, a training room, a sick bay, and more. Cid really thought of everything.

We must have already been close because I swear I wasn't in the training room for more than a couple hours when I heard the ship's mechanical voice say; "now approaching Halloween Town."

"Halloween town? Sounds cool," I said joining everyone else on the bridge.

"I hope we don’t' stand out too much," Sarina said as we stepped off the gummi ship. But as soon as we were standing on the ground I saw a flash of light and Sarina looked completely different. Her clothes had turned black; she had mini black angel wings and a red halo.

I realized that I had changed as well. I was almost completely white and slightly transparent. "Wait a second, I'm a ghost!"
"No, you look like a ghost." I heard Jiminy's voice on my shoulder. "Your clothes changed to allow you to blend in with the people of the world."

I looked around and saw only one way out of where we were. "Well, better get moving." I said. We arrived in a small town decorated for Halloween. "It's a little too early for Halloween don't you think?"

"It's never too early for Halloween!" I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around to see a tall, thin skeleton in a pinstripe suit. "I'm Jack Skellington, pleased to scare you."

"He's a friend we can trust." Jiminy said.

"So what brings you here?" Jack asked.

"We're investigating the worlds to see what the Kingdom has been up to." Sarina answered.

"Isn't that a job for a keyblade wielder like Sora?" Jack questioned looking confused.

"We're keyblade wielders." I replied and Sarina and I summoned our keyblades. "And who's Sora?" I whispered to Jiminy.

"He's the hero that traveled to different worlds on the Highwind protecting them from the heartless and nobodies." He replied.

"That's great, I saw a guy in white near where Oogie Boogie's manor used to be. He looks really suspicious, follow me I'll show the way." Jack explained.

"Oogie Boogie?" I questioned Jiminy.

"He tried to use the heartless to take over Halloween Town." Jiminy replied.

We started out through the town towards a gate that led to a graveyard. Almost immediately some heartless appeared, there were ghosts, weird clawed mummies, and large, haunted Jack-in-the-boxes. I rushed forward but the mummies jumped behind me, I spun around in a circle with my keyblades extended to take out the mummies and some of the ghosts. Jack had surrounded himself with fire and charged into one of the boxes destroying it quickly. I almost got grabbed by a ghost that had appeared behind me but Sarina used her staff to destroy it and the others in one sweep. All that was left was three boxes; Sarina and I stood side-by-side and shot bolts of lightning that created an explosion when they collided in front of the boxes destroying them on the spot.

"Great work team!" Jack said before running deeper into the graveyard.

"Hey! Jack wait up!" Sarina called out as we struggled to catch up to him.

Finally we reached a curled up hill. "There should be a switch around here somewhere..." Jack muttered to himself walking around staring at the ground. "Aha! Found it." I heard the click of a button being pressed and the hill uncurled. "Onward ho!" Jack exclaimed leading the way across the bridge the hill had created.

It led to a large open area with a few boulders in a circle; in the center was a man in a Kingdom coat. We quickly hid behind a boulder. "Okay, I'll distract him while you sneak up behind and- Where's Sarina?" Jack said. We looked around and saw her running up to the Kingdom member.

"Well, hi beautiful," the man said. "What's a defenseless girl like yourself doing out in a dangerous place like this?"

"What here is dangerous?" She asked. I couldn't figure out why he was being so nice.

"Well for starters," he started. "There's me!" He summoned a sword of ice and jumped at Sarina. She immediately summoned her staff and held it up in defense.

"Sarina!" I yelled running out to her defense. I can't let her get hurt like last time. I jumped up raising my keyblades above my head and swung them down at the man while he was distracted. Unfortunately, he noticed soon enough to block my attack but not without getting clubbed in the ribs by Sarina's staff.

"There wasn't anything useful here anyway." He said. "How about I leave you with a parting gift." He disappeared being replaced by five samurai nobodies.

I pushed Sarina out of the way of one of their attacks and locked blades parrying all of their attacks, but I couldn't get a chance to attack. Sarina finally came back to her senses and attacked the nobodies, "Blizzara!" And a speeding bullet of ice fired from her staff flying through all five nobodies. It was enough to stun them long enough for me to destroy them all with a broad sweep.

"Wow! You two are good!" Jack exclaimed. "Such teamwork."

"Jack! Jack!" We turned to see a man with two faces running towards us. "There's a giant heartless attacking the town!"

"No worries mayor, we’ll take care of it! Team, we're off!" Jack ordered and we followed him back to the town. There was a giant gargoyle standing in the middle of the town.

"Follow my lead," I said running towards the gargoyle. I jumped aiming my keyblades at its head but I couldn't make it. I felt someone grab my feet and push me upward; I landed on the gargoyle's head and stabbed my keyblades into its head. "FIRE!" I screamed. An explosion appeared where my keyblades were, it launched me off the gargoyle, but it was at least dazed and weakened. Sarina took the chance to run forward and throw her staff like a spear into the gargoyle’s chest. That was strong enough to destroy it and a giant heart appeared out and floated up to the sky out of sight.

"We did it!" Sarina squealed and hugged me. I blushed and hugged her back.

"Thank you! Thank you!" We heard the mayor yelling. "If there's anything you need don't hesitate to ask."

"It's no problem, really." I replied. "It's actually time we left I think."

"Well, don't forget to come back and visit!" Jack said as we ran off towards the gummi ship.

When we stepped onto the gummi ship we changed back to normal. When we walked into the bridge Chip and Dale were already preparing to take off.

"I'll be in my room if anyone needs me." I said.


"They are progressing quickly."

"What is our next move?"

"I think it's time to bring out their true dispositions."


I found out it was going to be an especially long time until we got to the next world. So, I decided it would be a good timing to start training Sarina how to handle a sword. Luckily the training room was equipped with practice swords; they're not nearly strong enough to do more than give you a little bruise. Sarina was learning very quickly, but she was still no match for me, but it's like she had learned how a long time ago and had forgotten. Kind of makes you wonder if all that talk of reincarnation was true.

After four hours I had decided it was enough for now and Sarina wanted to show me something important. "Come on, follow me." She said.

"Fine I'll go with you," I gave in.

She almost screamed with excitement. What have I gotten myself into?

She led me through a couple hallways and we arrived at a window. At first I was really confused, what's so special about a window. Then I realized what she wanted to show me: it was so amazing. There were nebulas in all sorts of colors swirling and mixing together into a rainbow of ever changing colors. "Wow," was all that came to mind. She grabbed my hand and leaned against my shoulder. I closed my hand around hers and relaxed watching the show. This was nice, all my cares just melted away, I could stay like this forever.

With Sarina.

Am I in love?

"Now arriving at Olympus Coliseum." The ship's voice rang out through the halls ending the moment.

"Well, time to go," Sarina sighed sounding disappointed. We walked together hand-in-hand to the bridge of the ship.

"Olimpus Coliseum, huh?" I said. "What kind of place is that?"

"It's the world where heroes are made." Jiminy answered. "Sora was named a hero by the gods the last time he was here, constellation and everything."

"Cool," I said.

"I've already got my hero." Sarina whispered just loud enough for only me to hear. I blushed almost immediately; I hope the others didn't notice that.

"Let's go, the Kingdom isn't going to wait for us." I said walking to the exit with Sarina.

"Um, Sky?" Chip said.

"What?" I asked.

"We haven't landed, in fact we can't."

"Then how do we get down there?"

"With the teleporter!" Dale answered. "Just follow us!"

We walked through the halls to a room I had never noticed before. On the inside there was a control console with a large monitor, but most of the room was taken up by a white circular platform.

"Please step on the platform!" Chip requested.

We did as he told and moved to the center of the platform. "Are you sure this is safe?" I asked.

"Of course it is, Cid designed it himself." Chip replied.

Sarina and I grabbed each other’s hand and waited for the teleporter. There was a high pitched buzzing and suddenly we were in a dark cave.

"Dang it, not again." Jiminy said.

"What's wrong?" Sarina asked.

"They messed up again where we need to be is up those stairs over there." He replied pointing to a set of golden stairs.

"Great, it shouldn't take us too long." Sarina said and ran off towards the stairs

"Sarina wait up!" I yelled as I ran after her. When I got to the top of the stairs I saw her walking towards a building, probably the coliseum, admiring everything around her. Suddenly a group of heartless appeared in front of her, just your standard shadows, soldiers, and large bodies. More appeared a second later, there were thin, golden ones with lances, some that looked like digging drills, and others that looked like living flowers.

A man in a strange uniform suddenly rushed in front of Sarina. "That's Hercules, he's a friend." Jiminy said.

"Don't worry I'll protect you, go find somewhere to hide." Hercules said to her while fending off the heartless.

"Thanks, but no thanks I can handle this on my own." Sarina replied.

"I can't let a defenseless girl get hurt." He argued.

"Don't treat me like a little girl! I'm more than capable of taking care of myself!" She fumed.

"Hey! You there!" He had noticed me. "Get her out of here."

"Y'know, she really is capable of taking out all these heartless," I replied walking towards them. "But she wouldn't dare let me miss out on the fun!" I summoned my keyblades and jumped in the middle of the group of heartless; I extended my keyblades outward and spun around quickly multiple times destroying at least a dozen heartless. Sarina had summoned her staff and was concentrating on the large bodies since her magic was effective even from the front. Hercules appeared to be surprised but kept fighting. I found myself just within the range of a line of those plants, I was blocking bullet seeds left and right while walking towards the plants when I got directly in front of them I jumped over them landing right on the other side of them and with one broad sweep of a keyblade they were all destroyed. The knights appeared to be arguing with their lances for some reason, this made it easy to dispatch them quickly.

"Wow you two really know how to fight. I'm sorry for underestimating you earlier." He apologized to Sarina. "So it looks like there's a new keyblade wielder on the scene." He was looking at my keyblades.

"Two new keyblade wielders!" Sarina said changing her staff into a sword.

"Wow, amazing." He said, "I gotta introduce you to Phil!" He ran off towards the coliseum and we followed closely behind. We were in a room with some trophies and a plaque and the only other person was a creature that was a goat from the waist down and human waist up."Phil, these two are keyblade wielders!"

"No way! You better not be pulling my leg!" Phil responded turning around to look at us. "Hey do you two mind waiting outside while I talk to Hercules for a second."

We shrugged and walked outside. "I wonder why he needed us to wait outside."

"It doesn't matter to me," Sarina replied. "I wonder if we'll be able to become heroes. Of course, we don't need the gods to know you’re already a hero."

"How sweet," We saw a Kingdom member standing near the entrance to the underworld. "I am truly touched; at least I'm sure I would be if I had a heart."

"Who are you?" Hercules asked the man. "And why are you here."

"My name is Hydro, I'm with the Kingdom." He took off his hood, he had dark blue eyes, and short cropped hair in the same color. "And I am here for the 'princess.'" He summoned some water that wrapped around Sarina , picked her up, and brought her to Hydro. He ran into the underworld using to carry Sarina.

