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Mar 2, 2009
Hopefully Upward Bound
I figure, to avoid that oh so nasty thing called clutter, I'll just use one single thread to house any and all sheets that I create for this RP.


Name: Zachary Eckert; an adopted name for an adopted life.
Nickname: “Zash;” taken as tribute to an impaired, yet adoring ‘fan.’
Age: 20; and he’s not getting any younger.
Gender: Male; last he checked, but then, life is full of surprises.

Appearance: He’s pretty much the whitest person you’ll likely meet, or rather the whitest ‘normal’ person. His skin likes to burn red, but doesn’t seem to agree to tan, even in the slightest, so it’s pretty much left with this slightly off milky tone; but at least it’s pretty smooth and unsullied by acne and scarring (somewhat) these days. His hair can’t seem to decide what it wants to do with itself, and grows out into a wild bush on top of his head when he doesn’t maintain it. It’s also pretty indecisive with what color it is. It’s mostly a light brown, and he swears he’s seen patches of orange-red and blond somewhere in there. His eyes are kind of the same thing, looking like a mixture of gray-blue with a hint of hazel.

He’s just under six feet in height, and pretty much in the best shape of his life thus far, physically speaking. At a time, he struggled with my weight, but finally managed to settle into a good spot at about one hundred-ninety pounds. The focus of this weight isn’t quite what some might describe as ideal though. After reaching his goal weight, he dedicated a lot of time to strength gain exercises, resulting a more so built, muscle-bound physique. It does seem to slow him down a bit, which doesn’t necessarily enthuse him.

Common Attire: Despite being in transit for nearly two years, Zachary hasn’t added too much to his ensemble in the way of armor to his clothing. He prefers to travel as light as possible, and so, he remains, mostly, in a set of street clothes most of the time. While he does carry enough clothes to change in and out of every few days, he tends to retain a basic color scheme of medium grays, navy blue and golden yellow, and frequently wears long-sleeved, tighter fit garments. What little armor that he has is simple leather padding, particularly worn over his legs, right arm and left shoulder. Lately, his footwear of choice is a pair of black military-issue boots.

Accessories: Zachary constantly adorns what he calls his “lucky cap,” which he only ever removes (purposely) when entering formal buildings (ie chapels) at times when it is generally unnatural or unproductive to be wearing a hat, such as when (if) he sleeps or takes a shower. The “lucky cap” is an old, military-style variant of a baseball cap. From years upon its previous wearer’s in direct exposure to the sun, the hat’s color is significantly faded, though its current color suggest a darker grayish-brown as having been its true hue. On the left (Zachary’s left) side of the forehead, in yellow stitching, is the noticeable embroidery of a pair of Kingdom Keys crossed in an “X.”

Personality: Zachary tries (very hard actually) to maintain a particular demeanor and hold to a strong code of sorts. To the casual observer, he is exactly the person that he’s trying to be: a loyal companion, an upbeat friend and a self-assured man… It’s not always easy though. Zach seems incapable of gaining the approval and total confidence of the one person that it matters most from: himself. Despite his work ethic and whatever good he may reap from his endeavors, he doesn’t always see success as success. Perhaps out of a distorted ethic, he can never bring himself to the sense of self-satisfaction, and in fact resists the idea of being “satisfied” with anything he accomplishes. Still, where most people would take their lack of self-satisfaction as motivation to quit, Zach continues on in spite of it, pushing himself with greater vim and vigor towards an end goal he may only to accept once he arrives.

Biography: There isn’t much that he cares to admit or unveil to prying eyes… errr ears; he doesn’t believe in some people to keep their mouths shut if he said too much. He spent most of his life growing up in Twilight Town. He was on my own, for the most part, trying to make it through day-by-day on what living someone his age could make; most of it coming from oddjobs that he would do for people around town, and another good chunk of that coming from prize money he reaped from a run of years in the Struggle Tournament, two of which he won back-to-back. Around two years ago, he decided that life wasn’t quite what he wanted it to be, so he split town on the first train out and hit the road with as many supplies and as much money as he could carry for the long haul.


Primary; Vagabond - This thing is very much on the large side of the size scale as swords go. The blade itself is probably about forty inches long and the edge covers that length entirely, and even along the curved topside. The blade’s width, though not officially measured by the user, is, by the looks of it, a good two to three inches. The design is based off of a cleaver, just given some more length. The backside of the blade cut out just a bit near the top, and as you can see, there’s just a slight hook there, good for pulling some enemies in if I have to. As for the hilt, that part is about eight inches long, with a more or less ovular shape to help with edge alignment. The handguard is pretty solid and covers the length from the base of the blade to the bottom of the hilt, providing a full frontal protection.

