A Small Theory **SPOILER ALERT**



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Aug 29, 2016
So, I'm new here, but I really wanted to post this theory of mine.

So, we know at the end of KH X (chi), everything goes white and the player character looks up and says "a goddess" before Skuld appears. Popular belief is that our player died, and Skuld and Ephemera appear to guide them. Because of this, there is much speculation that Skuld and Ephemera are also dead. However, I have another theory.

As we know from Master Ava (the leader of Vulpes), Ephemera was in a state called Unchained, and had therefore entered another realm. My theory is, that instead of our player seeing a "goddess" (so far, other than the Olympus worlds there has been no precedent for Gods or Goddesses, unless you count Kingdom Hearts itself and the other worlds as deities, which is debatable as they DO have sentience), that Skuld and Ephemera are BOTH Unchained and that you, the player, are starting to enter the realm of Unchained as well.

That means that in Unchained X, we would be playing as the same player, only in the Unchained state (hence the name, Unchained X, and why the beginnings are identical, even though Nomura has said that the storyline will soon differ from that of X.)

Now, since Nomura has declared X and Unchained X canon, this does lead me to believe that this will play into KH3 in some way. One possibility is that Sora, on his quest for the Foretellers, has to enter the Unchained state and speak to Ephemera and Skuld.

One thing I would like to note about Ephemera and Skuld: their coloring. So far, it is a running theme in KH that silver/white hair represents people with darkness (Xehanort, Riku, Sephiroth) and people with dark hair represent Light (Eraqus, Tifa). This may be entirely speculation, but I do believe that Skuld and Ephemera are directly connected to light and darkness in Kingdom Hearts in some way.

"But Ephemera is good!!" You say. And he is. However, he does have qualities that tie directly to darkness, such as lying and breaking promises, and, as shown by Riku, not everyone with connections to darkness is bad. Another speculation of mine is that Skuld and Ephemera represent Yin and Yang. Neither inherently good or bad, but still very connected to light and dark.

Thanks for bearing through this monster of a theory, and please, no hateful messages as it is just speculation and theory.


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Jul 7, 2016
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I think this theory is accepted from the start, the Player was near an Unchained State before. All it took was to take them in was Kingdom Hearts, infact I think most people see the Player as "alive" because Kingdom Hearts would heal the Player if it shined on them.

I also think of it more as Skuld will get the power of darkness to counter Ephemera's light, while the Player gets some ability that can counter act the power of light and dark. Much like Sora, who is made to be the balance in his trio.


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Feb 16, 2012
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I like it. The only issue that I have is that we have no idea what being Unchained even means. Maybe it's what they used to call "diving" before the RoS was known to be what it is now. Perhaps being Unchained means you cannot be chained down by the RoS's rules if they are actually in the RoS.

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Jan 4, 2014
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Hello. You have an interesting theory. There is supposed to be a Secret Ending releasing for KHx today. We'll have to see what that reveals! :)