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Feb 4, 2009
Yes there's an actual chapter three to this monster. I've put off posting it since CW has been so dead lately.... So here's chapter three.
Word Count; 1,483

♫ And Learn to Fly ♫​

Xion watched intently with her blue orbs as the sitar player sat across from her with his mouth ajar. A moment passed in silence as the ebony haired girl awaited a response or something from Demyx. But no words, not even a sound escaped his parted lips. Her delicate brow furrowed as her fingers intertwined with one another and wrestled each other in somewhat anxiety. “Is it something I said?” She finally asked, breaking the silence between the two Nobodies. While although her eyes were to the ground, she could see Demyx fumble to find the words that had eluded him.

“No!” He finally spoke, a bit too loud considering the time of day it now was. “No,” he continued in a more quiet voice. “It’s just that no—well no one has ever even bothered to listen to me play…” She watched as he pursed his lips in thought for a moment before returning with a more comical look on his face. “And they ESPECIALLY haven’t even bothered to learn!” His forefinger was now pointed at the young Nobody as a, somewhat, unsure grin appeared on his tanned features.

A slight frown delicately made its way onto Xion’s porcelain face as she contemplated what the dirty blond had said. In a way, it slightly disturbed her. How could no one care to even—wait… They were Nobodies and they couldn’t feel. However, this didn’t deter her thinking. As if second nature, Xion lightly placed her bare hand a top the one currently placed in Demyx’s lap and looked him straight in the eyes. He jerked slightly at her touch but Xion didn’t really notice, all she wanted to do was let him know that there was someone who cared about what he did no matter how foreign it was to her.

“Demyx,” she began as his eyebrows lifted, “I promise I’ll never be like everyone else. I’ll always listen when you need me to!” Her head fell to the side as a cheerful expression danced onto her face. “Now,” she said in a perky tone of voice, removing her hand from its position on top of Demyx’s, “are you going to teach me or what?”

A soft giggle escaped her lips as Demyx continued to fumble over what seemed to be thin air. “Yeah of course!” he said quickly as if to avoid any more displays of clumsiness. Xion straightened her posture as Demyx rose and took a seat beside her, his large blue sitar in hand. “Heh… Well don’t just sit there staring at it.” He said in reference to Xion’s sense of excitement as she looked upon his instrument. “Go on and take it.” Xion’s bright blue eyes followed the movement of the sitar as it managed to delicately land upon her lap.

Her eyes locked with Demyx’s as she searched for a sign of approval, a key signal that would then, and only then allow her to raise the sitar from its rested position. With a slight nod of the head, Demyx assisted the raven haired Nobody in holding the sitar. She bit her lower lip as if to resist the large grin that had been fighting its way onto her features, but it was pointless. Her eyes found the pale strings of the sitar, and soon her hand would follow suit. As she admired the new and curious item, she felt Demyx’s hands guiding her arms and locking them into awkward positions but at the same time felt right…

“Alright,” his voice called her back to reality, away from the wonders of the newfound instrument. “This is the proper way to hold a sitar. Remember this because when you start playing everything stems from this position.” Xion eagerly nodded her head as she took note of the stance she had been placed in. Thereafter Demyx inched closer whilst pointing at the different, almost translucent, strings. She listened with great care as the musician labeled each string with a letter that she was “supposed to remember”. “When you’re playing a song you need to know the order in which the strings are plucked or strummed. When you strum more than one at a time like this,” She noted as he paused for a moment to readjust himself. She then felt his hand a top her left as he pressed down on her fingertips. He took hold of her other hand and guided it down the row of strings which, in turn, created a melodic sound that she grew to admire. “See?” He asked with a large goofy grin on his face.

“I see…”

Xion quickly looked up at the sound of the deep, familiar voice that had not belonged to the teal eyed performer. Her blue orbs slightly widened at the sight of none other than her superior, Xemnas. His face retained a surprisingly calm yet menacing demeanor as he looked upon the two Nobodies seated on the ground. “S-superior,” Demyx began as he quickly rose from his seated position on the floor beside Xion. The ravenette continued to have a firm grasp on Demyx’s sitar as she gazed onto the authoritive figure of her superior. She watched as Xemnas’s gaze switched between herself and Demyx as the dirty blond nervously attempted to explain why they had been out of their chambers so late.

“Is that right?” Xemnas’s low voice queried, his orange eyes now intently staring upon Xion’s unmoving frame.

“Yessir!” Demyx immediately responded. “Isn’t that right Xion?” His teal eyes now fell to Xion, leaving her to feel as if she were the “elephant in the room”. Xion moved her right hand gently over the strings of the sitar as if to comfort her. She waited for a moment before she responded to Demyx.

“He’s right Superior,” she began, rising from the floor. “He’s exactly right.” Now although she had no CLUE what Demyx had said to Xemnas, she knew it would be something that would ease the two of them out of trouble since Demyx was known for making up lies to excuse his lack of performance during missions. Xion’s petite frame stood upright as she returned the sitar to Demyx’s possession. “Should I return to my chambers now?” she asked with a twinge of sadness because she had wished that their lesson had not ended.

“That would be a wise decision Number Fourteen…” Xemnas replied before disappearing into a dark cloud of smoke with one final glance shot at Demyx.

With the Superior gone, Xion turned to face Demyx, her posture slightly more relaxed. She noted how he was still tense, frigid due to their unsuspected visitor. In order to “lighten up the mood”, Xion said: “Well, I guess this means good night?” A smile formed on her lips as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Good morning you mean!” Demyx joked, but Xion didn’t entirely understand his humor just yet. As a result, she giggled nervously without truly understanding him. Demyx laughed more-so to himself as his free hand began to rub the back of his neck. His goofy grin melted into a sincere smile “Well, I’m glad you showed up Xion.” His goofy grin began to melt into something a bit more sincere for a moment. “We—Well we should do this again sometime.” Demyx managed to choke out after a period of silence.

Xion couldn’t help but feel her smile grow as the thought of learning to play Demyx’s foreign yet amazing sitar became even more real with each breath she took. With her growing excitement, she almost forgot to acknowledge his idea after a small moment. “I will be ready to learn whenever you need me.” She responded, a slight pep to her voice. “We can talk about it further tomorrow. Until then, we should both receive some rest.”

The fourteenth member of the Organization flashed Demyx one last glimmering smile, before nodding her head and returning on her marry way to her chambers. As she made way through the white, empty hallways, leaving Demyx behind, she couldn’t help but smile the whole way through. Despite being caught by Xemnas, she enjoyed her musical adventure with Demyx even though it was rather brief. Seeing how the sandy haired slacker asked if she could join him once more, Xion became even more enthralled with the concept of learning a musical instrument and possibly gaining a new friend.

Number Fourteen paused before her door, staring at the doorknob with slight hesitation. She didn’t want this night to end just yet, However, she knew that it had to come to a close. With one final look down the hallway from which she had made her pilgrimage, she took a deep breath and entered her room, a smile still plastered upon her features.

She had begun this experience seeking escape from her torments, and now she had unexpectedly found that escape in the talents of a boy...
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