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  • Uh, I am the Insane Fanfic Writer....... OF COURSE I'm NOT OKAY!.....
    Van: He sent me to jail.

    Van: Come on!
    Me: I might get banned!
    Van: SEnd message?
    ME: NO,NO,NOnononononnononononnon!
    ME: WHAT!
    KHINSIDER: Vanita, you are under arrest.
    Me: Points and Van "Here's Van[Bi][/B]tas sir."
    Van: NO!

    I just did!! Going to get Neji and surround you with TV's!! Lol.

    But yup I just checked it lol at your posts.
    Me: Don't insult me minion.
    Van: Please stop quoting Megamind.
    Me: Get a life and a girlfriend.
    Van: I got Xion drunk so.....
    ME: I WILL NOT WRITE A LEMON.....(walks away)
    Van: Hey Lanydx
    (Wait seriously? You only started to watch Naruto after reading my fanfic?? O.O !!!) ...so then because you liked my fanfic you started watching Naruto then?
    Well that's really cool. So then what do you think of Naruto then? (The anime that is..)

    Oh no what I meant was it takes awhile for my chapters to turn out the way they do, at first when I wrote chapter 5 it wasn't working really well until I alter it and made it a ton better. So that's kind of how it works when I write chapters for my fan fic :)

    But thanks for telling me what you think about fanfic's and stuff like that :) So I'll do what I can for my fanfic, not sure how it will all work out yet, but even if the TV does or doesn't show up there is a chance that I can always bring up in a chapter or two.. But I'm actually kind of surprised that a lot of you guys like the fact that I torture Neji, Shikamaru, and Choji. lol almost forgot about adding to the list Kiba.

    So yeah it all depends on how I write it. But yup thanks for telling me that. Also I might have a bonus chapter only it will be a christmas one with Naruto an everybody :) but I'll have to see if I have enough time cause the chapters I'm working on, are kind of time consuming.

    Ah don't worry about Neji, I won't let him get ya for mentioning a TV.. it's more like after Lee shows up you have to be afraid :) Then again there's no telling what Neji will do... if a TV is around. LOL =)
    Key, I just want to read the fic. I really don't care if its old or new. MY feelings is that the writing makes a fic work. No fanfic is good without the authors writing. SO do what you think will suit the fic. YOur story, your rules, your TVS...... Oh sit Neji is going to kill me......... Before I die, I really just don't care.

    (But between you and me, I don't know what Naruto is all about. In fact, I only started watching the anime after I read some of your fic lol......seriously.
    Oh don't worry during the party Neji is going to go crazy. I plan on there being a Tv + Lee moment during the party... haven't started that chapter yet. Right now I am already working on the next chapter but haven't gotten all the details down yet. It may be one or two more chapters before the party starts :) So yeah will be updating today or tomorrow when I get done.

    I could try to get two chapters written down tonight and post them tomorrow. Just depends on how they turn out :)

    Cause yesterday when I posted the fifth chapter originally it hadn't turned out the way it had, there was a different version of it, having looked it over I ended up changing a lot of it into the good chapter it turn out to be.

    So yeah there will be a lot of chaos going on during the party, Naruto + a bunch of fangirls as well.

    By the way I needed to know did you like the old Sakura at all? Cause this fanfic is like a time when they are still genin so I just needed to make sure among you an few others won't get mad if I do anything to Sakura :)
    Also updated my fanfic so there is a new chapter of Sakura Secret mission. More chapters to come soon :) Thank you for waiting so long.
    Another new chapter has been posted, so thought I would let ya know. Also I really like your fan fic, can't wait for more chapters of Kingdom Hearts Legend of the three :)
    Put up two more chapters in Sakura Secret Mission in case you want to read them. So thought I would let ya know :)
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