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A start to a vampire novel (no editing yet) Pm and tell me what you think

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angel cakes

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Mar 27, 2009
“Nooo Daniel you’re not leaving me here” I yelled with agony as he walks out the door.
As the blood purred out of my side, his eyes turned a crimson red.
‘You don’t understand I can kill you if I get one single drop of your blood’ he hissed running for the door.
‘I will die if you don’t take me to a hospital, NOW’ I screamed, a scream that stopped him at the foot of the door.
His eyes so beautiful with the lighting of the room, his face looked like he was about to help. But he just grabbed the door handle, he was about to close the door.
‘Daniel’ I screeched.

First days are the worst
My name is Rikku Randall, the werewolf, I’m not some make-believe wolf that comes out on full moons and devours humans.
I can morph from my human form and my werewolf form, but to turn werewolf I must be undressed, I carry around my clothing in my mouth. I usually like to travel alone so the others can’t read my mind. All werewolves from the same pack can read each other minds.
I constantly think about my life as a normal person, that has an education and a life with love and lose. But I’m a werewolf and I am stuck that way forever.
Our arch enemies the vampires, not the mythical, bat flying vampires, but the real blood sucking vampires.
We avoid them they have their land and we have ours, if the Alpha sniffs out any of the vampires scent, it would be a world war.
But this year I have convinced the Alpha, my father, my leader, Joe that I must go to school because the public have seen me, they will question why I have no school records.
I’m sixteen for god sake, I should be practically finished high school, yet I’m still here eating, drinking, being human, but can’t live under one’s life.
I regret asking my father to in role me, but now I’m in our sixty year old Ute on our way to the cheapest school in the century.
I live in Forks so you don’t expect much out of it.
My dad stopped me right at the foot of the gate, the Ute wheel on the curb. People walking past, staring at me, it felt like I was in my werewolf form standing on a podium.
‘Would you like me to walk you to the door’ my father said, as I stared perplexedly out the car door, my hand on the door.
‘No, I’m honestly okay, I’ll see you later’ I said, kissing him on the cheek and leaped out of the car, I think I might have over done it a little. I’m not really okay I’m absolutely horrified, people looking at me in all directions, feeling a bit cautious of my steps.
I should be worried that I’m here, I have all the right to be, I’m a well groomed werewolf in a completely human school. As I took my first step out into the well nurtured grass, I felt a nudge against my shoulder, a boy with brown hair, nudged his way through the crowd looking like he was about to gag. I felt a little weird. Could my werewolf smell, smell bad to humans, or just to those who were vampire? I noticed my father was still parked, were I left him looking at me anxiously.
I smiled at him and kept walking trying to avoid direct eye contact with anyone, I reached the office without injuring myself or others. The small dark skinned lady behind the black corner desk looked up at me and smiled.
‘Oh you must be umm’ she said fumbling though her papers.
‘Yes Rika’ she said, eager to get my name right, but was unsuccessful.
‘Rikku’ I corrected her.
‘Yes that’s right, come with me’ she was still unsure if my name was said like that.
I followed her in a huge hallway outside the office, with humongous sized lockers. We stopped at a torn down locker with a tampered with lock.
‘I shall see what else we have, but this shall do till then’ she said pointing at the faults with this locker.
‘Yes it is a bit run down’ I said nervously trying not to insult the school.
‘Yes I shall work on it, when your done here, would you please come back to get you class list’ she said in a urgency to get back.
‘Thank you’ I said trying my best not to scream as she ran down the hall, I didn’t want to cause any attention to myself.
I could see from the corner of my eye that the jocks so to speak were pointing and questioning my looks, I read that there will be jocks, girly girls, bitches, nice chicks, people who aren’t liked, and hoverers in schools. From my reading of school I learnt everything I need to do to deal with these people.
I finished setting up my locker, with my English, math and drama on the top and all the other subjects on my second shelf.
I turned around to find myself still being stared at, one of the boys the alpha so to speak, whispered to his friends.
‘Hey beautiful, do you want me to butter your muffin’ he said staring and pointing at me.
‘Umm no thank you’ I mouthed knowing it was something to do with sex, but not sure what.
I could see a group of well dressed girls walking into the hall, they were either the girly girls or the bitches, I hate to stereo type people, but it was all in my head so it’s not like anyone could hear me, unless I have an unknown pack member at this school.
As they walked one pointed in my direction, oh please don’t be pointing at me, I already got too much attention from those guys.
‘Hello I’m Kristen, and this is……..’ she went on explaining all her friends names, pointing at each one as she said there name.
I trailed off looking at the boy from earlier the one that nudged me, still looking sick he walk up the hall and stopped at the locker directly behind me.
‘Umm excuse me’ the girl said snapping her fingers in my face.
‘Oh sorry, I was just looking at your ar… clothing, it seems very up to date’ I said making up each word as I said the first.
‘Yes these are all from Bay Wall, the shop in North Forks, have you been?’ she said looking at my clothing and eyeing my shoes.
‘No I haven’t, I have to go I must get my class listings, talk later’ I said try to walk away.
‘No, if I ever see your weird shoes near my boyfriend over there’ she pointed at the boy that talked to me.
‘I will have to speak to you in private’ she said flicking her hair, and walking away, as her clones followed.
Wow I was here for less than a minute and I have already got “the bitches” on me. I saw a glance of the boy from earlier.
I walked back to the office hoping there wasn’t a new lady that I would have to explain to, but as I walked in it was her with her glasses on the tip of her nose. She caught me just as I walked to the door.
‘Oh you’re here, one moment’ she said looking shocked that I was here already, was I meant to walk round the school twice, first.
She came back with two pieces of white paper.
‘Now this is your class listing and this is a map of our school, welcome to Forks Miss umm’ she said fumbling through the papers once again.