"Come on we have to save her!" I said running after him Hercules not far behind. We chased him through mazelike caverns destroying heartless as we went along. While we were running Hercules gave me a large stone coin with a lightning bolt on it, suddenly I felt much stronger. We reached a dead end and Hydro turned to face us setting Sarina inside a deep pond somehow still bound, she sank to up to the middle of her stomach. "Give her back!" I yelled.

"Make me," he smirked and summoned a water whip in each hand. I charged at him only to be knocked over by his whips, they were a lot faster than I thought they would be. I tried firing thunder at his whips, but he was able to move them out of the way before they got hit. I had sustained many cuts and bruises and made no ground, Hercules couldn't seem to get close either. "And you used to be so strong, one of the best. What happened? Are you really gonna let me take your 'princess,' mister 'prince?' You haven't even used that power yet." He made Sarina sink up to her neck

"Shut up! And give Sarina back!" There was darkness swirling around me.

"What are you gonna do? Make the room darker? So scary," he mocked and completely submerged Sarina.

"GIVE HER BACK!” I was running towards him, getting ready to attack, he wasn't even trying to stop me.

"Looks like my work here is done," he said and disappeared into a dark corridor right before I reached him.

The water binding Sarina released and she ran over to me and... Hugged me. "Please don't submit! Don't let the darkness take control! Fight the darkness Sky!" She yelled, she was calming me down, suddenly there was a bright flash of light, and I was back to normal. She hadn't let go of me the entire time, we just stood there embraced in the others arms. She whispered "My hero."

We started to walk out, I was feeling dizzy and light headed, and then I passed out.

I woke up in a bed... in Merlin's house? Sarina was lying next to me in the bed sleeping up against me. I decided to wake her up; I needed to find out what had happened. "Sarina, wake up."

"Huh? Who is it?" She asked drowsily.

"It's me Sky."

Her eyes widened when she saw me sitting there looking at her. "Oh Sky!" She gushed and hugged me. "I was so worried! I better go tell the others you’re awake!" She ran out of the room.

"What's all the racket." I heard Jiminy , he had been sleeping in a repurposed drawer. "Oh, your awake, that's great."

"Hi Jiminy, what happened to me?"

"After you had passed out Sarina carried you out of the underworld to find a hotspot to get back to the ship. She wouldn't let Hercules carry you; she insisted that she had to do it. She took you to the sick bay but nothing there helped, our only other choice was to come here to Radiant Garden so Merlin and Aerith could take a look at you. Again she insisted that she carry you all the way here no matter how much the others offered to help. You've been out for about a week, and Sarina didn't leave this room once the entire time, food was delivered to her and she slept right there next to you in that bed every night."

"What happened to me while I was still consumed by the darkness?"

"Well, you were completely black except your eyes which were a golden-orange color. And it looked like there was smoke emanating from you. When you were back to normal your white shoulder plate had been turned black like the other."

"I really owe Sarina for saving me from the darkness."

"I think she's content just having you back, that's all she wanted."

Sarina entered the room leading the others.

"He returns to the world of the living!" Cid joked.

"How are you feeling?" Aerith asked.

"I feel great. Good as new." I answered.

Aerith and Merlin were using magic to inspect me. "Same deal as last time, one day."

But that was fine with me all I wanted to do was spend time with Sarina. We sat or lied on the bed all day, sometimes talking sometimes just enjoying the other's presence. Either way, it was really nice.

"Are you sure you don't hate me now?" I asked.

She laughed, "Why would I hate you?"

"I gave in to the darkness."

"That man Hydro forced you; he knew how to make you angry. I think it might have been his goal to make you give in to the darkness, if you hadn't I might not have survived, so thank you. And I meant it when I said my hero." She hugged me and wouldn’t let me talk after that.

Hearing her say that made me feel a lot better. But, still, the idea of having given in to the darkness wasn't too appealing to me. As long as it saved Sarina I was willing to live with it.

"Hey Sky," Jiminy said.


"Since you gave in to the darkness, you should be able to use the power of darkness freely."

"What can I do with the power of darkness?"

"A lot of things, I think the most basic are dark firaga and dark barrier. Eventually you should even be able to teleport, when you're powerful enough you might even be able to summon a guardian. I think when you're allowed to leave we should go to the outskirts of the town so you can practice. One of the great heroes of legend, Riku, wielded the power of darkness, the key is moderation."

Merlin walked in on the conversation. "Actually that would be a good idea. You see, darkness is not inherently evil. It only scares us, and people conclude from that that it must be evil." He began explaining. "But it is most definitely not evil. For example, you know that light is assumed to be benign by pretty much everyone, but it still has the potential to be wielded in evil. Tell me, how is it that you were brought back from the brink?"

"I don't remember very well. Just that Sarina was holding on to me and talking to me, then there was a bright flash of light and I was back to normal."

"So you saw the light as well... hmm." He was thinking. "This may be very good. It seems that to save you from falling too far into the darkness Sarina embraced the power of light. She might have saved you and gained more power in the process."

"Really?" Sarina asked.

"Yes, I'm sure of it. And look, it’s sun down; you two had better get some sleep, tomorrow we are going to see what you're capable of."

We both retired to the only bed in the room and somehow it didn't seem wrong for us to share the bed. She moved up against me and soon I had drifted off to sleep.

"Dark firaga!" I yelled pointing one of my new keyblades at a soldier, a black fire ball blasted out of the end of the keyblade at the heartless destroying it on the spot. My keyblades were different now, probably because of my momentary fall into darkness. The one I held in my right hand was called Dark Embrace; the blade was a black broad sword curving slightly. At the end on the side that curves inward there is what looks like a circular dark corridor. What looks like streams of dark fire curve around the hilt as a hand guard. The keychain resembles a ball of swirling black smoke. The other one was completely black as well and looked kind of archaic. Its name is Oblivion, it was a fake.

"I do believe you've got that one down. Sarina your turn, summon your keyblade as a sword, it's easier to learn this kind of magic with a sword than a staff." She summoned her keyblade Shining Light and stood ready. "Now, like Sky, we will start with basics. A simple holy spell, it takes form as a sphere of light that flies towards its target, eventually you will become strong enough to control its path. But for now don't strain yourself, and concentrate on the light."

She nodded, pointed her keyblade at a soldier, and yelled "holy!" An orb of light formed at the tip of her keyblade and flew at the soldier. It did some damage but wasn't strong enough to destroy it. A few of other soldiers appeared.

"Do not worry, you just need practice, try making it larger before releasing it."

She nodded again, pointed her keyblade at the heartless, and yelled again "holy!" multiple times this time making the spheres larger. That worked perfectly and destryed each soldier with one hit.

"I see you're a quick learner, but you appear to be tiring out, go ahead and take a rest. I will tell you that the light strengthens your cure spells." Sarina walked away and I walked to him. "Okay now it's time for a dark shield, there's no stronger protection. It's as simple as willing the barrier to appear before you."

Group of soldiers appeared in front of me. I concentrated on making a shield and a wall of hexagons appeared in front of me. The soldiers ran at me but the shield repulsed them away.

"Look out behind you!" Merlin yelled. I turned around and there was a large body. But, suddenly, I was a few feet away from it. "That was unexpected, but it looks like you've discovered the dark warp. It functions by creating a corridor around you and then dispersing it so quickly it can't be seen. At a fraction of a second later you repeat at the destination forming a corridor where you want to be and dispersing it almost immediately. It is very interesting that you would discover such an advanced ability so quickly. Ok Cid we've done enough for today." The hologram was shut off and we were back in the training room. "There are virtually no limits to what you can do with light and darkness, but remember light and darkness are unpredictable, be careful."

I tried to use the dark warp again, but it wasn't working. "This is so exciting!" Sarina exclaimed giving me a quick hug.
"We need to go back to Olympus Coliseum again." Jiminy said jumping onto my shoulder. "Hercules thinks you two would want to enter the games."

"Sure, sounds like fun," I replied.

We were in the gummi ship on our way back to Olympus Coliseum. I decided to go take a rest in my room, but when I got to where our rooms were there was only one. When I looked inside I found out our rooms had been combined and there was just a single bed. "Of course," I said.

"Of course what?" Sarina said she must have been right behind me.

"Take a look," I said stepping aside.

"Wow," she said, I wasn't sure but it sounded like she was happy.

I just needed to take a little rest, so I went to lie on the bed. It didn't take long before I was asleep.


"Mission accomplished sir. They have embraced light and darkness; their real personalities should shortly follow."

"Good all we need to do now is wait for the change to complete."


I was in a weird room with a throne on one side, a door, a big round table, and there were very large windows on most of the walls.

"Why hello there, I'm Hades." A blue guy in a toga with blue fire for hair said.

"I know who you are! Did you forget what you did to me?!" I replied.

"That was so long ago, it's all in the past. Now I have a little deal to offer you: enter the games and destroy Hercules."

"Hercules!? But he's my friend! I can't do that!"

"Fine, fine I guess you'll never see your friends or the sky again."

"Ugh, fine, I'll do it."

"Ok, just sign here and it's a done deal." He handed me a contract and I signed it.


"Are you sure he'll be able to do it?"

"It doesn't matter; he'll be getting some help."

I hope this is good, I have a feeling it was too long.

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Re: Chosen Heroes

Comments? Please?
Anyway, next chapter

Chapter 5:

"Now arriving at Olympus Coliseum," the ship's voice woke me from my sleep. I got up, yawned, and started towards the teleporter. The others were already there waiting for me, I smiled at Sarina when I stepped onto the platform.

"Okay, ready!" I said and I heard the teleporter's high buzz. This time we were in the vestibule and there was Phil.

"Just in time!" Phil said. "Come on your first match is about to begin!" He pulled us into the coliseum.

We were faced with 10 soldiers, 5 lance soldiers, and 10 digger drills. "Heartless! I didn't know they could enter the games! But I guess this means we get to test out our new powers!"

"Fighters!" We heard an announcer. "Begin!"

I rushed forward lunging into two soldiers and following up with a blast of dark firaga into a lance soldier. Sarina started charging up a holy, she launched it at the digger drills the explosion destroyed five of them. She didn't notice the four soldiers running at her, I projected a dark shield behind her to stun the soldiers and dashed into them. Suddenly a golden glow appeared around Sarina, her clothes turned gold with silver streaks and swirls giving the impression of wind. She started moving incredibly fast; she ran up to the lance soldiers and had destroyed them with a few quick bashes before they could respond. I was stunned, where did that come from? She made a quick sweeping motion with her staff sending a razor wind at the remaining heartless destroying them on the spot. The crowd roared with cheers applauding our victory.

Sarina stopped glowing and laughed, "That was unexpected!"

"We should tell Merlin and Leon about this."

We walked back to the vestibule. "I underestimated you kids." Phil said, "You got potential, but that darkness does make me a bit uneasy. Your next match will be in one hour, don't miss it."

"Actually, we're gonna have to drop out. We need to talk to a friend."

"What?! You can't drop out now!"

"You actually won't need to leave, there's a communicator on the Ship we can use."

