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Help/Support ► Alcoholic mother

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Apr 15, 2007
In the past few years I've been on KHI I know I've brought up my domestic problems before, but I don't think I've sought advice exclusively on dealing with my mothers illness.

My mother is an alcoholic. She has been drinking for as long as I can remember, but it was never a serious problem before my dad had an affair and our family started to collapse. Her drinking gradually got worse and worse until it peaked last summer and she was literally drunk 24/7. She would spend entire days wandering around my house, drinking in front of me and my younger sister and sobbing like a child. It is beyond my capability to describe how pained I was to watch my mother self destruct like that. Eventually, my older brother and my mothers cousin were able to convince her to check into a rehabilitation center. There, for a course of two weeks, my mother was treated for alcoholism and manic depression, and for nine months after, I enjoyed a peaceful life with my sober mother.

However, this last week, my mother experienced a relapse. It was very minor in the grand scale of things, but it shook me greatly to have nine months of sobriety get washed down the toilet. I still love my mother very much, and she is now sober and doing all she can to stay that way, but I'm having moments of extreme anxiety when I don't know if when my mom picks me up from school, or comes back from work, she'll be drunk. It's really stressing me out. I want to trust my mother, and I don't know how.

Any advice?


space coke
Aug 30, 2009
I go through the same thing but it's with my dad. After he comes from work he gets drunk for the rest of the day. A few years ago he stopped because of the new house we got but last year he went back to his same roots. Which is why I don't speak to him anymore.

It seems as though your mother is more controllable now. You should spend time with her and make her not drink during those times. To help your anxiety, do something to calm you down. You need to trust her so she can see it. If it gets worse then try another rehab.


Jun 12, 2009
I want to trust my mother, and I don't know how.
Well, trust is by definition a matter of faith. You can't trust someone for a reason, trust is by definition blind belief.

Do you talk to your mother about her problem? My mother suffers from a severe psychiatric illness, and she's always been very open about it with the family - she'll make jokes about her psychotic episodes and all the drugs she has to take, and has always answered all of our questions, which definitely helps me to be less anxious. Letting your mother know that you're there to talk to her about what she's going through and how she feels could make a huge difference.
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