‘Yes Randall, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask’ she smiled and waited for me to move, had she forgotten how to say my name already.
I decided that I would take a quick look of the school before the bell rang. I found myself in a massive auditorium that seemed to be for a sport. I green color note book hung on the wall.
‘People with skill in soccer aspects, please sign up for this breath taking experience’ I started stunningly at what I should join for, did I have too much skill would I have to make up lies, so people would question my skills.
I grabbed the uncanny pen and rote my name on the dotted line, just as rote the last letter, a booming voice, vibrated though the floor.
‘You better be fair good to join, the boys are tough’ he said unbelieving that a girl actually signed up.
‘I have the skill, I came from an academy school’ I lied, his jaw dropped at the word academy.
‘Well then we’ll just have to see trainings on Mondays, with is today’ he said pointing at the day on the note board, and stating the obvious.
The bell began to ring, I was in a rush, and I wasn’t going to be late for my first class. I made my way to my locker, I little unsettled by the staring. I open my locker and grabbed my stuff for math, as I came to step back and close my locker door I bumped into someone, before I had the chance to look he was gone. I’m presume it was a boy, by the muscles I felt well I bumped him.
I strolled into my math class, my eyes to the floor; I looked up for one second, and saw him hand over his mouth, staring wistfully at me.
I made my way to my seat that was across from his, glancing at his book for a swift moment, his name written neatly on his book.
I was still anxious that my smell could be smelt by humans, unless he was vampire, impossible, he couldn’t be could he.
‘Miss Randall’ the teacher called my name, well the rest of the class stared in my direction.
Crap had he been talking, well I was daydreaming.
‘Yes’ I said.
‘Would you like to introduce yourself to the class’ he said, having experience with this he knew I didn’t want to.
‘No actually your class mates can just ask you’ he said strolling over to his math book.
‘Okay class the algebra….’he explained as I trailed off.
He gave us a minute to talk before the bell proceeded to ring.
‘Hello my name is Daniel’ a breathtaking voice started to talk to me.
Daniel, he was talking to me. Stunned by the fact he took notice of me, I turned with I huge smile on my face.
‘Hello I’m Rikku’ I said still out of breath.
‘I saw you having some trouble with Kristen and her friends’ he said worried.
‘Umm not really she just wanted me away from her boyfriend’ I said giggling.
‘Well she’s been after me for weeks now’ he said disgusted.
‘You’re very lucky then she seems very, in with this world’ I explain, know I would have a chance if Kristen was involved.
‘Lucky in hell, she’s a nightmare, she won’t back off seriously’ he said grabbing his pen and tapping it twice on his book, twice on the table, I amazing rhythm.
My foot slipped from the metal I had it on and knocked him on the leg.
‘Oh umm I must pack up my stuff, later’ he said suddenly, had I made I move on him accidently, had he thought I was like Kristen.
The day ended quite quickly, I think Daniel went home because I never saw him at his locker since I knocked him.
Keeping in mind I had my soccer lesson, I jogged my way to the auditorium.
I walked in to a line of men that looked like they spend their days on a treadmill, as I walked closer the line, I heard a snicker.
‘Finally the lady has made it, we thought you might have bailed’ he said still not believe that I was here.
‘I’m here and ready to train’ I explain doing a little kick in the air. I felt like an idiot, like I shouldn’t be here, but I will show them I can kick ass.
‘Okay every one meets Rikku’ he explains and pointed as if it wasn’t obvious.
‘She’s kind of cute for girl in shorts’ I whisper come from the other end of the line, I acted like I didn’t hear him.
‘We will treat her as if she was a professional like us’ he explained to the boys, one was still staring at me; I felt my cheek heat up. Was I blushing, do werewolves even blush.
‘Okay let’s take one lap, follow the boys Rikku’ he told me.
As we ran I felt my speed fasten, being stared at from all was quite lovely all of a sudden, boys were staring at me.
‘Wow your fast, where you from?’ I voice asked.
‘Really this is nothing, where do we have to run to’ I asked avoiding his question.
‘See the big pine tree up ahead, that’s it and back’ he told me pointing at the tree.
‘I’ll show you fast, try and catch up’ I told him ran really fast I was at the tree in minutes, I decided to wait for my friend.
‘Yes you are fast’ he said out of breath as he finally reached me.
‘Here’ I said holding my hand out to him.
‘Okay’ he said I little to exited for my liking. He flinched at the warmth of my skin, but didn’t say a word.
‘Now ran with me’ I said running at a human speed.
‘Hooking in Andre a boy yelled out to this so called Andre character.
‘No I’m teaching him to run faster, since you suck anyway I would bother’ I told him pulling Andre along as I walked.
‘Wow you’re a fast runner and can show up Stevie’ he said laughing.
‘Well some ones got to show him girls are bitchy’ I said doing a cat meow.
‘Well I’m Andre if you haven’t already guessed’ he said happily. Was he falling for my running? He hasn’t seen my kicking skills yet.
‘Yeah I worked that out, when do we start kicking balls?’ I asked, as he pointed behind me to the couch, with a bag of soccer balls.
We trained for a while as me and Andre switch conversation from soccer to life.
The final bell rang, I walk to my locker and fetched my bag, as I made my way to the gate I noticed my dad, parked exactly where he was this morning.
The car handle was hot on my skin as I opened it.
‘Hey Hun, how was school’ he said hoping bad so he would have to take me here again.
‘Pretty good dad, I meet some people, no friends yet but it’s still early’ I said eager to find friends.
‘Let’s get home then’ he said, hearing the engine groan as he raved it.
‘Wait’ said a heavenly voice. Oh my god, it was him the Daniel kid.
‘Dad stop’ I shrieked over his engine.
‘Stop you shrieking, what it is?’ he demand, I heard the engine turn off. I looked up at his annoyed face, he hated turning the car off and on for no reason.
‘Give me on second’ I said, as a hopped out of the Ute.
I looked around to an almost empty school ground, trying to find him, was I imagining his voice or was he calling out to me.
‘I wish you could understand the reason I stay away from you’ a voice whispered, was I just going crazy? I didn’t give it much thought.
Getting back in the car will be awkward, I needed I reason, I fiddled in my pocket, a found I bangle.
‘I found it’ I explained dangling the bangle in front of him.
‘That’s it’ he said stupidly and started the engine again.