"That's good! It would be very bad if you dropped out. Just don't miss your match!"

"Don't worry we won't." Sarina said right before we stepped onto the hot spot to be teleported to the ship.

"Hey what do you guys need?" Chip asked.

"We need to use the communicator." I replied.

"It's right over here. Who do you need to talk to?"

"Merlin and Leon."

Chip started operating the console and soon the screen displayed Leon and Merlin. "Hello Sky and Sarina."

"Hi guys." I greeted. "Sarina got a new power, but it didn't seem like a normal power. She started to glow and her clothes changed color."

"This is interesting. I will have to talk to Master Yen Sid about this but I believe you may have discovered a drive."

"You mean like what Sora could use?" Leon asked.

"At least very similar, but Sora had special clothes made by Flora, Fauna, and Meriwether that allowed him to use drive forms, which are roughly, artificial drives. You're very lucky, because almost no one else has natural drives, and that's because no one is really sure how to get them. I predict that you gained them from light and darkness, as opposed to drive forms, drives work like a ladder; you start with one and there are, in theory, three more stages. Typically, a drive begins with a basic trait like speed and builds from there, it may branch out after that, but no one knows for sure."

"Wow, that is a lot to take in," I said. I checked the time, 40 minutes untill our next match. "I think it would be best if we got some rest before our next match. So, talk to you later."


I walked to the rec room, turned on some music (classic rock, of course), and relaxed on the couch keeping an eye on the time. At 15 minutes until our match I decided it was time to find Sarina and head down to the coliseum. I found her sleeping in our room, after I woke her up she said "Light Drive."


"A name for that drive, Light Drive."

"Oh, cool. We need to go."

We walked to the teleporter after telling Chip and Dale we were ready to leave. Back in Olympus Coliseum Phil looked like he was really relieved to see us. "Finally, you're here. I thought you two had bailed on me. Now get in there and win it!"

"Will do!" Sarina replied.

this time we faced 10 heartless that looked like bandits with unusual arching blades, 3 large bodies, and 3 that looked like a cross between the two. The bandits ran forward teaming up on us at once, but my dark shield followed up by a super-charged holy from Sarina made short work of them. All that was left was the fat bandits and large bodies, we were getting a lot stronger. The fat bandits started breathing fire while the large bodies tried to charge into us, I shot some thunder at the fat bandits and used a shield to repulse the large bodies. I jumped behind them and started slashing at them and Sarina started firing blizzards from the front. We had won again and the crowd was cheering for us.

Our matches continued with victories much like this one. Next was the championships.


"Ok, just defeat Hercules in this match and you're free to go." Hades said.

"Fine, lowlife."

"Thank you."


"This guy's gonna be a lot tougher than the heartless you've been fighting. Be ready for a challenge. Now go win it!"

We ran into the coliseum, our opponent was waiting for us, he had a gray helmet showing only his eyes and mouth. His outfit was blue, I'm not really sure how to describe it but he had a sword across his back. "Wait a second! Where's Hercules? I'm supposed to fight him, not a couple kids!"

"Don't judge a book by its cover." Sarina said.

"Hey, don't worry you'll get to fight him. Just defeat these two first, then you get to fight Hercules." A blue guy in a black toga with blue fire for hair said.

"But this is the finals! Hades what's going on?"

"Herc is the defending champion, the winner of this match gets to challenge him for the title." Hades said. "I was just trying to get you excited. Don't forget our deal." He disappeared.

"To find my friends, I will defeat you!" The stranger yelled charging at me.

I parried his initial attack and began fighting with him, but we were pretty equally matched; neither of us could land a blow on the other. "Holy!" Sarina yelled but the stranger jumped out of the way. I fired a dark firaga at him but he somehow blocked it with his sword.

"Light and Darkness, huh? I've never heard of them working together. You are much stronger than I anticipated, but that just means I don't have to hold back!"

He was moving a lot faster now I was barely parrying his attacks. "Light drive!" Sarina rushed in front of me moving even faster than the stranger, now he was on the defensive. But he wasn't fast enough and Sarina was landing plenty of blows on him.

"This is so pitiful," a woman's voice said. "It's time I stepped in." A kingdom member appeared next to the stranger and revealed a fan in each hand, but there was something unusual about them. I stepped in to fight the weakened tranger while Sarina took on the faster new opponent.

"What's going on? This has got to be against the rules!" Sarina said.

"Actually, it's not. Each team is alowd to call for back up." Hades said from the edge of the arena.

"Hades! I don't need help!" The stranger said.

"Did you forget our contract? I'm in charge here and I need you to survive to defeat Hercules!" A contract appeared in his hand.

"Sky," Jiminy said. "The keyblade can unlock anything, even a binding contract. Just point your keyblade at the contract and concentrate on unlocking it."

I set up a dark shield between the stranger and myself, pointed my keyblade at the contract and a beam of light shot out at the contract and it disintegrated.

"A keyblade?! You'll pay for that!" Hades exclaimed but he disappeared.

I went back to fighting the stranger. "Thank you friend, my name is Zack, Zack Fair. I owe you my life, literally. But I still need to beat you. Cause Hercules owes me a rematch that's long over due. I just don't have to destroy him anymore."

"That's not going to make me let you win!" I replied. I felt a rush of energy, I knew what this meant. "Dark drive!" The darkness consumed my body for a couple seconds, I could sense a purple glow around myself. My clothes had turned completely black with purple streaks and swirls like Sarina's drive. I felt way stronger than before, "time to end this!"

I was a little faster and way more powerful, Zack didn't stand a chance, and I quickly knocked his sword out of his hand and knocked him on his back. I pointed my keyblades at him.

"Give up?" I asked.

"Yeah, I give up," he said. "I think your friend needs some help." He pointed to where Sarina was fighting the Kingdom member.

Sarina looked very tired; she didn't look like she could retain her drive for very long. I stepped between the two facing the enemy.

"Wow, to think I looked up to you two." She said. "That is, until you betrayed us. Since you don't remember who I am I'll have to remind you. I'm Aero," she removed her hood revealing her light-silver hair and deep green eyes. Her soft features btrayed her role as a fighter. “I don’t care if I’m disobeying orders, good bye traitors.”

"I don't care who you are. I know I'm enemies with the Kingdom! This means I have to destroy you!" I charged at her with my keyblades raised but she disappeared in a breeze.

"Can't fight what you can't see."

I closed my eyes delving into the darkness for an answer. I could sense motion around me, the breeze she was creating. When it shifted towards me I raised a dark shield and dived at her managing to give her deep gashes on her arms but she disappeared again. She tried again from a different angle, I raised my shield again, but this time I pushed it into her stunning her, it gave me the advantage I needed to plunge Dark Embrace into her chest. She screamed out in pain. "Dark firaga!" The black fire started ripping through her torso.

She started fading away, "congratulations you managed to defeat the weakest member of the Kingdom." Soon she was completely gone. I could allow the darkness to disperse.

I remembered Sarina, I turned around, and she was struggling to get up. But it was in vain, she was way to weak to move. I picked her up and carried her out of the coliseum. "Hey, wait up!" Zack called out to me, "where are you going? You have to fight Hercules now!"

"It'll have to wait, Sarina needs help. I have to get her to our gummi ship."

"Wait, gummi ship? So that means you travel to other worlds."

"Yeah, that's right."

"Could I join you? I want to find my friends."

"I don't see why not, wait here though. We're not leaving yet."

"Ok, got it!"

We had reached the vestibule and Phil was waiting for us. "Get ready for your fight with Herc. Hey, where are you going?"

"I need to heal Sarina. I guess I'll have to forfeit."

"Forfeit? What?! You're practically a celebrity now! You can't pass up that fame!"

"Apparently I can, my friends are my priority. And Sarina needs my help." I stepped on the hot spot and we were brought up to the ship. I took her to the sick bay and the white magic simulating machines started up. I had never seen anything like them before. The monitor said that she wouldn't be fully recovered for two days. Well, better go explain things to Zack.

I took the teleporter back to the vestibule, Phil was there. "Where's Zack?"

"In the coliseum. Hey kid, I wish I could make it seem more official but you two have earned the title of junior heroes. I was testing you and passing up fame to help your friend was the final test, you passed."

“Just junior heroes?”

“There’s a lot more you got to work on, but you got the potential.”

I walked into the coliseum and saw Zack and Hercules dueling and the crowd was cheering them on. They were really good, actually Zack looked like he was doing a lot better than when he fought me. Was he holding back when we fought? It looked like Hercules was getting the upper hand. Zack finally fell down and said "fine you win this time." Hercules helped him up and they started talking like old friends.

"Hey Zack, time to go, evil never rests."

"All right, on my way. See you around Herc."

"Make sure you come back to visit. And Sky you still owe me a match

"Don't worry we'll be back." I said before Zack and I stepped onto the hot spot.

"Wow! This is amazing!" Zack exclaimed.

"Come on I'll show you your room."

I walked to the part of the ship the rooms were in and pointed to the doors. "Pick anyone that doesn't have a name on it." That was all of them except the one Sarina and I shared. I wonder if the other rooms will ever have owners.

What do you think?


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Re: Chosen Heroes

You write really well and you update fast. It's cool to read them and the BBS sort of reference with Zack in it was pretty good.


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Re: Chosen Heroes

This one's a little shorter than the others. But I think it ends well.
You wanna know what you could get me for Christmas? Comments!
Oh and I hope I don't get killed by the Final Fantasy VII fans for this one.

Chapter 6:

"So, Zack who are your friends? We might have met them." Sarina asked.

"Their names are Aerith and Cloud." He answered.

"Hey! We met her at Radiant Garden" I said.

"Really? Can we go there?" He asked.

"Sure, I'll go tell Chip and Dale to set course." I walked to the bridge and of course there were Chip and Dale. I've always wondered if they ever leave the bridge. "Hey guys, we need to go to Radiant Garden."

"Got it we'll set course."

I walked back to the rec room where I had been talking with Zack and Sarina. Sarina had left but Zack was still there watching the news, probably trying to catch up on what he missed while he was dead. "Hey Zack, I was wondering if you could teach Sarina how to use her keyblade as a sword. I've tried but my style doesn't translate well to fighting with a single sword. Plus, I don't think I'm a very good teacher."

"Sure no problem. It's always good to know how to handle a blade." He replied. "So much has happened while I was gone. Wow."

"Well, I'll see you later."

I walked to my room and found Sarina there, like she was waiting for me. "Hi," I greeted.

"Hi," she said. She sounded worried.

"Is everything ok?"

"I'm worried about what that Kingdom member, Aero, said. She acted like she already knew us and then she called us traitors. I just can't figure out what she meant and I can't get it out of my head."

"I think she was trying to do just that: confuse us. I doubt it means anything, just nonsense. Don't worry."

"Ok, but something doesn't seem right."

We decided to surprise Aerith, so instead of teleporting to the hotspot in Merlin's house we landed in a secluded area near the shopping plaza. Sarina and I kept a little ahead to keep watch for anyone from the restoration committee as we made our way to Merlin's house. We managed to make it to his house without getting spotted. "Ok, you wait here and Sarina and I will go in and get her." I told Zack.

