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Your Mom's Mom's Daughter
Feb 11, 2007
Orlando Florida
Caught between two worlds

Ohhh boy i haven't been on in a long time, what inspired me to visit you guys again is the fact that i'm writing (another) story, and yes sadly i have left my previous one unfinished. But in any case here is the first chapter of my new story, i have a good feeling about this one, and i hope you guys do too. :)

Chapter 1​

I was in a room filled with fire, lava, and rocks as black as night. I ran, I ran faster than I ever thought I could. I didn’t know who it was, but my life was in danger. I dodged the jagged rocks and gaps in the floor, the heat from the fire and lava slowly sunk into my skin, beads of sweat rolled down my forehead and into my eyes, making them burn and itch, slowing me down. I looked behind me, a dark cloaked figure jumped over rocks effortlessly, with every step equaling two of my own. Who was this man? My heart pumped blood like it never had before. I looked down the side of the rocky path, a pool of lava bubbling menacingly. Ahead of me was the opening to the mouth of the hellish cave I run in, a dark cloudy ebony sky lie ahead, lightning bolts spread across the sky like daggers. My legs began to tire and burn in pain. I looked behind myself yet again, the mysterious figure merely feet away from me, my doom was inevitable. A heavy weight brought me to my knees, my body made a loud ‘thud’ on the hardy rocky surface. I was flipped onto my back, the large dark figure holding me down as I struggled. He had a ghostly appearance, though I could not see his face.
“Wake up!” It shouted in a deep horrifying voice. Confusion flooded my mind.
“I am awake…” I said quietly. It lifted my body and slammed me onto the ground.
“Wake up!” It shouted even louder, its voice echoed throughout the cave, followed by a loud crack of thunder
“I am awake!” I shouted back. It smacked my face with the force of a bull; I looked at the dark shadowy figure once more, a faint red glow emitted from its hood, then all went black.

“Wake up Aaron… Wake up…”

A heavenly voice filled my head.
“I am awake…” I said softly. I opened my eyes, a bright light blinded me momentarily before I could see where I was; I was in my bedroom. I looked around for whoever was speaking to me, and then I saw her, it was Karina, one of my close friends. I slowly sat upright, feeling my head pound with a headache.
“What happened?” I asked groggily. She looked at me, pleased that I had awoken.
“You don’t remember?” She asked puzzled. “Some losers were chasing after us, then you stopped to confront them and they hit you in the head with a two by four. You were knocked out cold.” She said simply.
“They left quickly afterwards for fear of being arrested, then I dragged you home. And just so you know you were kinda heavy.” Aaron nodded in gratefulness; I was too worn out to speak anymore. I was rubbing my head when I felt a hard flaky scab that ran across the entire back of it. The feeling made my hairs stand up. Its unnatural bump it made freaked me out, the slightest pressure would make it hurt; it was very recent, undoubtedly due to the blow to my head.
I told Karina of my dream, it frightened me just thinking about it; I could’ve sworn it was real. It fascinated me how my dreams could fool me so easily; the human mind is so fragile, I thought to myself.

“Strange.” She said, contemplating his dream. “Maybe the cloaked man represented the boys chasing us, but then where was I? And there was more than one boy. Hmm… Well, you’re alright now; you shouldn’t think about it too much, it was just a dream after all.” She said happily. “You should get some rest; I’ll be in the living room reading if you need me.” She said as she walked toward the door.
My head continued to pound mercilessly, every pulse sent me further into insanity. I lay my head softly on the pillow trying to fall asleep; the pain stopped that desire from happening.
“Ugh… Why can’t I sleep?!” I said to myself. I knew why, I was just getting angry. I attempted to fall asleep yet again, I tried not to focus on the pain, the pillow was soft, and it conformed its shape around my head. The linens were freshly washed and a pure white color, I took in a deep breath and fell asleep.

