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  • I can't. Slowed internet.
    I thought Ms. Clarkson was a success without Idol
    OH MY GOD!!! You dont know who david cook is and- OH MY GOD!! okay lol. Kelly Clarkson was the 1st Amreican idol ever! and david cook won 2 years ago. Search david cook up on youtube. One of his songs are called "Light On".
    Sue's was hilarious

    I have never heard of David Cook. Was Kelly Clarkson an Idol'er?
    Cool! i love Sue ;3

    Yah, he pretty awsome. Although, i still like David Cook, and we cant forget Kelly Clarkson!! i love her too.
    He and Shue doing an ad for tonights Idol was really funny.

    He is one of the best idols. He's the only american idol that is still shown on TV in Australia
    Ohh, well... i like his charatcer, just not his singing so much. everything else is great.

    YAH i know! I wuv ma cheese ;3

    Adam Lambert Rules! i think hes one of the best Idols.
    really? He got a lot of praise for it.

    It looks so cute xD

    thank you. I love his songs, they're so good
    Well, i think his voice is very weak, and electronicalized. To me, he sounded better in the beginning episodes when he sang in the shower.

    And thankyou xD i love My Cheese ;3

    and ur avitar is pretty cool yourself. you and your Adam Lambert. He was amazing on american idol, and his album rocks also!
    hey from the lastest 2 and a half minute promo, Finn sounds amazing.
    And I love your avatar. Cheese :D
    it was sweet ass. lol i love Glee. its like the best show on tv. and the singers are soo good.(i guess other then fin) just a geat funny show.
    omg I'm so sorry. I had no idea you replied to my message her lol. Wow! that must have been amazing! you should. Their version of it was just breathtaking.
    lol same here haha, i had to do a song analesys in class or la, and i did defying gravity by glee cast! lol
    and no i have not seen wicked. lol. soo how are you today? and umm i cant PM you for some reason,,, and do you play gaia?
    I know right. First time I ever heard it was while watching the show and at the end it just gave me chills at how wonderful it is. Have you seen Wicked?
    RPG section? there's an RP section, but not many people go to it. it's a place where people role play and invent there own storylines.

    and in order to become premium you need to make 1000 post but it has to be in certain sections in the forums
    i'm not so sure myself, i dont really pay attention to it. i tihnk it depends on how much you get repped by people and everything.

    you can rep people, but until you get to premium level, you cant give negative rep, only positive
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