"Ok." He hid against the wall next to the door.

Sarina knocked on the door and Leon answered. "What are you two doing here?"

"We need to talk to Aerith," Sarina replied. "Is she here?"

Evidently, she was there and had heard us talking. "What do you need?" She asked when she got to the door.

"Close your eyes," Sarina said.

"What? Why?" She seemed surprised.

"Please just close your eyes," Sarina said again.

She sighed and obeyed. I motioned for Zack to move in front of her. Leon struggled to hold in a laugh.

"Ok, open your eyes," Sarina commanded.

When Aerith opened her eyes they widened. "Surprise, long time no see," Zack said casually.

She squealed, "Zack!" And embraced him, crying a little bit. "We all thought you had died!"

"I did," he replied.

"But, how can you be here?" She gasped. "You're not a nobody, are you?"

"I was brought back to life, by Hades himself. He tried getting me to destroy Hercules in return for my freedom. But somehow, Sky was able to void the contract, or something, and now I'm free."

"Are you going to stay here and help us?"

"We would be very thankful," Leon added.

"I'm sorry, but I can't." He replied. "Sky and Sarina offered to let me travel with them to look for Cloud. Plus, I literally owe Sky my life."

"Good luck, then." Aerith said. "And say hi for me."

"I don't mean to interrupt the moment, but have you found any information about what happened to Joey?" I asked.

"Merlin said he had found something, but something urgent came up before he could tell any of us. You can wait here for him to get back." Leon answered.

"If it's about Joey I'm willing to wait," I said.

Apparently Cid was there too working on his super-computer. I remembered I had wanted to ask him something.

"Hey Cid, why did you combine mine and Sarina's rooms? It seemed kind of random."

"She asked me too when she had to bring you back from Olympus Coliseum. In fact it was after you had woken up."


"Hey Cid, Merlin told me that Sky will be especially vulnerable to the darkness when he is sleeping and I might be the only one who can bring him back."


"He suggested that I have you set up something in the gummi ship to keep an eye on him, like a security system. But, I think I have a better idea."

"What's that?"

"Combine our rooms, that way no matter what happens I'll always be right there to lead him out of the darkness."

"I'll see what I can do."


"Wow, I had no idea she was so worried about me that she would go to such lengths to protect me."

"I think it's more than that." Cid said. "I think protecting you was just a part of it."

I didn't get it, "I don't get it."

"Really? *sigh* Sky, she likes you, a lot, and she cares about you like no one else possibly could. She used the problem as an excuse to get closer to you, to spend more time with you."

"Wow. I never thought of that. The way she acted when she saw the room, I thought you had played a joke."

"I would never play a joke when there's a gummi ship involved. It was all her idea. Although, in retrospect she probably didn't want me to tell you any of that; so promise me to not make it obvious I told you."

I laughed a little, "ok, I promise."

By the time we were finished with our conversation Merlin had finally showed up. "Perfect timing Sky, Sarina, and Zack."

"Wait, how do you know who I am?" Zack asked in awe.

"No time to explain, I have very important information regarding Joey." He handed Sarina a note. "Go back to your ship and give that to Chip and Dale. You must hurry, we don't have much time." He used his magic to push us out the door.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"Hey come on! You heard him!" Zack was yelling at us, he was already half way back to the shopping plaza.

When we got to the ship Sarina ran to the bridge to give Chip and Dale the note. I decided to go to the training room, gotta keep up my strength. A few minutes later though Sarina ran in.

"We're there!" She yelled.

"What? But we just left!"

"It's a little complicated, but come see for yourself."

When we got to the bridge I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A giant ball of darkness was floating in front of us, except it looked almost... alive. Heartless! It was a giant sphere of heartless. "What is this?"

"Disney Castle," Jiminy answered sadly. "We've decided you're strong enough to create a hole big enough for us to get through. You'll have to combine Light Ray and Dark Aura into something Merlin calls Blast of Dawn."

"But. I don't know Light Ray and Sky doesn't know Dark Aura." Sarina said.

"You should be able to use them if you try while you're in your drive." Chip said. "At least that's what the note said."

"You'll have to go outside the ship to use the ability. But your drives should protect you."

In the air lock I was definitely nervous.

"Dark Drive!"

"Light Drive!"

The air lock openned and we stepped out onto the top of the ship. "You ready?" Sarina asked.


We turned to face the world, Sarina closed her eyes and put out her hands, palms up. A bright light started gathering above her hands. I put my hands above the light and started concentrating, the light darkened and acquired a sort of physical look, like darkness but not quite. We added more power to it and looked at the world "Blast of Dawn!" We both yelled before launching it at the wall of heartless.

The ship started moving as soon as we had launched the Blast. I almost fell off but Sarina grabbed my arm, she had picked me up in an instant and ran back into the ship. The ship was flying faster than I imagined was possible.

On the bridge I could see our Blast of Dawn rushing at the wall of heartless a little ahead of the ship. When the Blast hit the wall the explosion as huge and we were so close we got there before the smoke had cleared. But in a second it was obvious we had made it, I could see the castle and it was huge. I saw a garden in the center and a part of it opened up where we landed. This place was amazing.

I have two versions of the next chapter and I'm having trouble deciding which one to use. It affects how the story will unfold, so troublesome because I like them both.
Either way I think I'm gonna have to edit Chapter 4 a little.


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cool as always. Why the heck am I the only one replying to this fanfic


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New chapter! A little short but it works. Check out chapter 4, I edited the part in the underworld. I'll let you figure out what I changed though.

Chapter 7:

I ran out of the entry way that was disguised as a plant cut like a castle. I looked around admiring the oddness of the garden. I was cut short when I saw a blast of holy heading right for me. "Aaaaaahhh!" I was able to put up a shield before it hit. "Where did that come from?" I demanded.

"It came from me!!" Said a voice somewhere in front of me up high. I looked up and saw a woman with blue eyes and long, red hair, wearing a matching red dress on a balcony above me. She jumped down and started talking "I can sense you darkness! There is no place here for beings of darkness! Be gone from this sacred place!" She shot another blast of holy at me, I wasn't able to summon a shield in time, and this one hit me right in the chest. It knocked me back a few feet and onto the ground. "Hm, you’re stronger than I thought."

"Sky!" Sarina called out, she ran between me and the woman. "Why are you attacking him?! He didn't do anything to you!"

"You have so much light. Who are you?" The woman said. "And why do you defend this being from the darkness?

"My name is Sarina, and I'm protecting him because he's my friend!"

The woman gasped and took a paper out of her pocket and looked at it. Tears began to build up in her eyes and a smile formed on her lips. She ran to Sarina and hugged her, Sarina nervously hugged her back. "Oh, my little girl, I'm so sorry. What they did to you was horrible. But now I have even more reason to destroy him."

"What? Why?!"

"I can't let this monster endanger your life. He's only a step away from becoming a heartless."

"What?! No, he's not!"

The woman pushed Sarina out of the way. "Now, I must protect you." She was about to shoot me with another blast of holy, I was too weak to get up let alone summon a shield; I was done for.

"No!" Sarina jumped in front of the woman again.

"Why do you risk your life to protect him?"

"Because I love him! I wouldn't be able to go on if he died! And as long as I'm with him his darkness is only a threat to heartless and nobodies!"

"No one can stop the darkness!"

"Then I guess I'm the exception, because I am the light who brings him back."

I was feeling really tired, then the darkness started forming around me. "Ugh... Sarina," I said weakly she turned around the worry plastered on her face.

"You see? He will destroy us all if I don't destroy him now!" The woman said. But Sarina was running towards me ignoring the woman. Sarina embraced me. "What are you doing?! Get away from him before he destroys you!"

"I told you, I'm the light that brings him back!" Sarina yelled back, she started talking to me. "The darkness has no hold over you. You command the darkness." There was a welcome flash of light and I was back to normal.

"Impossible." The woman said. "How did you do that?"

"I used the light." Sarina replied helping me up. I was too weak to stand on my own so Sarina was supporting most of my weight.

"You need to see the king." The woman said. "Follow me."

Sarina looked at me unsure; I guess she was worried about me. "Let's go," I reassured her. She nodded and we followed the woman. She led us to a set of giant doors on the next floor up, she opened a small door in one side, and we followed her in. The room was huge and I could barely see some people at the other end on a slightly raised platform. As we got closer I could see that not all of them were human, there was a duck dressed like a mage, a dog dressed like a knight, and a mouse that looked like a king. There were two humans there too, they were both guys; one had spiky, brown hair and blue eyes and the other had long, silver hair and teal eyes.

"Hey Kairi, who are they?" The guy with brown hair said.

"This is Sora, Riku, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey." The woman introduced them. "This is Sky and Sarina."

"Sarina? But-" Sora began.

"Yes, I know," Kairi interrupted him. "Not only that but she looks a lot like the picture," she took out the picture and showed it to him. His eyes brightened when he saw the picture.

"I don't believe it. Sarina!" He exclaimed and embraced her in a bear hug. "We were told you were a nobody in the Kingdom!"

"Wait, I was never in the Kingdom. I grew up on the world Destiny with Sky."

"That clinches it," Riku said. "You're their daughter, I personally arranged for Namine to erase your memories and rehabilitate you. I put you into a virtual Destiny to keep the Kingdom off your backs."

"What? Why didn't you tell us about any of that?" Sora asked.

"I didn't want you to try and help, you would have endangered the whole plan. My only regret is that the only way to do this was to completely change her memories"

"Ok, but how could Namine help, she and I joined together years ago." Kairi said.

"It's complicated," Riku said. "The important part is that you have your daughter back, even if she is 12 years older than when you saw her a year ago before she died. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened." He turned to Sarina. "You were only 4 years old a year ago, somehow when you were turned into a nobody you were aged to 16."

"What?!" Sarina gasped, we were both surprised.

"Wait a second! I almost forgot the reason we came here in the first place. Where's Joey?!" I asked.

"Oh, right." Riku said. "Joey never existed; I guess I better explain it all. All the people in the virtual Destiny were data recreations of the real citizens of Destiny. When you were in the virtual Destiny you needed someone to model until you had developed your own personality. So, I created Joey, when you were completely rehabilitated I took you to the real version of the house you had lived in and hired someone to act as Joey until you left."

"So there's no Joey?" I asked.

"No, he never existed, I'm sorry."

"Riku, where did you learn how to do all that?" Sora asked.

"From Ansem the Wise, when we were trying to restore your memories after Castle Oblivion." Riku replied.

"That's enough of all that for now." Mickey suddenly spoke up; I had almost forgotten he was there. "I bet you two are really tired. Riku, please find them rooms."

When we got outside Sarina stopped us. "Um, Riku, just one room for the two of us would be good."

"I figured as much," He said. We followed him up to the next floor, down a hall with doors lining either side. We stopped at a pair of white double doors. "Well, here's your room."

