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  • Perhaps I should have said added chords (add) instead of maj. They are chords that come with additional notes that . For example, a Cadd9 means in addition to the notes comprising the base C chord, there's an additional ninth (equivalent to second) note, or a D. Diminished seventh chords (dim7) are made by reducing the third and fifth notes of the base chord by one semitone and adding a flattened seventh; Cdim7 for instance consists of C - E♭ - G♭ - B♭. In any case, these chords create dissonance because of the presence of side-by-side notes, or those that differ from each other by one semitone of less, and if you listen carefully you'll listen some dissonance in the first few bars of the corpus of the piece.

    If you don't hear it, then there's no need to force yourself to. Tonal perception is subjective and what is heard by one may not be heard by another. I heard it and I associate those dissonant chords to jazz because that genre is where I hear them the most.
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