Dad I’m in love with a human
After a complex dinner of think of what to say to my dad, without say Daniel in it. I just sat, poked at my stake, and shoved my beans from one spot to the other.
After dinner I went up to talk to my big brother, which a yet haven’t mentioned at all. Aaron is my big brother, the second strongest pack member, I talk to him about my troubles before dad.
As I walked into his quite room I found him in his bed asleep, I started to close the door and it creaked.
‘Ar’ he moaned, crap had I woke him.
‘What’s wrong sis?’ he said rubbing his eyes.
‘Oh its nothing I’ll wait till morning’ I said a bit disturbed.
‘No its okay I’m up now, what’s wrong?’ he asked again and I turned the light on.
‘I just want to talk about something to you’ I said I little tear dripping off my face.
‘Come here’ he said patting a part of the bed next to him.
I walked up and sat; he put his arm around me and hugged me in a brotherly way.
‘Now tell me what’s bothering you’ he said.
‘Aaron I think I’m umm in love with a human’ he flinched at the word human.
I felt his body heat higher and his arm release from around me. I felt like I hurt him or something.
‘I’m really tired can we talk about this tomorrow’ he ached and pushed me out the door. Before I got to say another word he furiously slammed the door in my face.
I had nothing else to do at ten o’clock; I decided to go on my computer and shuffled though my songs. I stopped the shuffling at a song by Breaking Benjamin, one but not the best song I have of his.
My mind must have stopped think all together, because I stopped thinking of Daniel and his luscious hair.
‘Bing’ I add exception appeared on my msn page.
Who could it be I wondered to myself, I clicked on the exception button and continued listening to my music.
As the song swapped from scream bands, hip hop, r ‘n b and love songs, someone logged on that I never have even noticed.
‘Hello who is this?’ I sent.
‘Hello Rikku, you know me but it’s kind of impossible to explain’ he sent back only for seconds after I sent hello.
‘Who are you?’ I sent back worried about whom he was and if he was some stalker.
‘I told you, I can’t tell you, and it’s a secret’ he sent with one of those smiley faces.
‘Tell me who you are this conversation is over’ I said so scared.
‘Okay I’m someone you just meet today’ he sent.
‘Do you relies I just started school I meet so many people today’ I sent with an angry face smiley.
‘Okay ill narrow it down for you, I’m a boy, I’m in one of your classes’ I worked out that it must be Andre, but how did he get my email address.
‘Is this Andre, coz if so hi’ I sent with a smiley.
‘Close but no, okay its Daniel, but don’t ask me how I got you email’ he sent and I had a huge unstoppable argue to scream.
‘Oh hello, where did you disappear to today?’ I sent back after I calmed down.
‘I’m sorry I have to go to bed now bye’ he sent and I was a bit confused.
‘Okay bye at school tomorrow’ I sent back.
‘Yeah I don’t know if I’m coming might be busy okay bye xo’ he sent and went off line
Oh my god the one the only Daniel just got my email somehow and obviously looked for it hard and he wrote xo on the end of his sentence to me.
I yarned once and thought it’s the best idea if I go to bed.
I walked down our newly made stairs and kissed my dad on the cheek.
‘Are you sure you want to go to school tomorrow?’ he asked as I disappeared into the next room.
‘Yes’ I screeched.
‘Okay, wake you up at 7, goodnight’ he said and I left the room and made my way up the stairs, as I past Aarons room I felt like I had killed him. I just broke the news of my latest crush on some human I barely know and has added my magically on msn.
Should I say sorry to Aaron or just leave it? I wasn’t sure what to do as I walked past his door slowly, I heard it open.
‘Come in sis we have to talk’ he said as if he was still asleep.
‘Okay” I said and walked slowly in anxious he was going to brainwash me to stop loving humans.
As I sat on one of his amazingly soft bean bags, he began to talk.
‘Rikku as much as I would love to protect you when dad finds out I can’t stand up for you, I find it disturbing that you love a human, so you really think he will except you, as who you are or are you planning to be “Rikku the human” for the time being’ he said aggravated.
‘Look Aaron I don’t plan on telling anyone anything, just because I’m crushing on a human doesn’t mean anything’s going to happen, besides dad already has my true love apparently’ I said sarcastically.
‘yes he does, but look I know I’m your big brother but I can’t just protect you forever, you have to grow up, you just started high school’ he said looking at me in a young sister way.
‘I just wanted to tell you okay I’m sorry if a like hurt you by telling you my problems’ I said I little upset at his answers lately.
I walked out of his room straight into mine and shut the door. I dreamt all night of his presents and I woke at his every touch in my dream. I woke and saw a strange shadow in my room, was I dreaming of him here to? Oh my god I have to stop myself, this has become too much for me.