It was a pretty basic room, in the far right corner there was a large bed, and in the far left corner were two couches. One was facing the bed with a short table in front of it and the other couch was to the right of the first one and facing the table. Between the bed and couches was a glass sliding door leading out to a balcony overlooking an expanse of green fields dotted with trees. At the near right corner there was an opening to a bathroom.

Sarina helped me to the bed; at this point sleep was very welcome. I guess Sarina was tired too, cause she got into the bed right behind me. Somehow it didn't seem so weird to share a bed with her. I'm sure part of it had to do with my conversation with Cid, but it seems like there was more to it than that.

I woke up to someone knocking on our door, Sarina was still sound asleep. I was feeling much better than before and quietly got up to answer the door. Kairi was waiting at the door, but I don't think she was expecting me. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this was Sarina's room. Do you know which one is hers?"

"You were right this is Sarina's room. It just also happens to be my room." I replied stepping to the side to let her see the room. She looked stricken with fear. "What? It's no like we did anything. We have to share a bed because supposedly I'm more vulnerable to the darkness when I'm asleep. At least that's what she told Cid." She looked really relieved when I said that. "So, what do you need?"

"Actually, if she's sleeping you can probably help me. I want to know the extent of her power over the light."

"I could help you with that. We've been training together. Let's just go somewhere else so we don't wake her up."

Kairi nodded and motioned for me to follow her. She led me to a small study with books lining the walls. We sat on opposite sides of a desk in the center of the room. "So, where do I start?"

"From when she first manifested the ability to use the light."

"That would be the first time we went to Olympus Coliseum, when a guy named Hydro tried to drown her." Kairi gasped. "I think he did that to bring out my darkness, because until then I had no idea I could use the darkness. When the darkness started to take over Hydro disappeared and freed Sarina, to save me Sarina risked her life bringing me back, the same way she did when we got here. That was the first time; she used her light to bring me back."

"Wow, that can't be all."

"It's not. The darkness drained me so much that I passed out and Sarina carried me out of the Underworld back to our gummi ship and to Merlin's house in Radiant Garden. When I woke up and had rested Merlin decided to teach us a little of how to use the light and darkness, he taught her how to use holy. After that we went back to Olympus Coliseum where she discovered how to use drives, for now all she can use is Light Drive where she gets super fast and stronger. When we broke through the heartless barrier to get here we combined Light Ray and Dark Aura to make what Merlin calls Blast of Dawn."

“That’s amazing,” Kairi said. “I’m sorry for attacking you earlier, without you I might never have seen Sarina again.”

“I’m glad I could help. If only I didn’t have to depend on her so much, but when the darkness takes control like that I’m always afraid that this is the time I’m going to hurt her. I wish there was some way to show her how thankful I am.”

Kairi smiled, “I’m sure you’ll find a way eventually. I wish I could have my little girl back, but I'm glad she's at least with someone who's so kind.”

"I had better go back to our room. She's never said it but she doesn't like me to go anywhere without her." I walked back to my room and tried to sneak in but she was already awake.

"Where were you?" She asked sounding a little annoyed. "What if your darkness had started to act up again. I'm the only person who can help you." Now she was sounding genuinely worried.

"I was just talking to your mom." It sounded kind of weird saying that. "She wanted to know what you were capable of doing with the light and we didn't want to wake you." I sat next to her on the bed. "I'm perfectly fine."

She started to cry a little, "you don't know that, that could have been the time you didn't have me there to help." I put my arm around her and she leaned into me. "I couldn't lose you, you're all I have left from the life I remember. Even if it's all lies it's all I have and your the only person left. I don't know what I would do without you."

"How about this: I'll never leave your side. I need you too for the same reasons and more, I couldn't continue living if I lost you." She had stopped crying and looked at me.

"You really mean that?"

"Every word." I said smiling.

She smiled back. We leaned close together, our lips touched , and we kissed. It was the kind of kiss you don't want to end. In that instant we were joined together by unbreakable chains, nothing could break us apart and nothing could break our bond. When it ended I said the only thing that came to mind.

"I love you."

She sighed and all the tension left her body, she began to cry again and embraced me in a hug and I returned it. "I love you, too," she said. I didn't want to let her go, I was afraid that if I did I would lose her forever and right now she was the only thing in the universe that mattered to me.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For everything."

A little more romantic than normal, but I think the story needed it. Oh yeah and please leave me some comments.


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Yeah, that was a little more romantic than usual. Try adding some comedy into it, it seems a little depressing sometimes.


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Well, it's not supposed to be a funny story. Sure there's some comic relief, but it's a serious story. I'm not writing this story to make people laugh.


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Thanks. You really think it's that good? It's nice to know the story has more than one fan.


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I've decided that Riku will be the main source of the little comic relief the story will have.
Anyway, new chapter! of course comments are always welcome.

Chapter 8:

Finally, we were leaving to other worlds. Sarina's parents, Riku, Donald, and Goofy had decided to join us. This was going to be a weird trip, the parents of the woman I love would always be there watching, judging.

"Come on Sky!" Sarina said pulling me into the ship. I had kept my promise and hadn't been more than a few steps away from her. She doesn't realize that I'm doing this to protect her as well. We might as well have been handcuffed together.

"What's the next world?" I asked Chip and Dale.

"Agrabah," Chip answered.

"Hey we're gonna get to see Aladdin and Jasmine!" Sora exclaimed.

I guess there were some advantages to having him with us.

The trip was really short; we were hovering over a city in the middle of the desert. The teleporter was big enough to fit all eight of us and soon we were in the middle of the city.

"Ok, we should split up, Kairi, Riku, and I will investigate the area near the palace." Sora said. "Sky, and Sarina check the west side of the city, Donald, Goofy, and Zack check the east side of the city."

We nodded and went our separate ways. There were only a few heartless here and there, nothing unusual. "So we meet again young Keyblade wielders." A familiar voice said. A Kingdom member with a lance was behind us, it was the same person who choked Sarina at Radiant Garden!

"What do you want?!" I demanded.

"Just wanted to see a couple old friends." He replied casually.

"I don't feel like playing games!" I replied.

"Fine, it's time for another test. Just you and me Sarina." He said.

"What? No!" I said.

"It's fine, I can take him on my own."

"Are you sure? Remember last time?"

"I've gotten a lot stronger since then."

Sarina stepped towards the man; he smiled and raised a barrier. "I'll let you see your girl friend suffer. Don't worry about any nobodies."

Sarina immediately shot a blast of holy at him, but he was very fast and immediately retaliated with firaga. Sarina brought out her staff, blocked the attack, and charged at him. But, he was faster than her and was landing a few hits on her, and it was taking its toll, she was starting to tire out. Suddenly she jumped away and yelled "Light Drive!" And resumed attacking at blinding speed. Somehow he was blocking every attack, this wasn't going to work. He hit her in the side with his lance and she was knocked to the ground, he cut a large gash into her left arm and she screamed out in pain. There was another flash and Sarina had changed, she had a white light radiating from her, her clothes had turned a solid, shining silver, and her hair went down to her waist. She was... smiling and using her keyblade as a sword. She lunged at the man; it looked like she wasn't even touching the ground. The man put up a barrier to block Sarina; she was still smiling.

"Ah, you've made a lot of progress. Keep up the good work." The man said before walking through a dark corridor.

Sarina laughed when he disappeared and then she turned back to normal and hugged me. Ok, this is weird. "Are you ok?" I asked.

"I'm wonderful!" She exclaimed.

"O… K… So, do you have a name for that drive?"

"Joy Drive!" She sang out.

Something was definitely up, "let's get you to your parents."


We made our way to the palace but there were guards blocking the only entrance. I hoped they knew that Sora had a daughter. We walked up to the guards and hoped for the best; well I was hoping for the best, I'm not really sure what Sarina was thinking.

"No entry allowed," one of the guards said.

"You gotta let us in! We need to see Sora." I argued.

"Unless you can prove you're his friends, no entry." The other guard said.

"She's his daughter," I said pointing to Sarina, she smiled and waved at the guards.

"He didn't say he had a daughter," the second guard replied.

"Hey Sky! Sarina!" Sora called walking up from behind the guards. "It's ok guys, she is my daughter, and he is a friend." He said to the guards. They stepped aside and allowed us to pass.

"Told ya," I said to the guards.

"Good bye!" Sarina said cheerfully, waving to the guards as we passed by.

"So, why are you here?" Sora asked.

"Her," I said pointing to Sarina.

"Hi daddy!" She said before hugging him like a little girl.

"Hi Sarina," he replied trying to sound sincere. "This is definitely weird, maybe Riku can help. Come on, he's just up ahead."

We walked ahead Sarina holding my hand. Riku was talking to a guy in some shabby clothes. "Hey Aladdin! This is my daughter Sarina and her friend Sky."

"Nice to meet you," Aladdin said.

"Riku, can you take a look at Sarina?" Sora asked.

"Sure. What's wrong with her?"

"Sky can explain."

Riku led us to another room, "so what's wrong with her?"

"Just try talking to her."

"Hello Sarina."

"Hi Riku!" She exclaimed.

"How are you feeling?"

"Wonderful! It's so fun traveling around with Sky! I wanna be with him forever!"

I blushed a little at that. "She did just discover a new drive, if that makes a difference." I added.

"Oh. Then it'll be fine. I'll do a check up on the ship but she'll be back to normal in a while."

We went back to where we had left Sora and Aladdin. Kairi was waiting for us.

"Hi mom!" Sarina yelled and ran forward to give Kairi a hug. Kairi looked very surprised but happy.

"Hi Sarina," she replied confusedly.

"It'll wear off," Riku said.

"I'm not sure I want it to. I finally have my little girl back." Kairi said.

"Sky you better hold onto her. I don't think she's in any condition to fight." Riku said.

"I figured as much. Come on Sarina."

"Ok!" She yelled running towards me and nearly tackling me to the ground in a hug. At least it wasn't going to be hard to keep my promise. "What are we gonna do?"

"We're going back to the ship." I replied. "I think I saw a hot spot outside the palace."

We walked outside Sarina clinging to me and there was the hot spot. We stepped on it, I activated the teleporter, and in a second we were on the ship. I decided to just go to our room and of course Sarina followed. We waited in our room, waiting for her weird behavior to wear off.

It was getting late and I decided sleep would be a good idea. When I woke up Sarina was lying next to me sound asleep, she woke up when I got up. "Hi Sky."

"Hi, how are you feeling?"

"Ok I guess. I can't really remember what happened yesterday, though."

"Well, you fought that fire guy, discovered a new drive that you called Joy Drive, and then the rest of the day you were acting like a hyper active little girl."

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah." I gave her a big hug and she giggled.

We walked to the bridge to see if anyone else was back. Everyone was still on the world, so we teleported down. When we got there, the town was under attack by samurai nobodies and our friends were nowhere to be seen.

“How long were we asleep?” Sarina asked.

