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Star Light

Star Light-Star Bright
Jun 16, 2008
In the Sky... in your Dreams
Ok what is going on!? I'm tired of being confused and so forth! That thread if it was a joke is just going to show how imature some people are and we will lose them! People before have been dropping like flies! They were just now coming back! We are going to lose people again! Rumor will get around the internet about this site thus screwing it up where it'll be one! I love KHI as much as the next person! I like DG and Monkey equaly but knew Monkey a little better. I need help! Please just explain to the slow ones [yes I will consider myself slow, no one really does seem to care about me, everytime I get one good complement or some thing I get 5 bad comments]. I need help! I don't care if I'm a fool or not but just tell me whats goingon.

Oh and about The Light thread it was funny but to extreme for me. Here's a nicer thread coming from me. Also who's the strang guy? If that's refering to Star Sora you be wrong. The Light was lucky. He's so cute, drop dead gorgeous and so on. Unfortanate I don't have a pics. or I post him, but man I wish Star Sora was my bf.


<3 Star Light, i appreciate your dedication, love ya very much.

But it's all over now. =) We can laugh now. "hahahaha"
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