Sidearm; Slit - While Vagabond is Zachary’s primary weapon, Slit serves as a his sidearm, and, at that, something that he usually only uses in unique situations. Quite a bit smaller than the bulky monstrosity that he wield from day-to-day, this little guy is about fourteen inches in total length, about foot’s worth of blade sitting on a four inch handle; it’s pretty much a hunting knife. A single edge, sufficient for both cuts and thrusting.

Shield; Reflection Armguard - Zachary’s primary defensive instalment is in a sort of cross between a gauntlet and a shield. Though a shield, it mostly resembles a slightly oversized armored plate, measuring about a foot in length, ten-inches in width and about an eighth of an inch thick. It is mounted onto his left forearm by a pair of firmly gripped braces, its length allowing it to cover just passed the elbow to the back of his palm. It is moderately stylized, blue in color with a lining of silver-white, and a silver-white, four-pointed star imprinted upon its visible side. It one of an emergent line of armored products that has been enchanted with a long-term spell from the “Reflect” line, namely, the first tier “Reflect.”

Champion Belt; knowingly, this just a keepsake that Zachary carries with him on his journeys: the Champion’s Belt awarded to him from a Struggle Tournament in Twilight Town, in which he emerged the victor. Though he has another sitting, hidden in his old home, he only carries this one, modified to sling across his chest, in essence, acting as its own piece of armor, albeit a haphazard sort. It is in fact only colored with a gold polish, and actually forged from a lighter weight, though sufficiently durable metal. Apparently, though he still hasn’t figured it out after all of his years with it, the belt carries some enchantment to it that provides a buffer against fire, ice and lightning elements… though it would be far more relevant if he had the other one to add to the effect.
And pixie dust


Support Abilities

Protect; toughens the body, reinforcing Zach's physical resilience via focus of magic power. The state of using this ability actively provides him an improved resistance against physical blows and any spells or magics that might be regarded as "basic" or "first grade," such as fire, blizzard, etc. The effect spans internally as well as externally, providing his muscles, bones and internal organs defense against forces of motion comparable to such lower level techniques. (Start)Haste;a forced expediting of neural impulses through the nerves governing Zach's motor functions and overall stimulus processing. Under the use of hast, Zach is able to amplify both the speeds at which he can move and the rate at which he can process and react stimuli as a result of that. (Start)Power;a focus of magic power into brute strength, increasing Zach's output of attack force. Use of this, for example, results in Vagabond feeling like half its usual weight. (Start) Double Trouble;at any given time, Zachary can apply any simultaneous pairing of the above three abilities. Advantages and drawbacks of any pairing are dependent on which two abilities he chooses to exploit. In any pairing, the time under which Zach is able to maintain his powered state is diminished to half that of the use of one. (Start)
Quick Run (Rank 1); a split second burst of sonic-tier speed applied over a range of five to six meters. In the midst of this ability, Zach would momentarily life off a fraction of an inch from the ground. (Welcome to Traverse Town - Event Complete)

Combat Abilities

Weapon Powering; more often than not in lieu of using his reserves of magic power for enhancing his body's performance, Zach can focus it into any of his three weapons. Powered weapons are coated in a condensed aura spawned from Zach's power, enlarge proportionally. Though the weapon becomes slightly more cumbersome, it also serves greater effect in combat, aiding in the combat against magic-based defenses, and simply rendering weapon strikes more potent. (Start)
Power Release; At any point after powering up a weapon, Zach may release that power. Release can be exploited for either attack or defense. The former mimics the movement of a striking motion, such as an crescent wave of energy from slash, or a blast from a thrusting attack. Defensive release expands and disperses the aura out from the weapon; though less condensed and less durable than the aura as it is when coating the weapon, the release does cover more area. (Start)
Strike Raid; Zach hurls his weapon (usually one of his blades) at an enemy. If his aim is true, and the spin is correctly applied, the weapon rounds out a perfect strike against his target. The Strike Raid ability requires a minimalist influx of a magic aura which Zach uses as a tether to moderate the weapons spin, and pull it back to himself when the strike has reached its apex distance. (Start)
Wind Raid; a variant on the Strike Raid technique. Rather than simply hurling his blade forward at his target, Zach now harnesses a control over the air around the weapon. Air currents used as a guide, Zach is able to alter the direction of the weapon's path, setting it against multiple targets in a single throw. (Defeat of Guard Armor)
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