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Mar 10, 2005
Imagine you were on living your life and at the end of the day you go to sleep and the next day as you wake up, you find yourself in an Asylum. Could the life you were living been real or just a dream? The people that take care of you in the Asylum have given you pills, its been rumored that they put you to sleep with the pills, so that they can conduct experiments on you but for what? Also you have been seeing ghosts, they appear right infront of you, are they trying to tell you something?, Are you really insane or just someone trapped in an never ending nightmare? thats up to you to find out and escape from....

Bio: (talk about the life you think or thought was real)

1. Remember that you have been taken from your normal world to be told that you have been living in the Asylum for most of your life, you are confused.
2. Romance is alway encouraged.
3. No Powerplay or godmodding.
4. However I will be not only my Character but also a lot of other characters that inhabit Existance meaning if a guy that isn't my character beats you because he's too strong. That is NOT powerplaying.
5. You may post what you want but the consequences of such are your responsibility (for example you type up a gratuitous sex scene, I won't stop you but you will have to deal with the Mods)

Will post later after people join.