I woke up with tears in my eyes, had I cried in my sleep? I couldn’t remember what a dreamt about, all I know is I was chased down by a vampire, and then he was in my room, preserving my body.
I grabbed my school dress and got it on; I did my makeup and hair. I went down stairs to find my dad asking Aaron about me.
‘Yeah I know, but what happened to her?’ he whispered to Aaron.
‘I have no idea she won’t tell me about it’ he whispered back, he looked up to find me at the foot of the stairs. He knew I heard his every word.
‘I’ll take the bus’ I said and stomped out the door, I tear went down my face as I thought of what I would ever do to be with a human. Would I kill my own father for him? Had Daniel taken my life in his hands, could I hear him all the time or was I crazy?
Questions in my mind, which had no current answers.

I made my way to the bus stop, I boy with black hair that covered his right eye completely, was staring in my direction.
‘Hello, are you Rikku?’ He said with a kind of girly voice.
‘Yes I am and you are?’ I said.
‘I’m Steven, I’m in your math class, and you probably don’t notice me, because I’m in that huge emo looking group’ he said harshly.
‘Oh, I hate stereotyping people and you seem very nice, nice to meet you’ I told him and pulled out my hand out of my pocket to shake his hand.
‘Oh, no it’s okay I’m not into handshakes’ he said scared of my hand, what was wrong with my hand.
‘Anyway have you got any friends you hung out with at school, because we would mind new member in our group’ he said as the bus pulled up beside me.
‘Yeah sure, thank you’ I said as I hoped on the bus.
I sat on an empty seat and Steven, my new friend sat beside me. He put his hand on my leg, was he making moves.
‘I’m gay by the way’ he said like he had read the question in my mind.
As the bus came to a halt I got off and saw Daniel sitting on the seat near were my bus had stopped.
I walk over and sat beside him, I don’t think he noticed my existence, because he jumped at my hello.
‘Hey’ he said holding his heart.
‘I’m sorry, Daniel right?’ I acted like I had forgotten who he was, but I knew who he was, a human that I loved so much.
‘Yes, I’m so sorry about msn, I got busy’ he apologized.
‘No it total okay, I’m surprised you came today, you said you were busy’ I explained and the bell began to ring and a few announcements came with it.

