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  • YES! XD; It's a really fun action-adventure series. If you want a good place to start, play Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS. ^^ I have the original N64 version, it was one of the greatest. Aww your PS2 died? :( The same happened to the Wii I used to have. I hope so too!
    Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts are my faves. But I like many other games too. The only problem is I don't have the systems or the money to get them. :( All I've got is a DSi, a N64, and a PS2. My stebro has a 360 but I can rarely play it. And all the games I want right now are on 3DS or the new consoles.
    They're pretty good, though they use older English lol. XD What games are you into then? :3
    *high fives back* \(^_^ Hmm those sound pretty interesting, I'll have to check them out when I can. :3 Well, I was a Harry Potter fan, and I've read and enjoyed many other things, from Lord of the Rings to Narnia to Eragon, and many others too. XD To be honest though I haven't read a whole lot in a while. :(
    That's what I do~ I love the fantasy genre! :D Me too lol. Any books or stories in particular you like? :)
    Well I imagine it's nice. ^_^ True. I've wanted to write stories for a long time. At the moment its kinda tough though, as I don't have a computer. :( What kind of stories do you like? ^^
    Nice name! :) My RL name is obviously not Blade lol, but that's what I go by on here. XD Nice to meet someone with a similar goal on here. ^^
    Hi! I saw in the hopes and dreams thread that you want to be a writer too! I'm Blade, pleased to meet you.:)
    Yeah I don't drink. I've been around too many binge drinkers that I really don't like parties and alcohol all that much. Its not worth it lol
    lol i think being a legal adult will be at least a little better than being a teenager :) legally buy tobacco too!! which really doesn't apply to me since I don't use any lol
    yeah... my name is kinda weird.. I tried figuring it out after I found out Roxas was Sora anagrammed with X so I tried it with my own name but when I came up with the name it didn't sound right so I changed my KH OC name from Renn to 'Reon' and I came up with 'Rexno' after that...
    hey nice name... I'm Shinra or you probably read my real name in the nobody thread... I'm Renn
    No problem! And yes, we 17-year-olds naturally band together out of common coolness lol
    thanks and yeah though i like yoko's work but, i think they should of used tunes close to the original
    Actually, if you want to read up more on coded, you should check out the FAQ on GameFAQs. The person who is writing it has played through and translated the whole game I believe, so it would probably be best to read that rather than the summaries!
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