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    Ah cool :D those are the ones I've played. From FF6 onwards. Just not 11 and 12. Have you seen the trailers to FF13? Man that looks so awesome. Seriously cant wait for that.
    Which FF would be your favourite?
    Thanks, lol yeah he's been like my profile character since the very begining, I've never had anyone else in my sig and avatar would you believe. He's cool ;-)
    I love the FF series, true it can be confusing but I've played them so many times I know too much about them lol. Well enough anyways hehe. Which FF games have you played?
    Thank you ;-) Black and Crimson have somewhat become my trademark colours lol.
    Big fan of Vincent thats why, as you can probably tell :p
    hey shino are u ok? i seen what happened i read it all. if this helps u in some small way i am here for you ok, your not alone in this.
    listen, not everyone will be nice on here, and you can't expcet them to understand how u feel. But the best thing u can do for yourself is to just ignore people that try to hurt u in anyway it doesn't matter how they do it. Just ignore them let them think what they must, if they feel they are right about something let them think they are. As long as u know the truth then no1 can take u down. i do agree with u, but just keep it simple and don't let others make u feel less then without your ok alright? stay strong in your heart, and stand your ground do not lose your footing because of one person, and it doesn't matter how many come against u keep still, and stand your ground things will get better for you.
    you have my support talk to me anytime ok, you did nothing wrong you were just upset and thats ok people get upset, but next time if someone tries to take u down or hurt u, just walk away and leave it alone, thats the best thing for u. i can see you believe in god and his scriptures in the bible...but if u want to get your point across try not to use the bible in that ok....because you're looking for trouble and, Not everyone will understand.
    you are a good person but, a sensitive one by the looks of things, theres nothing wrong with being sensitive its a good quality.. but, one thing that i believe u should keep in mind is this, being intellectual does not always mean that you are smart, or wise especially if it goes to your head. Do not allow words to bother u, they are just words nothing more. there is nothing wrong with walking away from a situation that is not worth fighting.
    Just try to leave it alone alright? do not give that person the satisfaction the more u fight the more that person will as well, and u will get hurt in the process, Two wrongs do not make a right just because he came and said what he did, be it to hurt or not, do not try and do the same leave it be.
    that is all i have for u for now, but heed this ok shino, some people are proud and will never admit that they are wrong no matter what it might be. if in their mind they feel they are right then there is nothing that other person can do about it to fix it. so i will take my leave, i do hope to speak with you if you want to be friends. my prayers are with you person i have yet to meet ~smiles~
    I've heard the Internet Officer Trainee program in the College of Seneca is a very stimulating course and wish to join this program. Mind giving me the details for it?

    Do you know anyone else with experience in this program? If so may I speak with them please?
    Your lack of creativity is appalling, the fact you believe you're right by quoting the bible is in itself hilarious, but even more you're threatening to report me shows me you think you have the right to judge. First off you mention "I am only speaking my mind and not in a rude manner" however there's clear evidence you told him to look in a dictionary and called him a moron when in fact the statement itself made no grammatical sense and you need to learn to grasp the English language. In another you say my "ignorance" (second instance of you being rude), however your lack of experience is also ignorance and I've known the staff for longer than you've been here and know the rules and regulations.

    Be it I'm banned or otherwise is of no concern to me, it would not be because of this incident or any reason involving you so you assuming that is pretty laughable.

    Either you actually learn how to accept you're wrong in some instances this being one of them and move on or you're gonna be banned. Quit being a judgmental bitch and start understanding the concept of the English language. You're wrong, accept it, get over it, move on with life and don't run because you don't want to believe it. You're off to a very poor start on this forum and you're only gonna dig yourself into a more deep grave by keeping this attitude up.
    Jesus Christ, if you're trying to be deep at least use the words you're trying to use properly in ENGLISH. You know, the base language used on this forum. Rather you spew out chunks of it and then type up complete bullshit the other 9/10 of the time. And the fact you left the chat while you were in the middle of a debate says to me you're completely fucking retarded and can't accept being wrong at anything. Let me quote you to the little bit of conversation that followed you leaving.

    TheMuffinMan says to (14:48):
    An opinion is a stated personal belief, the definition of the word entails statement, therefore calling soething a "statement of opinion" is redundancy, you twat
    TheMuffinMan says to (14:48):
    It's like me saying "I have a closed fist"

    If you're gonna argue with someone, at least stay for their part of the argument you dumb cunt.
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