When I awoke it was dark, there was no light; only slight shades of yellow and red that snuck in through the cracks in the window. I got up and looked around; I felt the back of my head again; there was no scab. Confused; I looked around further. I tried opening the window; it was barred shut with rusty steel shutters. This wasn’t the same place I had fallen asleep at. I walked toward the door, it was also rusty steel. I turned the handle; it was locked. I was trapped. I ran around the room frantically trying to find a means of escape, I pulled on the window shutters with all my might; the only thing I succeeded in was tiring myself. I sat on the bed trying to devise a plan; a means of escape, but came up empty. Where was I anyway? These weird happenings lately were scaring me, I wasn’t sure what to think of just yet; maybe it was just a prank. Then just as I was about to give up and go to sleep again, I heard the wooden floor creak near the door, then the loud
un-oiled screech of the door handle a dark figure slowly walked in; It was him, the cloaked man. I stood up, readying myself to fight, but he made no move to attack. He slowly approached me, my heart raced at the sight of his ghostly appearance.
“Who are you?” I asked nervously. He tilted his head slowly, and then punched me in the face, sending me backward onto the bed. My cheek burned in pain I rubbed it gently in shock.
“Do not speak unless I ask of it.” He said in his loud rumbling voice. I sat up on the bed, waiting anxiously. He stood up straight and said
“You are not welcome in this place, what is it you are doing here?”
“That’s what I would like to know as well…” I said avoiding his face.
“Lies!” He yelled stomping on the floor. “If you did not know, then why did you run!?”
“Run? Wait… Wasn’t that just a dream? Oh! Haha this just a dream! Ahh, it all makes sense now, ok I just need to wake up now!” The man looked at me confused and slightly irritated.
“This is not a dream, I don’t know what world you’re in but this is all real. And if you don’t start talking sense soon, your fanciful world will soon end.”
“Haha, you’re so funny ghost man, wow I ad no idea my dreams could be so detailed!”
“Ugh… Silence!” A swift punch came from the cloaked man, I flew backward again.
“If this is a dream, then why do you feel pain?!” I lay on the bed, grasping my cheek in pain. Thick painful pulses were felt through my entire face, my face turned red and hot, a single tear rolled down my cheek, cooling the hotness.
“Now, let me start from the beginning, who are you, and why are you here?”
I looked up at the man’s face, I could see nothing but black darkness, his mysteriousness frightened me, but I tried my best not to seem too afraid.
“My name is Aaron, and you must believe me when I say this; I don’t know how or why I am here. One minute I’m in my bedroom with cozy comforters, the next I’m in this hellhole.” He looked at my puzzled; he seemed to be contemplating my statement.
“Most times I would call that statement a lie and kill you, but… For some reason I think you’re telling the truth. I’ll need to revise your story further, but for now you’re staying here. So go to sleep or something.” He then turned around and went out the door; a loud ‘clank’ sound was heard, more than likely the door locking. I just sat there, speechless. I had no idea what to do. What happened to Karina? What happened to my home? Where was my family? Where was I?! I sat on the old dusty wooden floor and drew pictures in the settled dust, contemplating the situation. I looked around the room; there wasn’t much to see, not only because the room only consisted of a bed and a rug, but also you could hardly see anything because of the lack of light. I lay myself on the rug and felt some sort of hard bump beneath the rug. I lifted it and decided to see what it was. It was hard to distinguish it at first, I strained my eyes to the point where my head started to hurt, so I decided to run my hand over it, it had some sort of carving on it; whatever it was. I continued to investigate with my hands; I found out that it was a large square shape, and then I ran my hand through the middle. I felt something cool and hard, it was a strange shape, a wrapped my hand around it; it was a handle. Excited, I pulled on it with all my strength, it popped open with a loud rumbling sound, a large plume of dust flew into the air, and light filled the room. I looked into the hole; it was some sort of passage way or escape route. The hallway was lit with torches set into the wall, it was narrow and I could feel coolness coming from the inside. I wondered if I should go inside, it was my mean of escape, but what if I was caught? Then I’d be done for. But even though the consequences were great, I went in the tunnel anyway, I pulled down the hatch and I was on my way.
The tunnel was laced with cobwebs, and it was significantly colder than the room I was previously in, so cold in fact, that I could see my breath when I exhaled. Goosebumps formed on my forearms, but despite the cold I continued onward to find an escape.
I continued walking for some time when I started hearing something other than my own footsteps. I heard people talking. I approached with caution, I wasn’t sure how far or close they were since their voices echoed in the stone tunnel. I approached a corner and saw shadows, they were very close. I just pushed my body up against the wall and hoped they wouldn’t come my way.
“So what do you plan to do with him?”
“I’m not sure yet, I’m still debating whether or not I should kill him.”
“That option is looking good to me, you can’t be too careful these days, spies are everywhere.”
“I don’t know, he seemed so honest, and you know me, I don’t say that about anyone. He seemed just as curious as I was…”
“Trexx you’re letting your human emotions come over you again, have you forgotten all that I have taught you? Emotions are meaningless symbols of the heart, and must be discarded.”
“Yes sir I understand but… I can’t help but wonder if he’s telling the truth.”
“Since you are so indecisive I will make the decision for you; kill him. We have no room for uncertainty, unless you are completely positive this boy is no threat, then he must die.” Silence filled the cold still air.
“I understand.”
They began walking again, their footsteps were getting quieter and quieter; they were moving away from me. This conversation I just heard both scared me and confused me. The one who seemed to show me mercy was the one I was sure hated me, but he actually seemed like he wanted to save me. Why? Now not only have I escaped into uncharted territory, now I’m supposed to be killed! Should I head back to my room and hope he shows me mercy, or should I continue walking around in a maze that I will probably get lost in? I figured I may as well go back, its not like I have anyone with me here anyway, I have no reason to live. I turned around and walked back to the hatch I came from.
About ten minutes later I finally got back to the hatch; I carefully opened it and crawled back up. I wiped the dust off my clothing and quietly closed the hatch and placed the rug over it where it once was. I went over to the bed and rested, awaiting my fate. After laying there for a few minutes I fell asleep.
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Mar 27, 2007
I thought that this really has alot of potential of becoming a wonderul ff I'll be on the lookout for the next ones to come.


