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  • lol i know man i think ive only been able to play zelda just once this year so far i stay busy these days. might just take friday to catch up on some gameplay XD
    yeah i have it on the wii too i havent played it in a few weeks but i think its the best zelda game so far! ill probably get back on it this weekend if i have time between work.
    True, true xD I wouldn't use any either, and I just recently found out I don't have a taste for alcohol, blegh =__=
    Oh yes >:3 We'll rule the world one day, and all will kneel before our teenaged power.
    Well, that is, until we turn 18... In which case we can legally buy pr0nz!
    lol i know but man it felt like 40 years waiting on birth by sleep i only hope this one comes out before the summer next year
    Thank you for the friend request, Jenn ^o^ Hooray for 17-year-olds! *high five* (Wait... That didn't sound wrong at all... *sweatdrop*)
    im good just started over playing these games, lol hope kh3d comes out by the time i make it to recoded XD
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