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    You cunt, I hope you never come back.
    I hope you rot in hell, you piece of shit. if you're going to quit, say it in my face, you insignificant worm.
    Dude... what's up with you? Getting our hopes up and then leaving again?

    Well, The Commission Saga II is up now, and Vaddix was never explicitly stated to be dead...

    And of course, you leave yet again.

    Come on man, you're an awesome guy and I'm getting tired of you not being around...
    Hey wings, nice to see you back! You can forget the sig by the way, it's not that important and I don't want to bother you. Oh yeah, and Organization_42 now controls Roxas, and I've got Xemnas. We left Vaddix's fate up to whatever, so he can still be in the RP if you try and stay for a bit longer.
    I wuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it :D Thank you for making it for me, I would hug you but I might cough.
    Well, Kind of messy, but not really messy. Black, not really that long but not short either, you know, between Axel and Luxord length hair. Wait a minute, so... you're almost done?
    He can feel confused and attack Marluxia thinking it is a lie.
    Saix is VII. Axel Is VIII. Also, Nelox is VIII in the Order so show that beside his title.
    By the way, I=Xemnas II=Xigbar III=Xaldin IV=Vexen V=Lexaeus VI=Zexion VII=Saix VIII=Axel IX=Demyx X=Luxord XI=Marluxia XII=Larxene XIII=Roxas XIV=Xion.
    I'd appreciate sooner as opposed to later but since your doing me a favour here I should just be happy you're doing it at all I guess. But seriously, Soon would be nice.
    Lol, by the way, don't worry about Zack. Everyone knows you never try to kill the leader or do anything drastic without the permission. Plus, he should of took the warnings. Your going to be a fantastic Xenmas!
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