Your Mom's Mom's Daughter
Feb 11, 2007
Orlando Florida
Damn 5th page. lol I've been slackin. Anyways, Chapter 2

Chapter 2​

When I woke up it was morning, the soft morning sun was sneaking in through the windows. I sat upright tired, and confused. I looked around the room; I was under soft plushy comforters and was dressed in my pajamas. I rubbed my eyes lazily and stood up; my head began pounding. The floor was new and well oiled; the walls were white and clean looking. I walked around the room confused and slightly drowsy; I approached the unbarred windows and moved the white lace curtains. Light spewed into the room, I could see the sun off in the horizon just barely peeking over. Suddenly the door handle squeaked, and then it opened.
“Oh I see you’re awake, are you feeling better?” I walked over; it was Karina, my friend, just the person I was glad to see. I said no words; I just walked up to her and hugged her.
“You have no idea.” I said happily. I rubbed the back of my head, the large scab was there.
“I’m glad.” She giggled while blushing.
“I need to tell you what happened.” I said sitting on the bed. I explained what had happened, the cloaked man, the threat of my life ending… The horror. She didn’t seem too concerned at first, but as I told her more she slowly started to seem worried.
“Maybe you should see a psychologist or something.” She said simply.
“I’m not sure if a psychologist could help but… I’ll give it a try.” I said sleepily. Karina gave me a hug and left to the living room so I could get dressed.
I stood up and searched the closet for something comfortable, yet stylish. I threw on a pair of jeans and a white shirt then went into the living room. I didn’t need a whole lot of time to pick out an outfit; I usually just put on whatever was clean.
“I’m going now, I’ll be back.” I said to Karina waving.
“Good luck, and be careful!” She said looking up from her book.
I wandered the streets looking for some kind of psychologist place. I wandered for hours, finding absolutely nothing. Stress began to build as every second went by. I needed help, and soon. Who knows when I’d be going there again.
I sat myself on a bench on the sidewalk of a busy street. I buried my face in my hands, pulling my eyelids down in aggravation. I looked around the street for some sort of sign; anything would do right about now.
“Ugh!” I shouted angrily. Then I heard bells jingle near me and then soft voice of a woman.
“What seems to be wrong boy?” A hand touched my shoulder, I looked behind me. A woman dressed in orange, purple, and red. Her hair was wrapped in an Indian style cloth. Around her waist was a purple sash with yellow sequins hanging from the bottom. She had pale skin, and the greenest eyes I had ever seen.
“Oh, I’ve just been having some bad dreams…” I said depressingly. The woman looked at me, puzzled.
“Well why don’t you come into my shop, I can give you a free reading, and maybe some advice.” The woman opened a door that was behind her, bells that were attached to the door jingled happily. I took a glance of the inside of the shop; it seemed as if she were a fortune teller. I didn’t need magic, I needed answers, but I accepted politely.
She led me into her fortune telling shop, through many beaded door frames, and sound making objects. The inside was very dark and dreary, the walls were painted a deep blood red color, and many of the chairs were covered with skins of dead animals. Necklaces of large sharp teeth hung on just about every door handle, and smells of incense filled the air. It gave me the chills, but I tried not to show it. She eventually led me to a low table; she sat on a stack of pillows on one side, and motioned me to sit on the other. I sat myself uncomfortably on the pillows and looked at her.
“You are frightened by the appearance of the shop, are you not?” I nodded in embarrassment.
“Don’t be afraid, such thoughts are learned, just like lying. But anyways, my name is Andrea, please, what is yours?”
“My name is Aaron.” I said simply.
“Ok, Aaron, what troubles you?”
“I’ve been having these… I don’t know what, I think they’re dreams but they’re so real.”
“First I’m at home in a comfy bed, next I’m in this hellish place an inch away from death… And the man, he’s a dark ghostly looking man… Trexx… I think that’s his name! And he’s going to kill me next time I go there! I know how this sounds, but you have to believe me, I felt pain!”
She stared at me for a moment, contemplating my story. She nodded and reached into a small velvet bag. She handed me a black rock.
“What’s this?” I asked irritated at the idea that it was supposed to help me somehow.
“What do you think it is?” She asked almost playfully.
“A rock.” I said bluntly.
“Then that’s what it is.” She said simply.
“Is this supposed to help me?” I asked angrily. She looked at me with a smug expression and smiled.
“Just put it in a pocket next time you sleep, and when you see Trexx next time, give it to him.”
“Is that it?” I asked stunned. She simply nodded her head. I was highly skeptical of this rock, I honestly didn’t think that it would help me in any way, shape, or form. But I took it nonetheless; I was desperate for a cure to this madness. I bid Andrea farewell and went on my way back home, slightly discouraged, and hungry.
It was sunset on my way back home, it was very beautiful at times; how the sun made the sky pink, and gave the trees and grass orange hues. The sun made a nearby lake sparkle gently as ripples spread across it. The wind gently blew the trees and made their leaves rustle in a harmonious tune. It was calming, but the closer I got home, the more I was reminded of that horrible place. The steel reinforced door and window shutters, the dusty floor and squeaky wood panels. And most of all that… Thing. The ghost man, the man whose intentions I still do not understand, the man who is hidden behind his black hood, the man who I cannot trust, no matter how much I want to. He seemed like he wanted me to live, but I don’t know why. And what would happen if I died in that world? Is it even possible? If I died there would I die in the real world? I didn’t want to find out. I began to dread going back home, associating it with going to that hellish place. But maybe it really was just a dream, maybe it wouldn’t happen tonight.

