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A Vast Blue Sky


bond of flames

you've got a soul, use it.
Apr 5, 2006
on the case
pretty positive this belongs in this section
if not, sorry

anyways, this is my "band" which is just me haha
been writing/playing for a few years now
finally got around to recording my newest stuff and putting it on the world wide web, why not right?
anyways, if possible, check out my music

A Vast Blue Sky on PureVolume.com

feedback is encouraged
i know most people probably won't like it or say i suck and what not
thats ok
i don't think i'm the best(FARRRRRR from it)
and i don't have much confidence in my stuff anyways
i tend to hate most of my songs haha
but i love covers, and i like some of my stuff
anyways, go for it
btw, audio is crappy because all i have is a crappy little mp3 that i use to record
and i think only about 4 songs show up, so click on the album and it'll have them all there
its most of the songs i've written or covered in the past few years, recorded over time