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    So you're going through your period because I closed a thread of yours because there was already a thread that took care of all Dissidia related stuff? Don't post in there I don't give a shit, I'm not losing anything.
    Don't be butthurt because I closed your thread. It was a stupid thread anyways.
    I'm not a moderator of the Kingdom Hearts sections dummy. I'm only a moderator of General Video Games, and seeing as how there's a thread for Dissidia, I pointed you to it. Stop your fucking bitching and deal with it.
    ... because there was already a thread on dissidia....?
    Hmm...They're about as plain as day on the forum index, appearing with fairly large crown icons (if you use either the Lite, Blaq, or SimpleClean skins) right beside them.

    And as for gay marriage, all that I can say in regards to that is that it is a very taboo subject, and, considering that you called it "disgusting," I would imagine that quite a few folks were quite outraged at that. Please, I urge you to respect others' opinions and beliefs, and not deem them "disgusting," as it's against the rules to do so.
    Say you had a theory that you wished to share in the Future of Kingdom Hearts Section; merely click on the section, and from there hit the "new thread" button.
    'Tis not at all stupid, my good fellow. Allow me to explain, as it's very simple:

    If you wish to create a thread, simply enter the section in which the desired thread is to be posted, and then simply click one of the "create thread" buttons located at the top and bottom of the left-hand side of the screen. The rest of the process (the thread title, opening post, poll, etc.) is fairly straightforward from that point, but if you're in need of further assistance, just VM me again, and I'd be more than happy to help.
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