"I don’t know. Let's check the palace!" I suggested. Sarina nodded and we made our way there destroying the nobodies in our way. The guards weren't at the gates, something must be wrong. We ran into an open area in the middle of the palace, there was a large nobody resembling a knight in the middle. Sora and the others were there, but they were trapped behind a barrier and Riku had been knocked out. The knight hadn't noticed us yet.

"Dark Drive!"

"Light Drive!"

We charged at the knight but he seemed to know what to expect and jumped to the side. Of course, a second knight appeared next to the first one. This was going to be one-on-one.

I shot a blast of dark firaga at the second knight but it knocked the attack aside with its sword. I followed up by jumping forward and throwing Oblivion at the knight, but it sidestepped out of the way. Suddenly it ran up to me with its sword raised to strike me from above, I blocked with Dark Embrace and summoned Oblivion back. I was mostly blocking attacks at this point; the knight was faster than it looked. I used a shield to stun it and tried to hit it with a cross slash, my attack landed but the knight seemed unfazed and resumed its assault. "Thunder!" At point blank the knight couldn't avoid the blast of lightning and was knocked off its feet. I tried stabbing its chest but this thing was fast and had its sword up in time to block me. Somehow, I managed to teleport behind it. So, I plunged Dark Embrace into the knight’s back. It shook me off and I shot a dark aura at it, this couldn’t be blocked and went through the knight's sword and blasted into its body. The knight started fading away, and I turned to find Sarina finishing off her knight with an aero blade. The barrier disappeared and the captives ran out to thank and congratulate us.

"I've never seen anything like that!" Sora exclaimed.

"Good job! I'm so proud of you!" Kairi was hugging Sarina who blushed when she saw me looking.

The darkness started to form again and I fell to my knees. Sarina broke from her mother's embrace to help me; she held on to me trying to talk me through it, like normal. The familiar light appeared, but this time was different. This time it looked like it had affected Sarina, she was visibly more tired afterward.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm fine. You should be worried about yourself."

"How can I be worried about myself when it's hurting you to help me?"

"I'm fine, I promise."

"Let's get you two back to the ship." Riku suggested. "I know something that should help."

He took us to the sick bay and started mixing some chemicals together and preparing something. He filled a syringe with the strange concoction and injected it into Sarina's shoulder. He created another mixture with some substituted ingredients and injected it into my shoulder. "I'm gonna need you to stay in here so I can monitor your vitals. This is sort of an experiment."

"What? You're experimenting on us?!" I exclaimed.

"Sort of, but according to Ansem's research and my own research this should help you with those problems. It's my fault anyway; they're all side effects of your rehabilitation." He grabbed a mask. "Now, start counting down from 100," he said as he put the mask over my face.

I didn't make it past 98.

I awoke with a start, something felt off. I was still in the sick bay; I turned to see that Sarina had just woken up as well. "Something's wrong." We said in unison. We both gasped, "I'm sorry, you first," again in unison. "This is weird," in unison. "Why do we keep saying the same thing?" In unison again. Whenever we tried to talk we said the same thing at the same time. It was like our thoughts were identical as well.

We went to the bridge to find out what was going on. Only Chip and Dale were there.

"Where are we?" We asked.

"We're in Radiant Garden. Why are you talking like that?" Chip answered.

"We don't know and we can't stop." We said. "It has to be Riku's fault, though."

We took the teleporter to Merlin's house. There was Riku talking to Leon. "What did you do to us?!" We demanded.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"We can't talk without saying the same thing!" We yelled.

"Wow that is interesting. What did that I wonder?" He said casually.

"Stop treating us like a science experiment!" We yelled.

"Fine, I'll look into it when we're done here. There have been reports of suspicious activity at the outskirts of the town and at the castle. Sora and Kairi are at the castle and the others are patrolling the town, just in case. You two can check the outskirts, who knows, this 'problem' of yours might help you."

We glared at him for a second before leaving the house. "Jerk," we said.

I (or maybe we) didn't see anything unusual, just the normal barren blue rock, at least at first. Two kingdom members appeared a few feet in front of us and removed their hoods. They were about the same height as us, one guy, and one girl; they looked like they could have been twins. They both had blonde hair but the guy's was cropped short and the girl's went down to her waist. They both had bright blue eyes and very similar facial structures.

"Hi there Sky," the girl said flirtatiously.

"Um, hi." We answered nervously

"Oh yeah, you don't remember us." The girl said. "I'm Mary."

"And I'm John." The guy added.

"What do you want?" We demanded; we weren't in a mood to play the Kingdom's games.

"Hm, why are you talking like that?" Mary asked.

"We're not sure why. Tell us why you're here."

"That's no way to greet friends." Mary said. "Isn't that right brother?"

"Yes it is. It sounds like they want to fight. Even if they’re talking at the same time I don't think they could be as in tune with each other as we are. It doesn't matter, we're much stronger than them anyway" John replied.

They summoned identical broad swords there was electricity visibly running through them. We tried to summon our own weapons of choice, but all we could get were Dark Embrace and Shining Light. That would have to do.

"What's wrong? You look frustrated." John taunted.

"Shut up!" We yelled charging at them.

They blocked our attacks and Mary jumped into John's hands who threw her up into the air. She tried bringing a devastating slash down onto Sarina. Without thinking I summoned a shield to block the attack, Mary jumped off the shield landed on her feet. Sarina jumped on my shoulders and I jumped forward, at the peak of the jump Sarina dived at John who barely sidestepped it. I had teleported behind him to catch Sarina and slash at John's back; Mary pulled him out of the way, and retaliated with a lunge at my chest. Sarina blocked her and they became locked in combat neither one landing a hit. I teleported behind John – who was expecting me to attack Mary – and successfully sliced into his back. He yelled in pain, Mary pushed Sarina back and ran to his aid. Preparing to block her attack I only noticed John slashing at my shoulder at the last second, I was able to jump out of the way causing them to crash into eachother. John had barely scraped my shoulder but the electricity was very painful. I saw Sarina flinch and grab her shoulder in the same spot; if one of us got hurt the other could feel it too, need to keep that in mind. I grabbed Sarina at her waist and threw her at John and Mary head first, she sliced right through their stomachs and they fell to the ground in a kneel. Unfortunately, instead of fading away they escaped through a dark corridor.

"This isn't over." Mary said. "I will return, my love." She blew a kiss at me.

I was confused and of course that meant so was Sarina. "What was up with them?" We wondered aloud. "Especially Mary."

We made our way back to Merlin's house. Luckily, Riku was still there; we had some questions for him. "Riku," we began. "When we were in the Kingdom, was there a girl named Mary who had a crush on Sky?"

"Yes, how did you find out about that?" He asked surprised.

"We just fought John and Mary. We thought that Nobodies didn’t have feelings, how is it possible for her to have a crush on him?"

"Something gave them emotions, but what that is I'm not allowed to talk about." He answered. "They must have been the source of the suspicious activity. We can go back to the ship now, I'll have Chip and Dale contact the others, I need to take a look at this."

He took us to the sick bay and started scanning us with different machines and drew some blood samples. "Hm, interesting," he said curiously when he had finished.

"Do you know what's wrong with us?" We asked.

"Yeah," he sighed. "Well, please don't kill me but, when you were asleep before, I linked your souls together and that appears to be the source of this abnormality."

"You did what?!" We yelled. "Why would you do that?!"

"I- I couldn't resist, you two were so perfectly matched. It was an experiment, but I never expected it to have such a drastic effect."

"You used us in an experiment?! You said you wouldn't do that!" We were almost ready to kill him.

"I never said that. But don't worry I can fix it I think, unless you don't want me to." He said suggestively.

"This isn't nearly as nice as you think! For your sake we hope this works!" We threatened.

He put masks on our faces and said, "Count down from 100."

We didn't make it past 98.

I woke up and Riku was staring at us. "It worked!" He exclaimed. I looked over to Sarina but she was still asleep. I got up to wake her and share the news.

"Sarina wake up, we're back to normal!" I exclaimed.

"Huh?" She said groggily, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

“It worked!” She tackled me with a hug laughing with joy.

"Mostly," Riku said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I severed the connection as much as possible, but I couldn't sever it completely. I don't know how it'll affect you, but it doesn't seem to be anything noticeable."

We were already walking out the door by the time he finished talking. He was getting boring and we wanted to find out what was going on.

We were still on Radiant Garden and there were still some weird readings. This time it was isolated to the area where we had fought John and Mary.

I had a little trouble with the fight with John and Mary, I hope it makes sense.
I'm just going to say right now, the other characters are only going to have minor parts in the story.


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lol, Riku experimented on them. Well it's good to finally see some comic relief in this story.


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A little late, but it's here next chapter!
oh yeah, comments please.

Chapter 9:

We walked into the area that was giving off the unusual readings, but there was nothing there. Our friends weren't even there.

"Where is everybody?" I asked no one.

"They couldn't make it." A man's voice said sinisterly. A kingdom member appeared before us with his hood down. He had icy blue eyes and short, black hair. He summoned a sword made of ice.

"Aren't you the push over from Halloweentown?" I asked.

"I was faking it! Besides that was two-on-one! This time it's just you and me Sky!" He put up a barrier around us, keeping Sarina out.

"Bring it!"

I summoned my keyblades and made the first move firing dual shots of fire at him. He jumped out of the way and swept his sword at my stomach. I summoned a shield to block his attack and shot a dark firaga, it hit him in the chest knocking him back. He seemed unfazed though and started firing blizzards at me repeatedly. "Dark Drive!" I was blocking all of his attacks and slowly made my way towards him; he launched me into the air with a pillar of ice from the ground and hit me with a blizzaga. I fell on my back and slowly got up, I was really angry. A yelled at the top of my lungs and I was enveloped by the darkness. When it cleared I had a black aura around me, my clothes had turned completely black, and my eyes were yellow-orange. I was only holding Dark Embrace, yet I knew I didn't need Oblivion.

"Gotcha," the man said. "Oh, by the way my name is Sam, traitors." He disappeared through a corridor.

"Jerk!" I yelled. When the drive faded I didn't feel nearly as angry as before. It's like the drive made me angry, that would make a good name. "Anger Drive."

"Well, problem solved, I guess," Sarina said.

Back at Merlin's the others were waiting for us. "So, how'd it go?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your date." Riku said.

"Date?! We were attacked by a Kingdom member!" I exclaimed.

"Wait were you setting us up?" Sarina asked. "Were those 'unusual readings' Chip and Dale mentioned fake?"

"Yep," Riku replied proudly.

"It was Riku's idea," Sora said.

"How sad," Kairi sighed. "The Kingdom ruined your date."

"I told them it was a bad idea," Zack said. "It's obvious you’re already madly in love with each other."

"I have an idea," Sarina whispered into my ear.

"What?" I whispered back.

"Let’s use the hotspot, but put a barrier up blocking it right before we leave."

I nodded walked to the hotspot with her and a second later we were back in our room on the ship. "Let's see what they think of that," Sarina giggled.

"I don't see what's so funny." I said

"I left a note," Sarina replied. "My parents are gonna freak out." She was still laughing. "Um, you might want to stay behind me."

