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  • i'm assuming that you asked me what I have against Christians, and will answer as such.

    what i have against christians is that i am being forced to follow it against my will. when i was confirmed last year, i finally sat down and wondered why i was catholic. turns out the only reason was because my mother made me be catholic. after several talks with my dad, atheism made a hell of a lot more sense.
    Hmm...have you taken an extended break from KHI at all during your time here?
    If so, then your older posts might have been deleted along with the old, inactive thread that they were in, and there is nothing that can be done, unfortunately.

    If not, then I'm afraid that this is most likely an error and you will have to contact one of the administrators.
    I apologize if I wasn't of very much help to you, and I wish you luck in getting this resolved.
    So...how the FUCK would be I be helping the world by choosing God?

    And God doesn't exist, so he *nothings* me.
    I'm being happy.
    I'm being myself.
    I do what I want, as long as it's within reason.
    I make friends, I have fun.

    And guess what? I do it without religion.
    At least I'm not fooling myself into thinking I have an eternal second chance so I don't have to make the most of my life on Earth. :3
    yeah, and when you're in the dirt, you're gonna think that you wasted most of your life worshipping something that didn't exist.

    oh wait, you won't feel anything cause you're in the GROUND. DEAD. FOREVER.
    nicely said bro, theres nothin more... annoying then people bashing Christianity, its the way to go man, what people dont see is that God's love is better than any drug or drink that can be found... im glad that there's one more person that uderstands that... did you nknow that Gildragon id christian too?
    go away.
    what word isn't found in the bible?
    tl;dr: buzz off, douchebag. and learn to write.
    Uhh The Bumblebee <3 in my sig is a credit that I gave him by making me a sig. It has nothing to do with KH.
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