Rikku (Daniel)

I’m Daniel Burkie; I’ve been 19 for 300 years now. Yes I’m a vampire and no I’m not going to suck on your blood. I have brown eyes that go grim stone red when I see blood I crave, my hair is brownish blonde. I don’t take much care in my hair, because my skin is so perfect anyway.
I have meet to most beautiful girl in the world, her brown hair is so dazzling in the sunlight, her brown eyes dance on her attractive face and her elegant body strolls lusciously when she walks.
I don’t know where she’s from but, I can read her mind like it was my own; I have no idea why. It dazzles me. Her every thought is in my head, her ever piece of information in my brains. Although her every thought is about me, she thinks of giving me her number and email address, but I got her email from her head, I thought her number would be too personal.
I don’t know why I can feel her like I am her, it’s a magnificent skill I have never perceived.
My normal skill is to make people blind, so they can’t see an attack, but now I have received this gift.
The one and only problem I have with Rikku is that she’s a werewolf, how can someone be so beautiful and live with dogs.
She gets off bus 107 on days she has fourth with her father, and if not she gets out of her dads red Ute.
Her most lovable classes are drama and English, because I’m in there. She wants to be human and she supposes I am.
Today she took the bus because her father and brother annoyed her, her brother told her that I wouldn’t understand her.
I want to know her properly like I don’t know who she is, but the scent is so hard to resist, her every touch makes my body tremble.
Today I will make my move on her, get to know who she is like a human, because according to her thoughts, she has music second today, and I do too.
First period rushed though me like magic, maybe I was concentrating on her thoughts too much.
Music class I had to shine, I was writing a song last lesson, I based it on Pillar, my favorite band.
“So like I’m walking alone” I sang quietly to myself,
“Everybody with your fist raised high” someone said back.
‘Hi, you love pillar too’ she said as I turned around to find Rikku alone at my side.
‘Yes I do’ I said a bit uneven.
‘Umm do you also like Escape the fate’ she asked back.
Music and love (Rikku)

‘Yes I do, the very emo but its all okay’ his heavenly voice started to sing after that.
‘Ashley baby you make me feel so alive, I got purpose once again’ he sang the chores of Ashley by
Escape the fate.
As we sat, swapping music tips and he sang to me, his voice like an angel with a voice like no other. He made his way to the keyboard and played me a song he made.
‘Do you play an instrument’ he asked politely after playing his keyboard piece.
‘My voice and guitar’ I said playing a little air guitar. He laughed at my stupidity and I saw his eyes change color, from blue to green. I sat and stared into his eyes and he looked up.
‘What’ he look at me curiously.
‘Oh nothing it’s just your eyes they change color with your mood’ I said looking at his eyes again and looking down at his hands.
‘You noticed’ he wondered if I was really human, well he will never know the true me.
‘I notice a lot of things about you’ I explained, crossing my legs. He lifted up my chin.
‘It’s alright I know’ he said, what was he saying to me?
‘Know what’ I said in shook.
‘That you’re amazingly beautiful’ he said in shook of his own words, he snapped out of it and walked into the next room.
The bell rang for recess, I never saw Daniel again.

As I walked towards the bus shelters a beeping Ute drove past, great dads her I sighed to myself.
‘Hey lovely, how was school?’ he asked me as I jumped in.
‘Okay’ I grumbled.
‘We got to talk about this Daniel person’ he said look at me and out the windscreen. I know what going to happen; he’ll tell me I can’t love him, the end.
‘Yeah and I got to kill Aaron’ I said angrily.
‘It’s not his fault his worried, his getting you out before you to deep in’ he explained to me, it was like he was reading my feeling backwards.
‘Whatever’ I mumbled, and stared out the car window, my tears in my eyes, when I saw Daniel on the side of the road. He looked up as a drove past and smiled at me.
Was he homeless? Is that why he dodges me like that?