I soon got home, the sun was beginning to disappear, and the sky blackened. I entered my house and saw Karina asleep on the same armchair I had last seen her, book on the floor with pages open. My mother whom I saw rarely was in the kitchen cooking some dish. She looked at me and smiled happily.
“You want some chicken?” She asked holding up a plate.
“Sure.” I said, grabbing the plate. My mother and I sat at the table together and ate, which happened rarely.
“So what are you doing here so early?” I asked her.
“Oh, they let me off early.” She said simply. She looked at Karina, then at me.
“She’s been here since I got home, why?”
“She was taking care of me, I got hit unconscious.” My mother nodded in approval.
“She’s cute.” She said smiling. I rolled my eyes and finished eating my dinner.

After a couple hours hanging out with my mother I began to feel tired. I didn’t want to fall asleep, I was afraid. By this time Karina had left for her own home.
“It’s getting late honey, go to bed.” My mother said to me. I wanted to argue it, but I knew that her word was law, and was forced to go to my room. I dressed myself in my pajamas, and put the rock in my shirt pocket, like Andrea had instructed.
I sat on my bed unwilling to go to sleep, but my eyes had begun to grow heavy and tired.
‘I’ll just lay down.’ I thought to myself. I rested my head on the soft plush pillow, it was cool and smelled fresh and clean. Slowly, my eyes closed, then, darkness.
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Nelo Angelo

Enigma of Extreme
Dec 13, 2006
Hey that is brilliant stuff Sam. Been a while since i read a horror fic. Good stuff.
and isnt pajamas spelt pyjamas?..
and maybe a bit more spacing would be good.


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Dec 30, 2007
Oh... I like this ^^. It's an intriguing story. Just a question and a comment.

Question: When is this story set?

Comment: Sometimes it's kinda hard to follow the dialouge, and you switch from 1st person to 3rd person perspective at moments.

Btw, nice use of semi-colons. I can nvr figure out when to use those damn things ;P


Your Mom's Mom's Daughter
Feb 11, 2007
Orlando Florida
I'm trying to keep the story ageless, to make it where there really is no time, since it really holds no significance to the story.

As for the first to third person thing, those were accidents, i need to re-read it and change that, i'm still in my third person mindset from my last story. Sorry about that.

And thanks, Microsoft Word taught me how to use them.

Thanks guys for the compliments.
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