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    Help/Support ► Yay a new girl problem

    Well theres your problem right there kiddo, she doesn't have much to talk about lol. If thats really the case, then you'll have to learn to lead the conversation.
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    Oh hey look at that!

    Its been . . . a while? Maybe? Possibly? I don't think I've visited these forums since forever ago. I doubt anyone remembers me, unless I somehow made in impact in some way shape or form. Doubting it:unsure:
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    Help/Support ► Torn by religion

    Wait . . . theres something I completely overlooked. Theres no such thing as Moldavian religion. Its called Orthodox Christianity. What your fighting is culture boundaries. Just had to clear that up.
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    Help/Support ► Torn by religion

    Ah of course, because we live in the real world, where light bulbs that run on hope are nowhere to be found. You could both be Atheists. Problem solved. That might be putting it too bluntly though, but it works for me.
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    Help/Support ► Torn by religion

    If you care about her as much as you say, you shouldn't let anything stop you from trying. If she likes you enough, then religion and family will be a bump you'll have to go over together. If you do go into relationship, go into it knowing your going to have a very hard time. You have to...
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    Kill All Your Friends

    Has anyone else heard this? Its the newest song MCR (My Chemical Romance) has been playing live and its been leaked across the internet. YouTube - My Chemical Romance - Kill All Your Friends Lyrics Its the B side to the Black Parade single, but it just might be a glimpse into what they're...
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    So, which lucky winner went out and bought the new Cobra Starship album, ¡Viva La Cobra!, then went home and listened to it a million times over? I sure did :toungesmile: Oh man guys, this album is HAWT. So post away at either how much you love it, hate it, or to ask who the hell Cobra...
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    Help/Support ► 1st girlfriend (Maybe)

    Really now? Sow how exactly do you get to do doing that? Calling her might help. Or talking to her to get to know her. Your all making it seem as if he should completely avoid her or something because he didn't get to know her first. Physical attraction is very important in relationships...
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    Help/Support ► 1st girlfriend (Maybe)

    What the hell are you doing here? You should be on the phone finding something to talk about. Talk about it tomorrow? Ya gotta be kidding me. Talk about it tonight!
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    *quality Its a PSP. That alone should answer your question.
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    Help/Support ► Holiday Job

    Don't always rely on God. Make your own miracles happen. Like, maybe you could get just a weekend job and leave the weekdays for studying.
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    Help/Support ► attempting to move forward

    Thats really the best post I've read yet. Thanks for the advice, most of which I'm already implementing. I have been working out like crazy lol, its a great stress reliever. I'm not going after anyone, although some girls have offered, I'm not the kind that rebounds just like that *cough*...
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    Help/Support ► ~ An Interesting Situation ~ (Long Read)

    Your not the bad guy. Theres no such things as good guys and bad guys. Its just people. People who are either confused or know exactly what their doing. The best advice is to be prepared. Always keep in mind, that this can hurt you in the end.
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    Help/Support ► ~ An Interesting Situation ~ (Long Read)

    Guys in your situation are what destroyed my relationship. I can't really give you advice, these situations never end well. All I can say is, if things keep progressing, be prepared for either alot of Love or alot of pain coming your way.
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    Help/Support ► attempting to move forward

    It has happened to her before. Her past boyfriends always "left her for something better." I would never do that to her, but she turned around and hurt me the same way they hurt her. I just don't even know her anymore, she's confused and doesn't know what "love" is. But I feel better now...