We got home I jumped out of the car and stood at the door, dad opened it and I saw Aaron on the kitchen table with blood on his arm.
‘Dad that isn’t going to work, there blood suckers’ he explained.
‘Shut up, here give me that’ he yelled at him and grabbed the needle.
‘Look you don’t have to dodge around this, I’m not five, blood suckers are vampires, humans and vampires are no no’s’ I explained telling them the obvious.
‘Well forget Daniel, you can’t have him, his is a human’ Aaron yelled at me.
‘I hate you’ I said and run out the front door.
It was night by the time I made it to the forest, I would have undressed and turned wolf, but I hate my wolfness to start with.
I walked down the forest street, tears dripping down my face, my pain so strong, how hard could it be for me to be with an understandable human?
‘Why?’ I screamed into the forest. I saw a shadow pass the trees close to me.
I jumped back. I snarl came from inside the bush.
‘Hello’ I said, watching my step.
‘I’m yours, Rikku Randall’ I voice answered.
‘Who are you’ I asked.
‘Darl you’ve asked this too much’ he answered could it have been Daniel? Why would he be here?
‘Daniel’ I asked.
‘Yes baby, this is the real me’ he came out from behind the bushes, his eyes red.
‘No’ I said figuring out what he truly was; he wasn’t the only one with a secret to kill.
The sweet little Daniel that couldn’t come near me was a, a vampire.
‘I told you I was weird, and this is it’ he explained.
‘Do you know me properly’ I asked him backing up a few steps.
‘What’s to tell you’re a werewolf in a human’s body, I’m sorry I can’t really go out on everything now I have to go’ he said explaining he knew me.
‘Leave me alone your crazy’ I screeched at him.
I run into a small shed and tripped over some rope, I fell to the ground and an extremely heavy piece of wood fell on top of me.
‘Owwww’ I screamed out in pain, as the door opened.
‘Oh my god’ Daniel voice broke.
‘I’m okay, just get this wood off me please’ I screeched.
‘I can’t’ he screamed back, I was bleeding and he is a vampire, add the dots.
‘I have to go’ he screeched at me.
“Nooo Daniel you’re not leaving me here” I yelled with agony as he walks out the door.
As the blood purred out of my side, his eyes turned a crimson red.
‘You don’t understand I can kill you if I get one single drop of your blood’ he hissed running for the door.
‘I will die if you don’t take me to a hospital, NOW’ I screamed, a scream that stopped him at the foot of the door.
His eyes so beautiful with the lighting of the room, his face looked like he was about to help. But he just grabbed the door handle, he was about to close the door.
‘Daniel’ I screeched.
As I laid there my body numbing slowly, remembering Daniels happy face kept me calm. I breathed slowly and calmly, when the door creaked and I jumped.
‘I can’t leave you all alone, but I could do it alone’ he said to me. Three grown men come up beside me.
‘Okay I think I can handle this’ I manly voice said.
‘Do you want me to help’ I girly voice asked back.
‘I have to get out of here her blood in to strong’ Daniel said.
‘Okay will bring her back unbroken’ a different manly voice said.
They lifted the heavy wood off me in second split. A body cared my broken body out of the shed like house.
‘What do I have here’ I could feel a man touching my body, but I didn’t have the strength to see nor fight back. He checked my every body part, and squeezed my hand when he had finished
‘You okay girly’ he asked me. I tried to squeeze his hand but was unsuccessful; somehow this strange someone knew I was breathing without checking.
‘Okay she has…..’ his voice drifted away.

When I awoke, I felt no pain no injury, nothing, was I died? No I wasn’t I could hear an angel but not the your died type. It was Daniel he came to my bedside and held my hand.
‘Come on darl you can make it though’ he said quietly to me.
‘How is she’ a person said.
‘She’s still breathing’ Daniel answer back. I had forgotten that I was now in a room with vampires I establish that earlier, and vampires have extremely good hearing as do werewolves.
‘Oww’ I groaned.
‘Rikku’ his sharp voice lit at my groan.
‘I’m okay, ar’ I said again.
‘Hold on don’t move, Daylan come here, she’s awaken’ he announced.
‘Hold on don’t touch her’ I heard his footsteps walking in. He grabbed my hand and placed it in liquid, water I hoped. I established my thirst after that.
‘Can I have water please’ I chocked.
‘Yes straight away, Hun’ Daniel run for the door. What was with the pet names I wondered?
I felt a stabbing pain and then I opened my eyes to find a vampire looking into them. He had a brown side fringe and brown eyes; I perfect smile and a good body.
‘Who-who are you?’ I asked really afraid.
‘I’m Daylan, and this is my little sister, Mariah’ a blond little girl came out from behind the door.
‘Hello’ she said and I nodded at her.
‘Um is it too early or shall I’ I heard a voice I knew too well.
‘It should be okay’ Daylan told him, the stranger walked up to me.
Jeez was everyone I’m friends with vampires, it was Steven.
‘Hi, how things?’ he is said moving his foot around the floor.
‘Okay, just thinking I’m going to a school of vampires’ I said, actually taking that fact into consideration.
‘Nar, it’s just me, Daniel, Mariah, Daylan and Alex’
‘Yeah, that’s nothing’ I laughed.
‘Ow’ I ached. I wondered where this Alex character was, all I knew was I’m so sure that these vampires aren’t related.
‘Try not to hurt yourself anymore’ he laughed at me.
I wasn’t planning to go home tonight; I wanted to stay here with Daniel and his family. They did mind me and as long as I wasn’t bleeding I could be near Daniel.
I tried to get up, but I need help. A strange looking guy, that looked just like Steven walked in.
‘Guys whys there a random werewolf here’ he asked. They all run in explaining to him.
‘Well I’m Alex’ he said after everyone explained my reasons for being here.
‘Oh are you Steven brother’ I asked.
‘No way jeez I’m not incest, I mean’ he said smiling at me, his sharp teeth shining.
‘Yeah anyway can you help me up and take me to Daniel?’ I asked him holding out my hands.
‘Sure, I think his in his room resting’ he said back and grabbed my hands. I leaned on him as a walked slowly down the hall way.
We reached a big door. Alex knocks and I heard footsteps.
‘Yeah who is it?’ he asked and I smiled.
‘It’s your girl’ he said and I had a huge smile across my face.
‘Oh goody’ he said in a weird voice and opened the door. He had changed out of his black outfit and in blue jeans and a green t-shirt. I could see his arm muscles; they had their very own veins that popped out as he grabbed me out of Alexs arms.
I sighed as he put me in his arms and carried me to his bed.
‘What’s it like being with someone that’s old enough to be you grandparents’ he asked me, as a joke.
‘Funny thing about that were not together’ I laughed and he was by my bed side.
I wasn’t sure if he would not be able to handle it if I kissed him, so I sat there his eyes look at me.
His face getting closer to mine, was he leaning in?
He smiled and his soft lips touched mine.
Daniel jumped at the taste of me.
‘I don’t think I’m ready, I’m sorry’ he said, started to walk away.
‘It’s okay, don’t go we can talk, we don’t know each other to well’ I said smiling at him.

