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A temporary leave..



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Aug 10, 2005
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Well.. yes..

All the other staff already know. I thought it'd be more courteous of me to atleast let the members know that I probably won't be around the next 1-3 weeks.. Due for 'unforseen' circumstances which have arisen in my life. It's not something that I feel needs to be discussed.. it happened.. and now I won't be here because of it. It's not that I lack the time or anything of that nature.. (Believe me.. right now, I have nothing but time.) but as I have said, 'unforseen things'.

More or less, you won't see as much of me.
(You might have noticed that I haven't been around the past week.. well, everything happened about a week ago. So it's not something that can be instantly stopped. That's why we call them accidents, because we can't control fate.)

I might be here every so often.
(As not as often as desired, anyways.)

So I was letting everyone else atleast know.

Heh.. not like I'm dying or anything, right..? :rolleyes:
(I'm not dying. :p Incase of those that actually think I might be..)

PS, If you wanna get in contact with me.. well.. you guys know how. ^.^
(And if your still *clueless*, check my siggy.. B.I.N.G.O. )
And I will check up on the Techy section every so often.. who else would answer most people's problems..? Monkee or ScareCrow.? Yea, right.. :rolleyes:

Peace & Luv for all,

~~Azurith <----- Aaargh! ^.^

Almost forgot my LUV for ThePirateBay!
May they never be taken off the net.. w00t.
TBP, FOREVER.. okkies.. just had to get that out.. <.<
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