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  • Good luck this year. We were a solid team last year, we went about .500 after only 2 wins in the program's first 2 years. And sadly, I came in to play JV as a freshman who had never played before, and ended up being one of the leading scorers on varsity at the end of the year. We've played mainly teams with shit defenses but solid offenses, so hopefully we'll be able to come out winning this year, and maybe even better in my senior year next year.
    Yeah, I go there. Its pretty good and we look solid. We're deff making into to the playoffs this year. Hopefully we come out with a championship.
    New York Institute of Technology, right? One of the seniors on the team my freshman year was looking there, but decided to just play club lacrosse at Fordham instead. And actually, I drove past a Parkland High School in Allentown, PA about a month ago. It was about 45 minutes away from me.
    Oh, I kid on my team is from PA. Parkland high school, idk if you are around there. But I play for NYIT, a division 2 school. If you know anything about anything about college lax, you know about NYIT.
    Just a shitty high school team outside of Philadelphia. We've only had a team for 3 years, this being our 4th. I typically play right attack and center midfield, though.
    oh no no, i was just showing you like an example of what i was gonna do for your request. but yeah i'll mess around and get one for you
    I tried your request, is this good?
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