Kairi stormed into the room. "You're pregnant?!" She yelled holding up the note.

I was just as surprised as Sarina. "Why did you lie about something as big as that? She's gonna kill me." I whispered to her.

"She was lying," I told Kairi. "She's not pregnant she was just pulling a prank. She didn't even let me in on it." I was crouching behind Sarina for protection.

Kairi was visibly relieved, "why did you do that?" She asked Sarina.

"Because, you've been treating me like a little girl. I don't care if I'm only technically 5 years old. I look like a 16 year old, I act like a 16 year old, and I think like a 16 year old. I'm not your little girl. I'm sorry, but I can't pretend if I can't remember. As far as I know, Sky is the closest thing to family I have."

"I- I'm sorry," Kairi said. "I didn't know you felt that way." She walked away looking a little depressed.

"She took that kind of hard." I said. "I hope she's ok."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore," Sarina said.

"Fine, what do you wanna do?"

"Could you teach me more about sword fighting?"


On our way to the training room we passed by Riku. "Oh, Sarina, Sky. I looked over your test results again and I think you may be able to enter and exit that combined state of mind at will. I think it might be useful."

"Good to know," I said only half paying attention. I was more interested in teaching Sarina.

"He is the weirdest scientist I have ever met." Sarina said.

"He's the only scientist you've ever met," I replied with a laugh.

"But he's definitely not what I expected," we were both laughing now.

There was no one in the training room, which was weird considering how many people we were traveling with. Better for her to learn. She had gotten a lot better since the last time we had trained together. She was almost a match for me, she was really talented.

"I just thought of something," I started. "Well, you're learning this really fast. I wonder if you used your keyblade like a sword in the Kingdom."

"Well I doubt I knew how to turn it into a staff. So that makes sense." She said.

After a couple hours we had both had enough. We had moved on to practicing against simulations and it was really tiring. As we were leaving Zack was entering. "Have fun?" he asked.

"You know it." I replied. It was time to sleep; tomorrow we were going to the next world, Beast's Castle.

The following day we went to the teleporter early like we were told; only Riku and Zack were there.

"Where are the others?" I asked sleepily.

"The king had a special mission for them," Riku replied. "Before we go down there you need to know something. He thinks you tried to steal his rose and he may try to kill you."

"Kill us? Over a rose?" Sarina asked.

"Yeah, it's more complicated than you think. And that rose is very important to him. So just try to be careful."

"Got it," I said. "Did we actually try to steal it?"

"No, but the Beast isn't very trusting."

We stepped on the teleporter and in a second we were in the courtyard of a large castle. We walked in at the front door and there was a woman walking down a flight of stairs on the right side of the far wall.

"Hey Belle," Riku greeted her.

She looked surprised when she saw us. "Hi Riku, Why are they with you?" She sounded annoyed.

"Come on, they're different people now, literally. They can't remember anything from being in the Kingdom. I think they're pretty nice people, actually." Riku defended.

"I'm keeping my eyes on them; they almost killed me and tried to steal the Beast's rose."

"Wow, we must have been real jerks," Sarina said.

"I can't imagine that, at least not you," I replied.

"Ok, we're here to exterminate a heartless infestation." Riku cut in. "Sarina and Zack will patrol the west wing, Sky and I are in the east wing."

"No!" I protested. "I promised Sarina and I would never be separated, ever." She smiled at me blushing a little bit.

Riku put his head on his forehead, "fine Zack and I will get the west wing, you two take the east wing."

"Ok," I replied triumphantly and we went our separate ways.

This Castle was very different than Disney Castle. It had a much darker and foreboding feel to it. There were suits of armor along the walls and chandeliers hung from the ceiling.

As soon as we walked into the hallway at the top of the stairs we were confronted by heartless, but they were very basic and easily dispatched.

"Oh thank you! Thank you!" We heard a voice say, but we couldn't see anyone. "Ahem, down here." At our feet was a talking clock. "Hello, my name is Cogsworth and-" his eyes widened, "it's you! I must tell the master at once!" He ran off down the hallway to the stairs.

"That was strange," I said.

"I have a bad feeling about this" Sarina replied.

"I'm sure it'll be fine," I reassured. "We have heartless to kill."

As we walked through the halls we killed the heartless that were there but it wasn't very much. If anything, there were fewer heartless than normal. Eventually we got to the end of the last hallway and there was only a single door.

"Wanna go in?" I asked reaching for the door knob.

"Wait, knock first." She replied.

I sighed and knocked on the door. A voice inside responded, "who is it?" It sounded like Belle.

"Sky and Sarina," Sarina answered.

"Come in," the voice said sounding a little annoyed.

I opened the door and held it for Sarina. When we were inside I realized Belle looked annoyed. "Why are you here?" She asked.

"We were just seeing what was in here," I replied defensively.

"No, I mean this world. Why did you come to this world?"

"We're not entirely sure," Sarina answered. "Riku said there was a heartless infestation; but it seems to me that there's nothing out of the ordinary. Well, except that talking clock."

"Riku," Belle said angrily. "He should know that the Beast is perfectly capable of taking care of the heartless. He doesn't need to bring villains like you to our world."

"We know we were in the Kingdom, but we're human now and we can't remember anything from our time in the Kingdom." I said. "We're different people now."

"You say that, but it doesn't mean I have to believe you." Belle retorted.

"I think we should go find Riku, I want to find out what's going on." Sarina said.

"Yeah, this is really weird," I replied. "See ya Belle." We walked out of the room.

When we got back to the room with the stairs there was the sound of a struggle coming from behind the door where the stairs meet. Suddenly there was a roar from the same room.

"Do you think that was the beast?" Sarina asked.

"Only one way to find out!" I replied before opening the doors.

I saw a big, brown hairy creature jump into a giant nobody pushing them both off of a balcony at the other side of the room. John and Mary appeared facing the balcony.

"It looks like we will have to take matters into our own hands." Mary said.

"Yes, it's amazing that a beast could stand up to that." John replied.

"What are you two doing here?!" Sarina demanded.

They turned around surprised to see us.

Mary smiled when she saw me. "Oh, hello Sky. Did you miss me?" She winked.

"I don't know if we ever had anything. But we definitely don't have anything now."

She put on a puppy dog face. "Aw, I still like you. Are you sure you're not willing to give me a chance? I'd leave the Kingdom right away if you did."

"He's not interested!" Sarina burst.

"Jealous Sarina?" Mary taunted.

"Why would I be jealous of a nobody?" Sarina replied.

"Cause I know he would like me more than you if he gave me a chance."

"First, that's not true. Second, this is about you being a Kingdom member, and I have to destroy you!"

"Bring it on!"

"No!" John interrupted grabbing Mary. "We were ordered not to fight them!"

"I don't care! She's had this coming!"

I was holding onto Sarina, "there's no sense in fighting when you don't have to!" I was telling her.

"That's fine, but I have to fight her! She's been getting on my nerves since we met her!" She started crying for some reason.

"Sorry," John said as he opened a corridor and dragged Mary in.

"Come back here! We're not finished!" Sarina demanded before grabbing hold of me and putting her head on my shoulder.

"Don't worry; she's got nothing on you." I tried to reassure her, it didn't work.

"That's not it. How was she able to play me like that?"

"She was just as angry as you. She wasn't playing you."

"Yes she was, at least at first, and I fell for it."

"So, I don't see the problem. You're still Sarina and you're still the woman I love."

She let out a small giggle and smiled up at me, so I gave her a kiss.

"Feel better?"

"Yeah," she said and laid her head on my shoulder. She started hanging on to me. "I'm sorry. I'm having trouble standing." She blushed.

"Don't worry," I picked her up and carried her out of the room. "There should be a hotspot somewhere." I started checking the rooms in the room with the stairs. Sarina was just lying there in my arms smiling up at me not saying a word. Eventually I found the hotspot and promptly teleported to the ship.

I took Sarina to our room and set her down on the bed and lay down next to her. "This is nice," she said.


Does this one seem kind of short?
I feel like there's too much comic relief, expect less going forward.


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Woohoo! 3 days till winter break! Who's excited? This guy! (except there's still finals :( )
Next chapter! Oh, and comments please!

Chapter 10:

"Sky! Sky! Wake up!" When I opened my eyes I saw Sarina kneeling next to me. I was on the ground in a clearing in a forest.

"What happened?" I asked sitting up.

"Destiny had a crash landing, you were thrown through the window in our room, and I jumped out after you. Luckily the ship was very close to the ground so it wasn't a far fall; but you hit your head and got knocked out."

"Really? I don't remember any of that." I looked around and realized it was a bamboo forest and I saw only one way out. "Let's try and find the others."

I tried to get up, but to no avail. When I hit the ground I must have gotten badly injured. "Oh, I'll help you." Sarina said worriedly. She picked me up, in the same way I had at Beast's Castle, she was a lot stronger than I thought.

"Are you sure you can carry me?"

"Don't worry; we need to find you some medical help. I wish Merlin or Yen Sid had taught us some white magic." She started walking forward, it didn't seem like she was having any trouble carrying me.

The forest opened to a wide expanse of green fields. To our left was a river with a bridge leading to a rocky path. The path lead to an open area with a creek running through it, straight a head there was the beginning of a mountain trail and to the left in the distance was a city. We continued to the city, Sarina still seemed unfazed by the extra burden of carrying me.

"Hey! Do you need help?!" A woman yelled running up to us as we walked into the city.

"Yes, he needs help as soon as possible." Sarina replied.

"Please, follow me." The woman offered. She took us to a house only a small distance into the city. "You can stay here."

"Are you sure?" Sarina asked.

"Yes, don't worry. This is my home and I will see if I can help you. Oh, and my name is Mulan."

"Well, thank you Mulan. But, we don't have any way to repay you." Sarina said.

"Don't worry about it; it's no problem at all. Now let's see what we can do about your injuries." Mulan said to me.

There was a loud crash outside, "what was that?" I murmured. Everything was getting lucid.

"Don't worry; I'll take care of it." Sarina said running outside.

"No, wait. My promise." I tried to say before losing consciousness.


This would be my first time fighting anything without Sky right there to at least cheer me on. Outside there was a Kingdom member, Hydro.

"So, is Hydro your real name?" I asked.

"No, but it's way better than Carl." He replied casually. He brought up a barrier and summoned his water whips.

I summoned my staff and shot a Holy at him; he dodged it at first but I had grown strong enough to control its path. I turned it around and hit him in the back. "Light Drive!" I rushed at him with my increased speed. He brought up a wall of water and I crashed into it. I used multiple blasts of fire to evaporate the water and get within attacking range. He grabbed my staff with his whips and pulled it out of my hands, but I guess he didn’t know I could just summon it back to my hands. I wasn't landing a single hit on him. "Joy Drive!" Suddenly I was overcome with happiness, yet I knew I had to defeat Hydro. I glided towards him and got close enough to attack him. My increased speed was quick enough to keep him blocking attacks and even land a couple hits. Suddenly, I was enveloped by water, it was so sudden I didn't have much air and for some reason I couldn't move at all. After a second I could see a light starting to envelope me and feel the water begin to dissipate. My clothes had become completely white, I grew angel wings, and a golden halo appeared over my head. "Angel Drive." I used dual beams of light ray to evaporate the water around me, but by the time I was free Hydro was gone. Why do they keep running away like that?