A life chat
He explained to me his life before he turned into a vampire.
‘I had a quite little life with my parents, they loved me, took care of me. I was 15 and I was going to move out, live with my girlfriend and my best mate. I lived with them for months on end; my dad didn’t look like he minded. He knew my best mate and I were close friends and my girlfriend and I were extremely close, sexually and non-sexually. We laughed and talked a lot all three of us. I would visit my parents every Sunday’ he explained and grabbed a photo out of his draw.
He handed me the two pictures, one was him and his parents and the other was his best mate and his girlfriend.
I looked at the picture sympathetically; he stared at me waiting for me to look up at him. I looked up at his face and stroked my cheek.
‘On my final Sunday, my mum kissed my cheek and told me to be good, and promised me she’d come visit me on Sunday next week’ I tear fell down his face I court it as it fell, I kissed his cheek.
‘I went home with my girlfriend; we had to pick up my best mate from a small party. When we got there to pick him up, we decided to come and party for awhile.’ He showed me another picture, of him and his girlfriend parting.
‘We sang and danced, having the best time. There was a couple yelling at each other, it was a two boys and a girl. They were yelling about love and stuff; the bigger boy took a punch at the other kid, just one huge fight. We have no idea how the place collapsed, but it did and we all were under this big house.’ He stared at those pictures.
‘I was lying under rubble, yelling out to my girlfriend and best mate, no one answered.
I found my girlfriend struggling to breathe; I throw the rubble off her and crawled around trying to find an exit. I found one, looking for my girlfriend again, found her took her to the exit and pushed her out. I don’t know what I did, but I hit something and the rubble fell on me, I was so close to death, the last word I heard was my girlfriends screams, as I fell. I was gone and somehow these vampires found me, I knew them from school and they helped me.’
He just stared at me, waiting for me to do something, I smiled and hugged him.
‘They do the usually vampire stuff and I lived again, it took me so long to stop craving blood, and to stop thinking that I could just appear back in my other life. I thought I could just walk back; I tried once Daylan stopped me and explained to me how I would expose them if I did. I never tried it again, I stopped craving blood of humans and I craved blood of animals. I got taught to hunt and suck the blood out of animals. I gained a skill, I could blind other vampire so they couldn’t smell or feel others, which left them defenseless. And I got so used to this life, I had a casual looks at my mum and dad, my mate died which ended up being, Megan, yes my best mate was a girl. I watched over my girlfriend. Mum and dad died in 20 years and my girlfriend died eventually.’ He couldn’t hold his emotion; I put my head on his shoulder. He just smiled at me, he put his lips on mine, my emotion was unstoppable I kissed him like we were married.
He cried as a hugged him, close to my body I could feel his coldness, and I bet my warmth was a bit much for him; he backed off after a few minutes.
He strolled out of his room, and when he came back he had a box.
‘There is only one girl I ever plan on falling for and no matter what she is, I love her’ he past me the box.
I grabbed it out of his hand, it was a soft box, I slight bit heavy. I flipped it open, a Safire ring was in its place.
‘It’s the last thing I have from my girlfriend, and I want you to have it’ he smiled at me.
‘I can’t…’ he put his finger on my lips.
‘It’s okay, I want you to’ he kissed me and I pushed against his body.
The door opened with a slight squeak which was good, Daniel leaped of me.
‘What do dogs eat, joking’ he said and clapped his hands at his own pathetic jock.
‘Anything other than blood’ I teased back.
I thought maybe I should head home soon; I really would dislike it if my pack came to rescue me, as they shall call it. I sat for minutes searching Daniels face for anger or some sort of unexpressed feelings that I wouldn’t be able to see on the surface of his delicate face. He looks at me after I found the feel he had not expressed, it was worry, but for what, I was too frightened to ask. Just the look in his eyes made me think I should really head home. His eyes turn grim stone red like they had this evening. I establish why, it was me, I was bleeding. He hissed at me, showing his pearly white teeth, my instincts took over, I growled back. The growling and hissing brought the whole vampire family upstairs. Before I got the chance to back myself off, he had taken I go at me, I wimped as I was hurt. I run outside, it all I could do, I had to get back home, vampires and werewolves are not meant to be.
I undressed myself, turned into my werewolf form and run to my scent back home. I howled at the sky, as to tell him there was no hope. To tell him our love isn’t strong enough for our instincts.
I run home, life was going to be so intense when I got back, but I would be better off with dogs then blood suckers, like dad had said a million times. I was turning into someone I never thought I could act nor be. My father, a man strong with his words, I wouldn’t want to be the next Alpha, but it runs in my blood, like this werewolf I am does.
I entered our bundies of home; I could smell my father anger. Walking through that door was the hardest thing I ever done.
I walked through it, like I worm trying to crawl from a bird. But I was a lucky worm I made it thought and into my bed room without a word.
I transformed back into a human, got dressed and sat in my bed.
He told me I would be okay, how am I okay I have no life, no love, and especially, no him. I watched the shadows of the old willow fling in my room from the moonlight.