I ran inside to see if Sky was ok, I forgot to switch out of my drive. When I got in the house Mulan and Sky gasped when they saw me. "What's wrong?" I asked.


"You look like an angel!" I replied.

"Oh, oops." Sarina said before turning back to normal. "Angel Drive," she said proudly.

"Cool," I said.

"Was that a Keyblade?" Mulan asked. "Are you friends of Sora's?"

"Not only that. She's his daughter." I answered pointing at Sarina.

"Really? Please, let me find you rooms. You are always welcome here." Mulan said.

"I don't think that will be necessary," I said getting up. Mulan had used a strange medicine to completely heal me. "We need to find our friends and our gummi ship.

"Ok, but if you ever need somewhere to stay you can always come here." Mulan said.

We said our good byes and left Mulan's house. "The ship was flying towards the mountains, c'mon." Sarina said pulling me towards the exit from the city.

We went back to the creek and up the trail into the mountains. The trail disappeared pretty quickly, but there was only one general direction to go. The only heartless we encountered were a few shadows, but it was almost no work defeating them. We got to a very open area and were ambushed by 10 reasonably large heartless that looked sort of like centaurs with spears; they had us surrounded.

"Watch out!" a female voice warned from somewhere above us. Suddenly, a person came crashing down on one of the heartless destroying it on the spot. The person was a girl maybe a year older than me. She had bright red hair running down to her shoulder blades and bright green eyes. She was wearing a green sweater and a T-shirt of the same color was visible at her neck. She also had on blue jeans and green shoes. What looked like her weapon was a pair of red, clawed gauntlets. "You two ok?"

"Yeah, we're fine." I replied summoning my keyblades.

"It was getting kind of boring anyway." Sarina added as she summoned her staff.

The centaur in front of me tried stabbing me with its spear, but I was ready and raised a shield. I leapt forward cutting clear through it with both keyblades. "I have an idea,” I said to myself. “Dark Drive!” I jumped on the back of the nearest centaur and stabbed my keyblades into its back. I closed my eyes to concentrate and the darkness started to emanate from my keyblades. "Dark control," I was in control of the heartless. I made it charge forward into another centaur and then jump up and land with a shockwave on another. There was only one left, I made my centaur throw its spear hitting the other right in its chest; this destroyed it. I sent a dark firaga through the centaur I was controlling and destroyed it. The heart it released lingered for a moment and a hand made of darkness reached out of my chest, grabbed the heart, and pulled it into my body. Sarina and the new girl gasped.

"What was that?" The girl asked.

"I don't know that's never happened before." I replied worriedly.

"Well, I'm Amber." The girl said. "I've never seen you around here. What brings you into these mountains?"

"I'm Sky and she's Sarina," I introduced. "We're looking for a couple friends and our gummi ship that crashed somewhere in these mountains."

"Gummi ship?!" Amber exclaimed. "So, then you travel to different worlds?"

"Yeah, that's what you do with gummi ships." I replied.

"Can I come with you?! It's so boring here; I want to do something exciting!" She burst.

"Um, I'm not sure." I said.

"I don't see the problem." Sarina said. "It might even be fun. And besides I'm tired of being the only girl on the ship."

"If Sarina is fine with it, so am I." I told Amber.

"Thank you! Thank you!" She exclaimed and pulled us into a hug. I hadn't noticed before but she was wearing a necklace with a flower pendant on it.

"Ok, you're gonna have to let go of us if we're gonna find our ship." I said.

"Right, sorry." Amper said letting us go.

"Follow me," Sarina said.

Soon we came upon a point where there was only one way to go and it was getting cold. Suddenly our clothes changed, my hoodie thickened and my sleeves extended to my wrists. Sarina's shirt thickened and her sleeves lengthened too, her shorts also extended into pants.

"Wow, cool." Amber said. We continued up the trail which led to a small village. "Welcome to my home."

"Miss Amber! You mustn't run off like that!" A man in a butler's uniform was running towards us.

"I can take care of myself Charles." Amber sighed.

"I know, but it's not proper for a princess to run off like that or come back with mere peasants." He argued.

"Princess?" Sarina and I gasped in unison.

"Yes, I am a princess. Or at least I was, my world was taken long ago." She explained. "And Charles, they are not ‘mere peasants,’ they are keyblade wielders."

"Oh, I am so sorry," he said before bowing down.

"Um, why is he bowing down to us?" Sarina asked.

"In our home world, keyblade wielders are as highly revered as royalty." Amber replied.

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the idea of people bowing down to me." I whispered to Sarina.

"Charles, I've decided to travel with them on their gummi ship and you can't stop me." Amber said.

"Then I will have to accompany you. We should leave before your parents realize you've gone." Charles replied.

"Then come on, we need to find our ship and our friends." Sarina said leading the way through the village.

Exiting through the other side of the village we continued up the mountain. The trail narrowed for a time and eventually opened up to a plateau. And right there on the plateau was our gummi ship, in better shape than I had expected.

"I present to you the gummi ship 'Destiny,'" I said. "Once Chip and Dale are finished repairing it we'll be able to leave." I started walking towards the open hatch and the others followed. "Chip! Dale! Riku! Zack!" I yelled in. "We found some new friends!"

Riku stepped out of a doorway, when he saw Amber he immediately bowed down. "Hello princess, I did not expect to see you here," He said.

"How do you know who I am even though I am sure I have never met you?" She asked.

"I have visited your world a few times, and I have met your parents. We had better leave before they realize you’re gone." he replied.

"What's the condition of our ship?" I asked.

Riku sighed, "We’re almost done. I was hoping to give the emperor a visit, but I see it’s urgent."

"We can always come back later," I replied.

Chip and Dale ran up to us, "we've done all we can, it's enough to fly. But, we'll need to stop at Radiant Garden to have Cid finish the repairs." Chip said.

We showed Amber and Charles to their rooms and went to the training room to continue Sarina's sword lessons. We soon learned that the ride was going to be way too bumpy to train so we waited in the bridge for us to arrive at our destination. I wanted to ask Merlin about what had happened with the heartless.

I was relieved when our hectic ride had finished and we had landed in the gummi field. Time to go talk to Merlin. Sarina grabbed Amber and pulled her with us, "c'mon you should meet our friends!" She said.

When we got to Merlin's house everyone was there and when they saw Amber they all bowed. "How does everyone know who she is except us?" I asked.

"Long story," Leon said.

"Amber this is Merlin, Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid," Sarina introduced. "Oh, Cid, could you go over to the gummi field, our ship needs some repairs."

"No problem," he replied walking out the door.

As Amber got to know the rest of the Restoration Committee I pulled Merlin aside. "Something weird happened to me," I began. "We were in the Land of Dragons and I tried experimenting with my dark powers. I was able to take control of a heartless and use it to destroy other heartless. But, when I was finished and destroyed the heartless I was controlling the heart lingered in front of me and a hand made of darkness reached out of my chest and pulled the heart into my body."

Merlin was wide-eyed, "really? I've never heard of such an occurrence. But, you are a special being. I wish I could tell you more, but I swore to keep your past a secret."

"Of course," I sighed.

"I'll look into it though and see what I can find out." He reassured.

I don't know why I hadn't noticed; but Amber wasn't wearing her sweater anymore. Instead she had on a green t-shirt with a yellow smile on the front. She seemed like such a strange person, she didn't act at all like I imagined a princess would. She must have lost her home at a very young age; maybe she's had to live as a common person for so much of her life that she doesn't remember what it's like to be treated like royalty.

"Hey! Can you go with me to look around town?" She asked me. "Charles wants someone there to ‘protect me’ and to make sure I don't get lost."

"Ok, fine with me. C'mon Sarina we never got to look around much anyway." I replied.

She ran to me, grabbed my hand, and practically pulled me out the door. It ended up being Sarina who gave the tour; she had been so much more energetic since we met Amber.

"This place is so amazing!" Amber exclaimed when we had made our way back to Merlin's house. "I can't imagine what the other worlds are like!"

"Wait, there's one place you missed." I interrupted.

"What's that?" Sarina asked.

"The shopping plaza," I replied. We walked into the shopping plaza but everything was closed up. "Heartless? Again?"

A bunch of the heartless native to Radiant Garden appeared. I jumped towards a group of knights and fired a large dark firaga at them before I landed; it destroyed the first few but there were more to replace them. I started fighting with the knights, parrying attacks and destroying some when there were breaks in their attacks; but there were too many. No matter how many I destroyed there were more to replace them. After some time a spike ball walked towards me trying to get an attack in, "Dark Drive!" I jumped on top of it, stuck my keyblades in it, and took control. I started by bashing the nearby heartless with the spike ball's big hands. When I saw a group of knights clumped together I made the spike ball jump into the air and slam down on them; the impact and subsequent shockwave destroyed them all. After I had destroyed the spike ball its heart lingered in front of me and again the dark hand pulled it into my body. I guess I'm going to have to get used to that.

"That's worrying me." Sarina said.

"Why's that?" Amber asked.

"Well, if Sky has to support more than one heart won't that put strain his body?" Sarina asked.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry," I replied. "Let's go back to Merlin's house; I'm sure Cid is done repairing Destiny by now."

When we got back to Merlin's house he immediately pulled me aside. "Sky, I have looked into that strange event with the heart that you told me about. Well, it's never happened before, this is a new occurrence; we'll just have to be extra careful." He warned. "On the upside Destiny has been repaired and Cid is waiting at the gummi yard."

"Actually, it happened again. I don't feel any different than normal but I have a bad feeling about it." I replied.

"Just be careful," he said

We walked back to the gummi yard ready to leave for the next world. After what we had been through, anything was possible.

"So what world are you two from?" Amber asked when we had gotten to the rec room.

"Well, our memories were erased and replaced with fake ones of us growing up together on the world Destiny." I started. "Apparently we were part of the Kingdom, but somehow we got our hearts back."

"I found out I am the daughter of the keyblade master Sora and the princess of heart Kairi and grew up at Disney Castle." Sarina said. "Unfortunately, I don't remember that time at all."

"Wait, so you're technically a princess and a keyblade wielder?" Amber asked. "People should be bowing down to you, not me! What about you Sky?"

"I have no idea who I was or who I really am because no one will tell me!" I complained. "Apparently everyone I knew before took an oath of secrecy about my past. I have no idea who my parents are or what my home world is. It's like I don't have a past."

"Wow, that's sad," Amber replied. "I guess that's one of our goals on this journey: uncover your past and find out who you really are. I think it might help us understand what happened with those two hearts."

"Now arriving at Olympus Coliseum." The ship's voice rang out through the halls.

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