I woke from my sleep, late in the morning, not a usual werewolf time. Here I was about to get told off bad, from people who barely understand how in love I am.
‘Where did you run off to last night?’ dad asked as soon as he heard my footsteps boom on the stairs.
‘Out’ I said firmly. Open the fridge and grabbing myself an apple. Yes a treat for my horror last night.
I was dreading Music and English so much; all I see is that growl that tore though him last night.
‘Where in general?’ he asked me again not recognizing the fact I didn’t want to talk about it.
‘Places that you would hate’ I answered back and walked away from him.
‘WHERE’ he grabbed on to my shoulders with anger, his voice shock the room. Aaron walked down in a rush and managed to work out, that it was all me, one again.
‘VAMPIRES HOME’ I said, giving him a look that made him let go of me, he just stared at me.
Had I gone too far, had my life just broken and I let it happen? I wanted to blame Daniel, I really did, but he did nothing wrong, except growl at me.
I walked struggling to connect my thoughts. All I was thinking of was Daniels tears as he talked about his old life. I missed him, I knew him not to well, but we were like two stars without the line in the middle of us, connecting us. I look at my bed were I had dreamt my life with him. I discovered that there was a white note on my bed, I unsealed it and read it.
Rikku please don’t give up on me, last night I wasn’t ready I don’t know when ill be. Can you give me that chance? I know our lives are different. Meet me at the Frankston River if you can find it in your heart to forgive an old fool like me. Sincerely Daniel the vampires of your dreams.
I stared at the words he wrote, the words that melted my broken heart.
Does he really think things would go straight back to normal, like we were two humans in love? The problems were endless, the more we resolved, the more that came.
I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from meeting him today, but I had to tell him this wasn’t going to work at all. Besides how was I meant to get out of this house when my father was being so overprotective?
I wasn’t ready for this, I settled on listen to some music, to calm myself before walking down stairs into fire.

What was he thinking?

I watched the rain fall on my window, as I thought what I could do, Thunder- Boys Like Girls played on my computer, as I worked out I don’t care about my father anymore. What he thinks means nothing to me, or did it? I didn’t know what to say to him, but I got into my black jeans and hooded jumper, made my why quietly down stairs.
‘Where you going?’ dad asked, as I thought I had escaped.
‘Places’ I answered back, would he leave me be or ask more questions?
‘Okay be back for dinner’ he told me, was that it? All that yelling last night and the night before were for nothing. He just let me leave and I wasn’t in any positions to ask questions.
Off I went in the rain and nearly storm to go find my vampire and tell him things can’t work.
I wasn’t extremely sure it was the best idea to tell him I can’t be with him, I did want to, but what was I meant to do act vampire like forever.
I could see the river on my far left; I strolled towards the barrier, and looked down and the mercy water. Seeing my own reflection shocked me, the expression on my face was undecided; I felt I touch on my shoulder. I turned around in a defective mode; I was ready to slam the person when I looked into his grim eyes. It was the only eyes I could every fall for, Daniels golden grim eyes staring at me like he wouldn’t know how I felt about him.
‘Daniel’ I whispered and rested my head on his shoulder, why was I such a fool, his eyes his lips his every body part made me weak at the knees.
‘It’s alright’ he hugged me and rested his own chin on my shoulder, how could he resist the need to bite me.
‘I hate this’ I screamed and pulled away.
‘I finally find someone who cares about me and there a vampire, why does god hate me?’ I yelled.
‘Aw baby, god doesn’t hate you, its difficulty for you to understand right now but’ he explain and I wasn’t prepared for his next words.
‘But I have to go away for a while I promise I’ll come back’ he said and my mouth dropped.
‘WHAT, I came here to dump you and now you’re going on a holiday’ I screamed at him waving my arms in the air like a crazy person.
‘I have to, I will come back, you were going to dump me?’ he answered back calmly, didn’t he not see how furious I was?
‘Whatever I hope you have a nice trip’ I screamed at him, I regretted it but I never felt so aggravated.

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